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07 Bluetec Problems

This is regarding my mothers 07 e320 Bluetec, the V6. She got one of the first ones, ordered it before hand.

I drive the car on a regular basis and have experienced these problems.
The car has 92k miles, and has an extended warranty until 100k, from mercedes.

When starting the car in the morning it makes an intermittent noise. Its a mix of a rattle and a purr. I know its a diesel, and isn’t supposed to be quite, and i know what they sound like. It makes the noise for 5-10 seconds, and then stops, and keeps doing it. As the nearest dealer is about 5 miles away, the engine is all warmed up when we get there and they say I am imagining things.

The more serious problem.
If slowing down on the highway from speeds, lets say 80 to 40/45 for traffic, when I want to accelerate it wont downshift, and refuses to accelerate. The only way to get it to go is to manually downshift, or come to a complete stop. The mercedes in Northbrook said that unless it did it on their test drive they could not do anything about it.
I took it to my independent shop that services the car on a regular basis, oil changes, filter changes, brakes... They pulled the stored codes, and it had an inlet port shutoff motor code from when the car had 28k miles one it.
I took it to another dealer, and they replaced the intake manifold and a few other things.
They took it on a test drive, and said they could not replicate the issue.

Its been two months and my mother mentioned that the same issue has been happening, as well as my brother. Last night we went out to the city, about 25 miles away from our house.
Coming home on the highway, it was down to one lane for construction. When it opened up I was doing 45, pressed the gas pedal, and nothing happened. It doesn't matter it you apply it lightly, or stomp on it. I tried downshifting manually. The engine matches the revs, but when you hit the gas again, it barely goes, and shakes. I got off the highway, and starting from a stop, it barely went. Absolutely no power. I pulled off at a gas station, turned the car off. When i started it it was fine, But every-time i slowed down or came to a stop it wouldn't accelerate again.

I started it up today, drove it around the block, and it was fine.
BTW, no warning lights or anything.

Also important, is that rite before the car has this acceleration trouble, it bangs through the gears while accelerating. This issue also only happens when I have driven the car for a while, parked it for a few hours, then get back in it.

What seriously bothers me is that my mom does not realize to manually shift it, well that isn’t important as it doesn’t help anymore, and she can get into a serious accident. I was almost hit by 2 semis last night.

Other issues that we have talked to the dealer about, and they claim are normal.
When taking sharp turns, the turbo sometimes becomes extremely loud, as in i can hear it over my loud music with the windows closed.
I already mentioned the weird noise when it idles.
And the very hard shifts sometimes, both up and down.
I had the owner of the independent shop take it for a highway drive with me, been a mercedes tech since 76, and he said its normal for a diesel that when i put the pedal to the floor, it takes a second or two to downshift to get the correct gear, and the takes off, as I have the 7 speed. But it was not upshifting hard. And this is when it is being driven normally, not hard, both by my mother and I. U can sometimes physically feel the gears band though the seats, both with engine warm and cold.
My understanding is that it is normal for the trans to start in second then shift back into first?

My next concern is that the only dealer in the area that treats us like valued customers, they had to change the oil pan twice to get it to stop leaking. They claim it was deformed, yet the tray underneath the car doesn't show a single scratch and is in place. They also consistently lie about how far into the work they are.

Any suggestions what to do, or someone I can contact at mercedes? Because the dealer closest to us treats everyone like garbage unless you pull up in a s65, then the service manager comes to open your door, maybe thats normal.

I apologize if this is confusing, and please ask for clarifications.
I dont have the printout of the work they did with the shut off motors on me as I am away from all the cars records.


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About the only thing I can suggest is find another dealership to take your mother's car to and have them look at it. I would take all the paperwork you have thus far concerning your problems and explain to a service manager all that has transpired. There is obviously a problem that needs to be fixed and hopefully it will be before the warranty runs out.
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I would get the codes read soon before they clear. Even if you dont have a check engine light, there should still be a code stored for when it lost power. My guess is the MAF. I am having a similiar issue with my 06 (non bluetec), it was very noticeable on a recent trip.

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I had that same code and same symptom at 68K miles. $1200 fix at the dealer.
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It sounds like some of your issues may have been there for a while - like the tear in the faux leather armrest and the old code issue you described. But some of these other issues may be covered under the extended warranty. Those are the ones I'd focus on.

I'd get an OBDII code reader for about $60 to $100 and plug it into the car's OBD pin just under the driver's side dashboard. Turn the key to the "on" position. Jot down the codes and look them up by doing a search on this forum for OBD codes. Once you have the codes, you can take them to a dealer as evidence these problems exist. If you get no codes, take the car to a good indie who has the mercedes diagnostics and let him plug his Mercedes-specific code reader into the car. Get his codes (pay him for it if you have to) and take them to the dealer and insist something be done. Some of your issues may be wear-related maintenance items which aren't covered by the extended warranty. Read the warranty terms before going to the dealer so he doesn't successfully "blow you off" with BS about not being covered when in fact they may be. Being informed and having the evidence in hand is essential in getting the dealer to perform under the warranty.
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Seeing as it still has MB coverage get it to a dealer that cares about quality customer service. Clearly there is something wrong with the car and if it can be duplicated then it is their job to fix it and bill MB for the work unless it is a routine wear item.
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Ok I got the car and the paperwork back.

The stored code I was reffering to was, from back in May was:
2513-001, Check component M55 (inlet port shutoff motor). Poitioner signals fault. Status, stored. Kilometer reading 40362.

It was read at 87k miles.
The dealership changed
6420907737 Right intake manifold
6420905437 Left intake manifold
Along with a bunch of seal rings, o rings, gaskets, and hoses.
In his description is says they changed the manifolds to fix the intake port shutoff motors, because of buildup and stiffens of linkage.

This time what they did at 92k miles.
2115282482 and 2115282682. The left and right intercooler hoses.
They also replaced 098680 Boost air ducr, behind inytercooler
097640 hose boost air behind intercooler.
Are these the same parts as above? Because I looked them up and it does not show anything.
They also replaced 0551531328, sender unit, the hall sender for camshaft because of a no signal from sender fault, recorded 56 times.
Why Im writing this out is that when I spoke to the service advisor, He said that they only replaced the shut off port motors, last time, but my paperwork said they replaced the left and right intake manifold.

Also, I told the service advisor in both visits that the transmission shifting hard, and the last time that when the issue would happen the car would jerk forward and back, yet it does not appear in any of their notes. But they did not find any fault codes in the transmission when it was not downshifting properly in he first visit.

Regarding the weird noise that occasionally comes from my engine, both the owner of the independent euro shop I went to heard it, and the mechanic that works on my car, who worked at a dealership before starting at the independent shop heard it. Yet the dealership ignores it whenever I tell them about it, or tell me it sounds like a normal diesel, but dont want to compare it to a similar model they have at the lot.
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You also mentioned wear and tear items.
When one of my rear shocks is leaking, or a ball joint is bad, they replace it.
But the drivers side visor has broken twice, once they replaced it, and the second time they state that the extended warranty does not cover it. Same with the trim piece around the gear shifter cracking.
When we were purchasing the car, both the one we purchased it from and the service manager said that anything, even minor adjustments are taken car of it under the extended warranty.

Regarding the code reader, is there a way to run a program off of your laptop? Thats what I do for my 91 audi v8, and my fathers 05.5 jetta, and it works great.

I will have to find the warranty papers, but if the service guy walks out and says the sound is normal, they dont wake the car in, or threaten their diagnostics fee, and never give me anything written in paper, unless they do some work to the car.

About code reading, thats what I did the first time i took it to the shop, visit one, in my description.
They said they could find the problem, but they would have to go digging in the engine, and mercedes would not cover that.
Indie mechanic also thinks that the hard shifting problems are a valve body, as he replaced many of them while still at a dealership, but a code needs to appear for that to happen.

Also what fascinates me is that the last 4 times its been to the same dealer, one of the rear license plate lamps has been out, and it says so on the display, and they are yet to mention it. I know its not a very hard fix, but still interesting they continue to ignore it.

Question not related to this problem. I was reading up on thermostat issues. Our e320 runs at 80C, and no matter what kind of driving or weather conditions, once its warmed up, which in the winter takes 15 minutes of idling and then 5-6 miles of driving.
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I'd take dwa's and Noodles advice!!!

Do not be Distracted from your Primary Goal!

The Irregularities must be Documented in an R.O. Before the Warranty runs out!!!

The Irregularities must be Documented in an R.O. Before the Warranty runs out!!!

The Irregularities must be Documented in an R.O. Before the Warranty runs out!!!

Then MB is on the Hook for the Repair,UNTIL IT IS FIXED!
This is what the "Stealer"is trying to Avoid!!!

The "Difficult" "Stealership" is WELL aware of this limitation!
AND they are Trying,Rather Successfully, to "Make You Go Away" BOTH NOW and when
the Warranty is Expired!
(Are they the "Originating" Dealer? Seller?)

In Plain English,They MAY already KNOW what the Issue(s) are ,BUT They CAN MAKE MUCH
only "Blow You Off" until then!!!

To Put it rather graphically,You should ALREADY be able to feel the KY jelly (Or Vaseline).

You'd also best be finding out Whom the Mercedes Factory representatives are for your area!!!

The way things are going...This Personage and the Stealer will be Saying:
"The Problem Occurred OUTSIDE the Covered Warranty Period". AND IS NOT COVERED!!!
[That way the rep doesn't have this repair go on his books!]

The Rep is already aware of your Chassis and has instructed the "Stealership"
to ReDuce Warranty Claims originating from your vehicle!!! That's why this Stealership is trying to Not FIX the Minor things that are covered under the
Warranty,that were being fixed before.

As far as them not accepting the Chassis into the Service Lane and Writing an
R.O. (Repair Order) [AND making "WHATEVER" the denial noises are] THAT
I would Start RECORDING your complaints to them and their responses!!!
[The "Clownistas" Service Advisors will deny ever having seen you or the Chassis!]

You want to be Talking to the Shop Foreman,Service Director and the Franchisee
(OWNER) in the same place at the same time!
No More of some Bottom Feeding S.A. blowing You off in the service Drive!

Yes,This Game is almost as Old as Automobiles themselves. BUT In your case it is VERY REAL!!!

You Have A REAL BATTLE on your hands!

How Far are you from the Selling Dealer (Who SOLD you the Extended Warranty)?
It may behoove you to return there for Diagnostics.

Good Luck!

80 Degrees "C" is Normal Operating Temp.(And nothing to worry about.)
ALSO You have to remember,What you see in the I.C. Display is merely a "Representation" of the actual engine Coolant Temperature.

Location: 32(degrees) North by 81(degrees) West

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The car was originally purchased from Autohaus on Edens.
The car was ordered there, and the extended warranty was purchased when we picked the vehicle up, 3 or 4 months after ordering it.
The past two services, warranty work, were done at Loeber Motors.

My mother was the one who ordered the car, and has been driving it since, but extended warranties are transferable, are they not? I take care of all the routine maintenance, take it to the shop, and most of the warranty work, take it to the dealer for her as she does not that the kind of time to deal with them, when they give me a hard time, she brings it in.

The reason I switched to loeber motors is because autohaus was impossible to deal with, and it was recommended by a friend whos family has been driving Mercedes vehicles for years.
We brought it in once because of engine noise and the transmission shifting hard when cold, and they had one of the techs take it home with them. Is that normal? They didnt find anything, and said it would be 140 or something the next time they didn't find anything plus 25 because we always need a courtesy/ loaner car.
On another occasion, they claimed that the problem was with the rubber grommets under the engine cover, that needed to be replaced every time the cover was removed.

Interesting blog entry by one of the good local indie shops, I use one called Europa Imports.

How do I find the Mercedes benz representative in the area? Also, what would he be able to do for me?
I am going to try to find all my service records as he or she will probably want to see them.
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