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Grilled Salmon w/ Teriyaki Glaze 2 12.50%
BBQ'ed Pork Shoulder Steaks 4 25.00%
Andria's New York Strip Beef Steaks 3 18.75%
Traditional Porterhouse Beef Steaks 5 31.25%
Seared Tri-Tip Beef Roast 4 25.00%
Head Country BBQ'ed Baby Back Ribs 7 43.75%
Q's Jumbo Burgers (Applewood smoked bacon, sharp cheddar) 4 25.00%
Grilled Lobster Tails w/ Basil Butter 5 31.25%
Grilled Tuna Steaks, Madeira-Style 1 6.25%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 16. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by JimSmith View Post
Hey, if you have a large group I usually try to have a selection - baby back ribs, the tuna and old reliable, a Porterhouse steak. With cole slaw and real German potato salad.

And, yeah, if you have a rib routine you want to share, I am very interested. Based on your descriptions so far, I imagine the results are quite the ticket. My youngest son loves baby back ribs, to the point where he will order a second helping instead of a dessert at the end of the meal in certain restaurants. My attempts so far have not measured up.


That is what I based my vote on, it is the 4th after all so how could you not have Baby Back Ribs, HotDogs and Hamburgers..........

Also hope you invite the right people as well............

My Way News - Poll: Obama beats McCain as barbecue guest

or maybe take the family for a concert instead...........

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That's a lot of fish choices, Q. Weren't you the one callin' us CNG/Propane users a bunch of little girls for our fuel choice just a couple weeks back? Are you watching your figure or just trying to reduce your cholestoral?

Originally Posted by QBNCGAR View Post
If only it was that easy... Most of the people I cook for regularly have had a broad sampling; seems like getting them to decide on one is like asking God to pick his favorite child.
Fuck 'em. Seriously. If you're puttin' on a spread like that, they can take what you put on the plate. Now if one of your guests has some serious food aversion, of course you work around it. But otherwise, they're at Chez Q and they can eat what you give 'em.

I'm going to write-in my vote: 2 inch thick NY strip steaks. Take them out of the fridge two hours before cooking to let them come up to room temperature. Salt them, heavily, on both sides with Kosher salt/sea salt. Freshly ground pepper on one side only. Hit them for 3 minutes a side on a 650 degree grill, lid closed. Take 'em out and let them rest for 8 minutes before putting on the plate and serving.

I'm very fortunate to have a butcher that has completely organic, small scale farmed meats. No chemical anything. The meat tastes noticeably better. Hell, it actually *tastes* like something. So no sauce, no rub, no marinade. Perfect steak every time.

You could serve a steak like that with anything on the side, and I'd be perfectly satisfied.
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slightly creased
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I just voted for a pile of shit that sounded nice (I don't eat fish/seafood)...



beware of fundamentalists

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Originally Posted by MBLR View Post
Ok Yes! please! (before everybody on BWOT I admit I have not a clue how to do the Rbs yet) But! I still don't have my tail between my legs (I a smart ass I know it and probbly always will be)...

Ok .... aw nuts I just got blue screen on the software load I'm doing....

Ok yes I really woyuld like some sense of direction on doing just the racks cause I never done em like this ( darn when we did the whole hog we used real mops to keep em wet)...

I will be slow in responding cause I gotta figure out the blue screen problem on the computer I just built for someone.....
Okay, here's the drill on ribs.

First, when you buy baby backs pre-packaged, there's a membrane on the bottom side. You have to remove that to avoid looking like a noob. A little tricky, but easy when you get the hang of it. A butcher may be convinced into doing this for you.

The membrane attaches to the ribs with the same type of adhesion as like that double-sided sticky tape, just so you know. Start by inserting either a very small slotted screwdriver, or the end of your finger if you're feeling brave, between the membrane and one of the rib bones, lifting up on the membrane until it comes apart. Once you have it started, use your finger to separate the membrane all the way along that rib bone. Then, using a paper towel between your fingers and the membrane, grab it and lift up slowly but firmly. It should basically come off like wallpaper or something, but in one piece.

It's best to do all of this with the ribs at something other than fridge temp...let them warm up a bit, it's easier.

Now then, you need to keep in mind that cooking time will be about 4 hours "on the coals" as they say, if you want the best possible's unlikely a sauce will make it 4 hours of cooking without turning into black sludge, especially if you're adding brown sugar. I wouldn't put it on, and in fact don't use any sauce on my ribs, but if you want to, do it as a "mop" and use something thin, that you put on pretty regularly.

There are lots of rub recipes online - it's too late for the 4th, but you can also buy Head Country "Championship Seasoning" here: Head Country Barbecue I will apply the rub some 12 hours before putting the meat on. Can't go too long, as the salt in rubs will cure the meat a little and you lose tenderness, but you want it on long enough to really dissolve into the meat.

For cooking, I usually use a pair of digital thermometers - only one is needed for ribs though. I'll lay it on the grill surface, and I want it to read about 200 - 215 degrees (225 TOPS).

This should be done via indirect cooking...with my grill, I have a heat deflector I put over the coals, and put the fire box pretty far down. I just want the temperature and smoke, not the flame, to reach the ribs.

Start by putting the ribs on the grill with the bone-side down. You'll leave it there about an hour. There should be constant smoke...figure out a way to get charcoal in the mix, lid tightly closed - this imparts a lot of flavor, and gives that bright-red "smoke ring" coloring to the meat, especially visible when you cut the ribs (or whatever you cook). Whatever wood you decide to use, have it hot already. Wood smokes best when you've had it hot enough to burn, then deprive it of oxygen - hence the importance of a tightly closed lid for optimal results.

Okay, so you're maintaining the temperature and keeping it fed with smoke (charcoal and/or wood). After an hour, flip the ribs to go meat side down. Give it another hour, and flip it back. What you should see by the end of the third hour is a very nice, dark (but not black) color to the meat, and that you can see the meat has "shrunk" on the bone. It shouldn't be overly tough to the touch. If it shrinks on the bone before the 2nd hour, or is real dark by the 2nd hour, or ever gets really firm, you've been cooking it too hot. Watch it carefully, but don't jack with the lid all the time.

Okay, you've had it soaking up good smoke flavor and low heat for 4 hours. As one Memphis in May competitor said, "If you ain't wrappin', you ain't winnin'." Get some heavy duty aluminum foil, and wrap the ribs in it. You want to loosely cover the meat, but close off the ends to keep the juices from running out.

The connecting tissues and "tough" parts of pork break down into gelatin once they reach 190 degrees. Ideally, the meat will reach this temp and stay there for about 20-30 minutes at a minimum to break doesn't need a lot of time for ribs, but that's the magic temperature. When it does start, it will stay there for a while, and it'll become very juicy & tender.

You're wrapping it to protect the outside of the meat. When it's wrapped, put them in 9 x 13" baking pan(s), and into an oven pre-heated to 350. Keep it there for about 30-40 minutes; you can use a thermometer inserted into the meat by a bone to see if it's hit 190.

When it's been at 190 for about 5 minutes or so, turn the heat off and crack open the stove. Let them rest for about 30 minutes at least, then unwrap them.

You should see that they've darkened, that there's a fair amount of juice in the foil and some in the tray, and that there's a pronounced amount of bone visible (1/2" tops) at the 'bottom' end of the ribs. That's done perfectly.

Each rack is different, so you may not need to do this. The ribs I get from my butcher are brontosaurus ribs, and they take longer. Pay attention to the color and the shrinkage, and use a thermometer if you need to confirm the temp...if you don't need to wrap it and finish them, good on you.

To cut them, lay them meat side down on a cutting board, and with a long & sturdy knife, cut right along the bone (leaving meat on only one side of the bone). These things are fudgin' hot, so definitely let them rest beforehand.

Now enjoy your new lifelong friends.
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^ There's another whole separate school of thought on applying rub, I forgot to mention.

Some use a thin coating of yellow mustard on the meat, and let the rub stick to it. The idea is to better capture smoke flavor and develop a crust of seasoning. I've gone the other way, just using the natural moisture in the meat to hold the rub. I sprinkle it on generously, and work it in using the back side of a spoon. Lots less messy than using your hands, and more of the seasoning stays on the meat. Your mileage may vary.
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Something for Shane.

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worst mod in BW history
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Want my cole slaw recipe?

2005 S430 4Matic 'Morton' W220.183 • 722.671 Rest in Peace

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^ I've never made it, so yes, absolutely.
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Originally Posted by yoseyman View Post
Something for Shane.

A reminder not to cook bratwurst over high heat? What's he going to do with that?
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