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Originally Posted by maine_coon View Post
And the truth is the real inspirators could be Russians, Saudis, Chavez or any other mofos who hate low prices for oil.
Whoever was able to buy the Hamas leaders services.

Very sad.

I truly regret the loss of the innocent human lives as a result of the bloodshed.
Wow, where do you get this deep analysis? Do you use thin or thick tinfoil for reception?
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Here's some food for thought to the Israeli apologists:

I think the creation of Israel was fundamentally wrong, both for the reasons it was created and how it was created. If you disagree with this statement then you would have absolutely no problem with, lets say, giving about 8-10 States in the middle of the USA to the Tibetans and arm them with nukes and letting them expand illegally until only one state was left for the USA.
I wonder how anyone of us would stand for that.

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Originally Posted by GermanStar View Post
You're completely wrong, all of you.
I get it! You're filling in for McBear, in his absence.

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Originally Posted by drewprof View Post
You know I have been saying this for YEARS. That is exactly why we invaded Iraq.
The Bush administration came up with no fewer than 26 different reasons why they invaded Iraq. The real reason was not among them.
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Originally Posted by Cancer_Researcher View Post
YOU are one of the MOST INTELLIGENT and INSIGHTFUL members here DREW!

Cancer Researcher is vying for the top dog position at Drew's home.
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Who's John Galt.

"Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes" - Virgil, The Aeneid, Book 2

If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel. --Benjamin Netayahu
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Israel resumes Gaza bombardment

Israel resumes Gaza bombardment

Israel has threatened to widen Operation Cast Lead after Saturday's deadly air raids [AFP]

Israeli warplanes have resumed their air strikes on Gaza Strip, hitting targets all over the territory, including a mosque and a TV station.

In the first attack early on Sunday, Palestinians said Israeli aircraft bombed a mosque near Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

Two bodies were retrieved from the rubble. The blast, just after midnight, blew out windows at the hospital, hospital officials said.

Another target early on Sunday was the Al Aqsa TV station used by Hamas. Its studio building was destroyed, but the station remained on air with a mobile unit.

Palestinians counted about 20 attacks in the first hours of Sunday.

Israel launched Operation Cast Lead on Saturday and threatened that the operation would widen if necessary.

More than 225 people were killed the air raids and about 700 injured as missiles hammered the Gaza Strip.

No truce

Ehud Barak, the Israeli defence minister, rejected calls for a new truce, saying Israel "cannot really accept" a ceasefire with Hamas.

"For us to be asked to have a ceasefire with Hamas is like asking you to have a ceasefire with al Qaeda. It's something we cannot really accept," Barak told Fox News from Tel Aviv.

Asked whether Israel would follow up the air strikes with a ground offensive, Barak said: "If boots on the ground will be needed, they will be there.

"Our intention is to totally change the rules of the game," he said.

Earlier on Saturday, Barak vowed to expand Israel's operation if necessary. "There is a time for calm and there is a time for fighting, and now is the time for fighting," he said.

Ehud Olmert, the outgoing Israeli prime minister, described the assault as a war on Hamas, the Palestinian faction which took control of the Gaza Strip in June 2007.

Members of the Israeli cabinet say the attack is in response to an increase in the number of home-made rockets being fired into southern Israel since a ceasefire ended on December 19.


Gaza witnesses reported heavy damage after more than 30 missiles were fired from helicopter gunships and fighter jets on about 40 different locations in the strip.

Hamas "not shaken"
Many of the dead in the series of attacks were police officers, including Tawfiq Jabber, the Gaza chief of police.

The toll is expected to rise further, with bodies still lying buried under the rubble of destroyed buildings. Hospitals, already suffering from shortages due to an 18-month blockade on the Gaza Strip, said they were struggling to cope with the number of injured, which included women and children.

Gaza is densely populated. Its 1.5 million residents are already experiencing shortages in power and basic supplies due to the siege which is widely condemned by human rights movements as a collective punishment.

Ugly massacre

Ismail Haniya, the Hamas leader in Gaza, called the assault Israel's "ugliest massacre".

About 40 installations were hit in the first day of attacks by Israel [AFP]
"I call on Palestinians to remain united and together in the face of this crime, in the face of this massacre and continued aggression, targeting our soil and our citizens," he said.

Olmert, speaking in Tel Aviv on Saturday, said the operation would take time and called on Israelis to be "patient".

"The quiet we offered was answered with mayhem. Our desire for calm was answered with terror," he said.

"You are not our enemies. We do not fight against you," Olmert said in a direct address to Palestinians.

"[Terror organisations] are disastrous for both peoples. Israel is not fighting against the Palestinian people, and the targets attacked today were chosen with the intent of avoiding civilian casualties."

Long operation

Jacky Rowland, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Jerusalam, said: "People have been forewarned about further operations of this intesnsity for many days to come, with more sorties flown by Israeli planes and helicopters and more targets in Gaza.

"In response, more than 50 rockets were fired into Israel today. Defence officials are warning that there could be as many as 200 rockets fired every day into Israel in the days to come."

One Israeli was killed in rocket fire on Saturday.

Salam Fayyad, the Palestinian prime minister, condemned the attack and demanded an immediate cessation.

Many leaders added their voices to condemn the onslaught, including Ban Ki-moon, secretary-general of the UN, who called for an immediate cessation of hostilities.

Mousa Abu Morzouz, the deputy leader of Hamas, said: "Nobody in this world can accept what happened and the Israeli aggression ... [we expect] the international community to stand against this and say that it is not acceptable."

Mustafa Barghouthi, the former Palestinian information minister, said: "This is not an attack on Hamas. It is an attack on the whole population and the free will of the people of Gaza."

He accused Israel of committing "war crimes" and demanded that Abbas and his government stop all relations with Israel.

'Only just beginning'

The Israeli army released a statement on Saturday saying "terrorist installations" were hit and that all Israeli pilots returned unharmed.

A police graduation ceremony in Gaza City was struck by an Israeli attack [AFP]

Avi Benayahu, an Israeli military spokesman said: "The operation against Hamas is "only just beginning".

The air raids follow a breakdown of a six-month-old Israel-Hamas truce earlier this month.

The ceasefire expired on December 19, with Hamas arguing that Israel had violated the truce by preventing vital supplies from entering the Strip.

Egypt has opened the Rafah crossing with the Gaza Strip to receive injured people, Egyptian officials said. Ambulances have been sent to the crossing and two Egyptian hospitals emptied to take in the wounded.

Hamas won control of the Palestinian Legislative Council in elections in January 2005. The international community refused to accept a Hamas-led government, demanding that the faction recognise Israel and renounce violence. Economic sanctions by the EU and US followed.

Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip in June 2007 after bloody street battles against its rival, Fatah.
Source: Al Jazeera and agencies
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US blames Hamas 'thugs' for deaths

US blames Hamas 'thugs' for deaths

The White House said Palestinian fighters were responsible for the deaths in Gaza [EPA]

The White House has said that Hamas "thugs" were responsible for provoking the Israeli air raids that killed and injured hundreds of people in the Gaza Strip.

Gordon Johndroe, the Bush administration spokesman, said Israel must try to avoid civilian casualties, but laid the blame for deaths on the Palestinian groups that controls the impoverished territory.

"These people [Hamas] are nothing but thugs, and so Israel is going to defend its people against terrorists like Hamas," he said.

The remarks late on Saturday came as the United Nations held an emergency meeting to discuss the attacks, and just hours after the Arab League announced it was preparing to hold a summit in Doha, Qatar on January 2.

Johndroe said the US wanted to see the six-month truce between Israel and Hamas, which ended on December 19, restored, but that this could only be done if Palestinian fighters end their missile attacks on Israel.

"If Hamas stops firing rockets into Israel, then Israel would not have a need for strikes in Gaza," he told reporters. "What we've got to see is Hamas stop firing rockets into Israel."

'Israeli aggression'

George Bush, the US president, discussed the fighting with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Stephen Hadley, the US national security adviser, and Condoleezza Rice, US secretary of state, Johndroe said.

"We call for an immediate ceasefire and urge everybody to exert maximum restraint"

Javier Solana,
EU foreign policy chief

The Saudi state news agency SPA reported that King Abdullah had discussed "the Israeli aggression against Gaza" and the "implications of continuing Israel's policies of blockade, occupation and torture against the Palestinian people all over the occupied territories."

He reportedly called for "the major countries to shoulder their responsibilities to stop this Israeli attack and save the lives of the innocent and remaining infrastructure in the Palestinian territories".

Rice released a statement urging "all concerned to protect innocent lives and to address the urgent humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza".

Ibrahim Dabbashi, Libya's deputy ambassador to the UN, whose country is the lone Arab member of the council, said his delegation called the emergency Security Council meeting "in co-ordination with the UN Arab group".

"Our main objective is an immediate ceasefire," he said. "There has to be a cessation of hostilities as soon as possible."

Ryad Mansour, the Palestinian observer to the UN, echoed that view, describing the Israeli strikes as "a threat to international peace and security ... that needs to be stopped immediately."

However, in a letter to the current president of the Security Council, Croatian Ambassador Neven Jurica, Gabriela Shalev, the Israeli ambassador, said that her country was acting in self-defence.

"No country would allow continuous rocketing of its civilian population without taking the necessary actions to stop it. Israel expects the understanding and support of the international community to its actions," she said.

Arab meeting

The Arab League summit was proposed by Qatar and at least 10 nations have already agreed to take part.

Arab foreign ministers were due to hold an emergency meeting to take a common position on Israeli raids on Sunday but the meeting was postponed until Wednesday.

Amr Moussa said Arab foreign ministers would meet on Wednesday [AFP]
Amr Moussa, Arab League secretary-general, said the meeting was postponed because many ministers were busy in separate meetings of two Arab regional groups - the Gulf Co-operation Council and the Maghreb Union.

"The time worries us very much because of the delay in holding the ministerial
meeting but we will not remain silent and consultations are continuing," he said.

Egypt condemned Israel's raids and said it would keep trying to restore a truce between Israel and Gaza.

A presidential statement quoted by the Mena news agency said Egypt held Israel responsible for the deaths and injuries that result from the raids.

"Egypt will continue its contacts to prepare an atmosphere conducive to restoring the period of calm and achieving reconciliation between the Palestinian groups."

Ceasefire calls

Javier Solana, the EU foreign policy chief, also called for an immediate ceasefire.

"We are very concerned at the events in Gaza," he said. "We call for an immediate ceasefire and urge everybody to exert maximum restraint."

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, said the "escalation" must be halted.

A statement from the Elysee Palace said that there was "no military solution in Gaza" and called for the "conclusion of a lasting truce".

The Russian foreign ministry said: "Russia believes it is necessary to halt immediately the large-scale acts of force against the Gaza Strip, which have already caused considerable victims and suffering amongst the Palestinian population.

"At the same time, we call on the leadership of Hamas to stop firing rocket on Israeli territory," it said, adding that the most important priority now was for the parties to restore a truce.

Tony Blair, envoy for the so-called Middle East Quartet, deplored the "tragic of loss of life".

He called for a "new strategy for Gaza, which brings that territory back under the legitimate rule of the Palestinian Authority in a manner which ends their suffering and fully protects the security of Israel".
Source: Agencies
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Originally Posted by Cancer_Researcher View Post
YOU are one of the MOST INTELLIGENT and INSIGHTFUL members here DREW!
Originally Posted by TNTRower View Post

Cancer Researcher is vying for the top dog position at Drew's home.
TNT, notice I said "one of the...." Hey , I call it like I see it. You too, TNT, can make some good arguments even though I don't agree with them.
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Originally Posted by QBNCGAR View Post
^ Which they've done for ages; which they will always continue to do. So if you're Palestine, why hand them a gift-wrapped invitation to blow you to bits?
Bang on.
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Israeli jet destroys rocket launching pad purposely located in residential area...

A view from the cockpit |JPost.com Video

Don't believe everything you think
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