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W201 vs W124

I'm no "expert" but I had it pegged as a W201 because of it's narrow body. The chrome spinners says a lot about the overall condition of the vehicle, $1000 vehicle, IMHO.

I noticed the brake lights were all out of whack. The backup light on the driver's side lit when the brakes were applied, as well as the 3rd brake light was inoperative. I couldn't get a clear bead on the passenger tail lights from the video.

If you listen carefully to the dialog between the officer and driver, he had NO INSURANCE, LIED about the ownership, 1st it was "his car", then "he was gonna buy it", no registration, and he excused this tentative "purchase" as the reason for the poor condition of the brake lighting, lack of insurance and registration. In other words it was either a borrowed car, or he stole it. IMO, at that point, the officer should have cuffed him(for EVERYONE'S safety), but instead cut the perp some slack while the ran the plate and license. This type of complicated traffic stop is routine when working such a neighborhood.

As to the overall incident, in my mind, you obey the requests of law enforcement at all times. You do not RUN from them, nor do you struggle over weapons with them. This person knew he was behind in Child Support, and that he had skipped a hearing or two regarding this matter, hence he had warrants. Why in the world would he run, knowing all of this? Well, the car wasn't registered to him. I suppose he thought if he could get away, they wouldn't find him thru the vehicle? Yea, he would have been arrested if he had complied, but he'd be alive. As to the officer checking the warrant, I don't know how much the officer knew about the warrant, or if he even knew there was a warrant, maybe the full report will divulge that info. Once the man bolted from the scene, that is a telling sign something is amiss(watch a few episodes of 'COPS'). Yes, there was another person in the vehicle, and everyone is skipping that very important factor in this incident for some strange reason.

My Scott's "record" as a human being is spotty. For instance he was discharged from the Coast Guard for drug offenses after 2 years served, with a "general under honorable conditions" discharge. The 70's song by Sly and the Family Stone, "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" comes to mind with his family matters. I don't want to put the man on trial, but he obviously had made more than a few mistakes to get to this point in his life.

I'm certain that those who view this incident as poh-lice gone wild can say "this could have been me, or someone I know!" Study the data on crime by race, especially in the South, there you will find out WHY so many of a certain race are stopped, arrested, and incarcerated. They commit a lot of crimes. When this all shakes out, I suspect the FACTS will bear out that the officer was doing things by the book, but will probably face manslaughter charges for the shooting. In other words, he COULD have handled it better, but got caught up in the moment, the complicated traffic stop, the warrant, the chase, the ineffective taser strike, the struggle, the second running of the perp. That officer fired those shots according to training procedure, stance, aim, multiple shots till the perp is immobilized. I hate to see this, who doesn't, but Mr Scott committed suicide by cop, and yes this happens whenever persons break the stringent laws of our country, and then tries to evade capture. Color is irrelevant, we're all "equal under the law". You don't get a pass because you are poor, stupid, uneducated, drunk/high, minority, etc.

I do believe a tox screen of Mr Scott should be performed, and the results made public. A taser should have been enough to immobilize him. At the moment, the media is throwing out headlines, officials are desperately trying to defuse the situation, some citizens are jumping to wild conclusions and accusations, and there are tens of facts that are being withheld or ignored in this incident.

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