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Originally Posted by Jakter View Post
You claimed she was a corrupt candidate and I pointed out she received more votes than trump, that is not a canard, that is a fact.
She lost the election. Period. That is a fact.

Originally Posted by Jakter View Post
When the presidential election came about there were two real candidates, trump and Sec. Clinton. If the Bernie supporters refused to put their "big boy/girl pants" on and vote for Sec. Clinton then they are also part of the reason why we have this imbecile in the White House today.
Ah, I see, so voting for someone corrupt is somehow putting on one's "big boy/girl pants", eh? Apparently a lot of voters out there don't agree with that assessment. And guess what? That's America; that's their right, too, and I back that right.

Originally Posted by Jakter View Post
I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary and Sec. Clinton in the general because as a Democrat/liberal/progressive there was no other choice.
Only because you let yourself be convinced by the Powers That Be that there was no other choice. And that's really the major point of this thread, now, isn't it? Something in our political system is severely broken if you really thought that. Seriously, don't vote for someone just because that person's a Democrat, but rather because that person actually has demonstrated good policy choices. Hillary has demonstrated the opposite, in quite a few ways. Here are just a few.

We really do need to choose better candidates during these Primary elections. Good on you for voting for Bernie in the Primary, in my view. It sounds like Dr. Jill Stein would've been a better choice for your vote during the General Election, given your stated beliefs.

Originally Posted by Jakter View Post
I didn't pout and refuse to vote or not vote for Sec. Clinton because I didn't get my first choice.
No, you're pouting now because Hillary lost, much like the "Hillary voters" were pouting after Barack Obama beat her in 2008 in the Dem Primary. The reaction I'm seeing from the Hillary voters today is very similar to then as well.

Originally Posted by Jakter View Post
Give it up on the E-mails because all you're doing is spewing right-wing propaganda.
With the republicans having two years of total control of the White house, house, senate , DOJ and stacking the courts, if there was ANYTHING to the E-mail slander do you really believe the republicans would have turned their backs on a chance to convict a Clinton?
Given that you brought up the emails in this thread, I find that part of your comment especially amusing.

Originally Posted by Jakter View Post
To the folks on the left who wouldn't vote for Sec. Clinton, boy you showed her alright. LOL
Yeah...they did. :-) And they are likely to continue, because as AOC's election has shown, establishment punks like Hillary did not, and do not, represent what they believe in. And again, that's one of the major points of this thread. I'm glad to see this kind of discussion happening, because it's important.
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