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Originally Posted by cdvyas View Post
So why is there no lag in any of the E320 Vids? I think it is the cars which are lacking. Maybe they were ignored by their owners? Or they are lemons. Luckily I got on of the quicker ones out there. LEts talk about all our cars! Share your opinions on how you like them when they are driving, performance wise. Believe me, mine pulls hard past 80! It could cruise at 80 all day long with just a slight touch, basically I just rest my foot and not even push it to keep it that way, slight touch and it pushes you in your seat and off it goes to 90+ in no time. 80-100 comes in slightly less than 5 sec.

Share your opinions on your car's performance and how nice they are to drive lol
You young man, you are cracking me up so bad sometimes I get cramps on my beer belly because I'm laughing so hard.
What are we talking about here? A Bugatti Veyron or a Venom GT or a Saleen S7 or hold on a second even an Infiniti G37??? Just like Renault 12 said any modern car today easily cruises down the interstate at 100 mph, heck even my sister in law's minivan keeps up with my car at 90-95 mph with three kids in the back seat
I know you like your car, so do I and everybody else here but after all these are 4 door luxury sedans and what you are experiencing is what they supposed to do, nothing more nothing less, remember these are older cars they are early 90s technology if not late 80s, probably you were not even born back than, it is such a short period of time for human beings but huge achievements made in the technology.
Heck when I was cruising 100-105 on I-80 at midnight ( as a side note cops and tickets don't scare me a bit) this little late model Hyundai Accent kept up with me a good 50 or 60 miles, he even tried to tempt me a couple of times but what he didn't have in the back seat was a wife and a baby, I know it's annoying as shit but get used to it.
So, no matter what you drive, there is always something faster than you out there, unless you are driving world's fastest street legal super cars, just take care of your car and enjoy your ride and don't worry about another 430 misses a second, it doesn't make em a lemon.
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