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Originally Posted by Jakter View Post
You claimed she was a corrupt candidate and I pointed out she received more votes than trump, that is not a canard, that is a fact.
That fact perfectly illustrates her incompetence. She won the popular vote with a margin of almost 3 million and still managed to lose the election because she failed to understand the importance of battleground states.

It's just basic strategy for every presidential candidate to concentrate money and time in the purple states. Clinton foolishly decided to waste resources in Democratic strongholds like California, New York, and Illinois, I can only assume because she felt more comfortable giving speeches in front of larger, more enthusiastic crowds.

So, too bad that cost her the election. But if you're not competent enough to run an effective campaign, then you aren't really qualified to be president.

When the presidential election came about there were two real candidates, trump and Sec. Clinton.
That is the real point of this thread. The fact that our modern, American political system resulted in those two piece of shit individuals being the only viable choices is clear evidence the system is broken. [quote]

I didn't pout and refuse to vote or not vote for Sec. Clinton because I didn't get my first choice.
No, you held your nose and voted for a piece of shit candidate because you believe it's better to play along with a broken system than make an effort to speak against it.

Give it up on the E-mails because all you're doing is spewing right-wing propaganda.
Anyone who believes the Clinton email scandal is just right wing propaganda is delusional. Her deliberate choice to use a private server for official Sec'y of State communications, including classified information, is clear evidence of gross negligence and incompetence, at the very least, and almost certainly, criminal intent to avoid FOI law and personal accountability. Either way, in any sane world, it would be an automatic disqualification for being president.

To the folks on the left who wouldn't vote for Sec. Clinton, boy you showed her alright. LOL
So not only do you prefer to accept, without protest, the piece of shit candidate the DNC shoves down your throat, but you mock those who have the courage to demand a system that provides better choices.

Again, that's what this discussion is about. There is a fledgling movement to try to fix the system so that voters do have more choice and our politicians actually care about our opinions.

Do you want to address the points made along these lines in the video or are you here just to rant about how poor Hillary got mistreated.
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