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Originally Posted by A1EK View Post
To reset the SRS light or window you should not need equipment ?

Once you have found the root cause of why the SRS fault is on the dash, it is cleared by turning the steering wheel all the way to the left and right. It will not clear using the equipment or if you have not fixed the cause. Usual reasons are ABS sensor / CPS sensor or Brake light sensor.

You also cannot just disconnect the battery and connect back up without performing a car start up reset, which is probably all that is wrong and why your SRS light is on and your window does not behave correctly.

To perform the reset follow my steps below:

Preparation Steps:
1. Make sure your steering wheel is straight.
2. Make sure your windows are all the way up
3. Make sure your sun roof is completely closed (if you have one)
4. Make sure your parking brake is released.
6. Turn off your stereo and make sure you have your stereo's Anti-theft code.
7. Turn off your heat/AC blower
8. Turn off your lights
9. Make sure your doors are UNLOCKED.

Now, disconnect battery 30 secs and then reconnect.
Get in car close the door and turn the key to position 2 (Just before you start the engine but do not start it)

1. Resetting your windows: Bring down both windows at the same time by holding the switches just before the click that brings them down automatically. Once both windows are all the way down make both switches click by pressing them all the way down and hold them for 3 secs (This lets the ECU learn that that is the end of the window track and it records it in memory). Do the same for closing the windows by holding both switches and making them click once the windows are all the way up.

2. Turn on your blower and make both sides go to 72 deg (if you have this typr of heater control) by pressing both up and down buttons at the same time. This will calibrate the ECU
3. Turn on your stereo and enter you stereo code.
4. Pull the sun roof all the way back and all the way forward then up and then done.

6. Turn all you lights on and off, including your fog lights.

7. Turn the key back to position 0.

8. Turn on your engine. You will get 2 malfunctions, your ABS and ESP lights will be on and must be calibrated.

9. Calibrate your ABS and ESP systems by turning the steering wheel all the way to your RIGHT and then all the way to your LEFT, then bring it back to the middle. Notice the two yellow lights disappear from you dashboard.

10. Let your car run in idle for about 5 minutes and then take it for a spin. Remember your ECU is still getting all the readings from all the sensors on your car so drive slowly first then faster... and so on.. you are basically teaching your ECU how to handle your car.

Lastly you should not need to purchase such expensive diagnostic equipment at $2200 !!? you will never get that money back over time.
I have used a cheap ebay Bluetooth OBD2 that has worked on 3 cars that reads and resets all the codes with no issues that cost me $4. The software is free and installed on your phone / tablet and is linked on-line for live updated info too...

ELM327 OBD2 II Bluetooth Auto Car OBD2 Diagnostic Interface Scanner Tool OV | eBay
Will the scanner you listed Read/Reset transmission codes in a 99 CLK320 W208?
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