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OK, back to the actual topic....

@hbar 's point of voter apathy is a good one. As long as people have food in their bellies, roofs over their heads, smartphones in their hands entertaining them ("hey, look, tabloid gossip!"), and aren't getting harassed by the authorities, then to them, there isn't an immediate problem worthy of their attention. They're wrong, but they don't see it that way.

The only way that sort of voter apathy is going to change is, unfortunately, through pain. History has borne that out, most recently in 2016 with both the Republican Primary and the subsequent Presidential Election. Jeb Bush had not only all that big-donor money behind him, but also the RPE (Republican Party Establishment) behind him as well. He got his butt kicked by the actual voters. Then the RPE folks and their donors ran to Marco Rubio, who also flamed out at the hands of the voters. The RPE might've had a chance with Ted Cruz, but they've never liked him because he was calling them out on their crap. Ron and Rand Paul, no way, because they wouldn't totally sell out, either (Ron especially). So, they looked for a last-gasp Great Establishment Hope. That was John Kasich, who got *his* butt kicked by the voters as well.

Basically, the Trumpster got elected by the voters in the Republican Primary because he was willing to take on the RPE, and Republican voters apparently liked that. Then he got elected in the General Election because of not just beating the corruption in the RPE, but also because Hillary was way too corrupt and had shown it. The Dems wanted a White feminist and nothing else would do, so...Hillary. And the Dems lost. Republican voters, by and large, had felt enough pain and decided to tell the establishment folks off with a big middle finger.

Dems wanna win in 2020? They need to ditch the establishment punks and look for someone who can take on Trump. They need a Brian Schweitzer who will A.) beat Trump at his own game; B.) has the guts to tell K-Street where to go deposit their fertilizer; and C.) actually has a decent foreign policy, energy policy, and can actually get along with and work with the "other side".

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