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View Poll Results: Is homosexuality a genetic thing or are there environmental factors involved?
Genetic 18 60.00%
Environmental 12 40.00%
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Guess, I'm probably a bit of a fucker, too. It's all attributable to the environment, though--my genes are too tight
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Originally Posted by drewprof View Post
Well at least as a good Christian I believe in Christmas unlike you heathen whatever you are. When I see Santa I am going to ask him for your toys

heh, heh....Good Christian! heh, heh.......more like a stain on Christanity? heh, heh......
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Originally Posted by yoseyman View Post
That's very A-stute
Please note that asexual and assexual refer to two entirely different things, which should not under any circumstance be confused.

"If spending money you don't have is the height of stupidity, borrowing money to give it away is the height of insanity." -- anon
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Originally Posted by Designo_E320 View Post
I have a great family, working in the best of all professions, making a great salary, will most likely retire way before I hit 50 years old, almost no debt. Why wouldn't I be content? There is no clause in Islam that says that a Muslim can't enjoy worldly things and wealth as long as he makes sure to give to the less fortunate out of his earnings. BTW, I do a lot for the Muslim community here and in developing countries. So yes i am content!
Yeah, well it is nice to know on the second pass at this subject that you have a great family. As I see things your salary seems to be what defines your success and contentedness for you. Nothing really wrong with that, as it is the case with many Americans. But it seems pretty shallow, nonetheless. Glad to see you remembered family for the second swipe at this question as most of those other shallow Americans would have tried to be a little more deceptive and dropped it out there on the first pass. Jim
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Originally Posted by Punjabi View Post
heh, heh......funny you should mention! heh, heh.....being a keen SAAB buff, I just could not resist the many 'silly extras' available to woo the enthusiast! heh, heh......have the following amoungst many other bits n bobs! heh, heh......Also, was tempted today by the new MERC 'Toys' catalogue at the local Dealer! heh, heh.....quite interesting remote controlled model cars/trucks....waiting for the displays to arrive! heh, heh......
When I first got my SL last year, I went through the books and sites, looking at pens, hats, jackets, watches, ties and who knows what else. I never really feel comfortable wearing logos and a lot of 3 pointed star apparel didn't appeal to me. I enjoy looking at the selection in the showcases in the dealership's parts department but most of it just doesn't interest me.

I finally bought a Laurel Key Ring for the car key and a set of valve stem caps for the wheels. I still can't pull the trigger on a set of 380SL floor mats because they seem too showy. I suppose I spend too much time selling logoed goods to want to wear any.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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Originally Posted by GermanStar View Post
Now you're arguing for an environmental basis. IMHO, there is no doubt that nurture is a determining factor behind homosexual behavior. The question is whether there are also (non-aberrant) genetic factors at play as well.
I am arguing for an environmental basis for certain kinds of homosexual behavior. I am also arguing for a genetic basis for people who are exclusively homosexual. I really think there are two different classes.

Recall that earlier generations faced down fascism and communism not just with missiles and tanks, but with sturdy alliances and enduring convictions. They understood that our power alone cannot protect us, nor does it entitle us to do as we please. Instead, they knew that our power grows through its prudent use; our security emanates from the justness of our cause, the force of our example, the tempering qualities of humility and restraint.

-President Barack Obama, 1st Inaugural address
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Seldom do you get a chance to use a piece of information so soon after reading and discussing it with folks. On another thread I talked about starting a specific thread about the difference between thinking with your heart and thinking with your brain and the proven links and differences between the two. This study was one of the pieces that we discussed during the conversation in Santa Cruz that went to my question "how does a person's 'heart thought process' change with either a heart transplant or an artificial heart?"

This goes a bit toward looking at homosexuality more as a genetic trait than that of a learned or nurtured trait. Obviously this was not the intent or focus of the study, just a offshoot observational trait.

I think the subject in decision making is very intriguing and one to discuss stand alone. I will post up once I get back to Kentucky

Cellular Memory in Organ Transplants
Leslie A. Takeuchi, BA, PTA

In my experience as a physical therapist assistant, I have come to acknowledge the relevance of thoughts, emotions and spiritual beliefs to healing. I recognize the art of physical therapy to be based upon empirical science and a dualism which views the mind and body as separate, thus drawing a sharp distinction between sensory experiences and physical reality, between subject and object, between mind and matter and between soul and body. However, I also recognize that even though my science provides a rational foundation, it does not allow for the importance of the subjectivity and wholeness I see in my patients whose bodies and minds are inseparable.

In my work with the chronic pain population, I have taken a closer look at this relationship of mind and matter, body and emotions, for keys to how people heal. In this search, I looked into theories of emotions or memories being somehow stored in the tissues of the body and later manifesting in the physical form of pain or disease. What was most striking were the numerous reports of organ transplant recipients who later experienced changes in personality traits, tastes for food, music, activities and even sexual preference. Is it possible that our memories reside deep inside our bodily cells in addition to in our minds?

Current understandings about memory, for example, place this mental capacity solely as a function of the brain. However, the process of memory may be too complex to be explained by measuring brain activity through electroencephalograms or oxygen uptake as recorded on PET scans. Looking at memory as part of the quantum world of sub-atomic systems gives the visual image of tiny specks whizzing around every which way until there is a need for them to come together into some sort of pattern of awareness. But, where do the memories reside?

Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion: Why You Feel the Way You Feel, says, "Memories are stored not only in the brain, but in a psychosomatic network extending into the body . . . all the way out along pathways to internal organs and the very surface of our skin." After having discovered neuropeptides in all body tissues, Pert suggests that through cellular receptors, thoughts or memories may remain unconscious or can become conscious-raising the possibility of physiological connections between memories, organs and the mind.

University of Arizona scientists and co-authors of The Living Energy Universe, Gary Schwartz, PhD, and Linda Russek, PhD, propose the universal living memory hypothesis in which they believe that "all systems stored energy dynamically . . . and this information continued as a living, evolving system after the physical structure had deconstructed." Schwartz and Russek believe this may explain how the information and energy from the donor's tissue can be present, consciously or unconsciously, in the recipient.

Paul Pearsall, MD, a psychoneuroimmunologist and author of The Heart's Code, has researched the transference of memories through organ transplantation. After interviewing nearly 150 heart and other organ transplant recipients, Pearsall proposes the idea that cells of living tissue have the capacity to remember.

Together with Schwartz and Russek, Pearsall conducted a study, published in the Spring 2002 issue of the Journal of Near-Death Studies, entitled, "Changes in Heart Transplant Recipients That Parallel the Personalities of Their Donors." The study consisted of open-ended interviews with 10 heart or heart-lung transplant recipients, their families or friends and the donor's families or friends. The researchers reported striking parallels in each of the cases. The following is a sampling of some these.

In one case, an 18-year-old boy who wrote poetry, played music and composed songs, was killed in an automobile accident. A year after he died his parents came across an audiotape of a song he had written, entitled, "Danny, My Heart is Yours," which was about how he "felt he was destined to die and give his heart to someone." The donor recipient "Danny" of his heart, was an 18-year-old girl, named Danielle. When she met the donor's parents, they played some of his music and she, despite never having heard the song, was able to complete the phrases.

In another case, a seven-month-old boy received a heart from a 16-month-old boy who had drowned. The donor had a mild form of cerebral palsy mostly on the left side. The recipient, who did not display such symptoms prior to the transplant, developed the same stiffness and shaking on the left side.

A 47-year-old Caucasian male received a heart from a 17-year-old African-American male. The recipient was surprised by his new-found love of classical music. What he discovered later was that the donor, who loved classical music and played the violin, had died in a drive-by shooting, clutching his violin case to his chest.

A 29-year-old lesbian and a fast food junkie received a heart from a 19-year-old woman vegetarian who was "man crazy." The recipient reported after her operation that meat made her sick and she was no longer attracted to women. If fact, she became engaged to marry a man.

A 47-year-old man received a heart from a 14-year-old girl gymnast who had problems with eating disorders. After the transplant, the recipient and his family reported his tendency to be nauseated after eating, a childlike exuberance and a little girl's giggle.

Aside from those included in the study, there are other transplant recipients whose stories are worth mentioning, such as Claire Sylvia, a woman who received a heart-lung transplant. In her book entitled, A Change of Heart: A Memoir, Ms. Sylvia describes her own journey from being a healthy, active dancer to becoming ill and eventually needing a heart transplant. After the operation, she reported peculiar changes like cravings for beer and chicken nuggets, neither of which she had a taste for prior to the transplant. She later discovered that these were favorites of her donor. She even learned that her donor had chicken nuggets in his jacket pocket when he died in a motorcycle accident.

Another possible incidence of memory transfer occurred when a young man came out of his transplant surgery and said to his mother, "everything is copasetic." His mother said that he had never used that word before, but now used it all the time. It was later discovered that the word had been a signal, used by the donor and his wife, particularly after an argument, so that when they made up they knew everything was okay. The donor's wife reported that they had had an argument just before the donor's fatal accident and had never made up.

Another amazing story, reported by Pearsall, is that of an eight-year-old girl who received the heart of a ten-year-old girl who had been murdered. After the transplant, the recipient had horrifying nightmares of a man murdering her donor. The dreams were so traumatic that psychiatric help was sought. The girl's images were so specific that the psychiatrist and the mother notified the police. According to the psychiatrist, ". . .using the description from the little girl, they found the murderer. He was easily convicted with the evidence the patient provided. The time, weapon, place, clothes he wore, what the little girl he killed had said to him . . . everything the little heart transplant recipient had reported was completely accurate."


August SFM: Cellular Memory in Organ Transplants


Being smart is knowing the difference, in a sticky situation between a well delivered anecdote and a well delivered antidote - bear.
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Originally Posted by FeelTheLove View Post
Homosexual babies are babies over whom Satan has cast a spell. He does this to infuriate God and to bait good Christians into supporting the homosexual agenda. In the end they will all be cast into a Lake of Fire, barbecued for Jesus. Pass the mustard, please.
btw -i don't eat sausages or pork !
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Originally Posted by Demon_possessed View Post
btw -i don't eat sausages or pork !
heh, heh......Blimey! Now that is some 'looker' mugshot on the avatar! heh, heh.......Is it 'HE' or 'SHE' or the 'Predator' developed some earthly rash? heh, heh......
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Originally Posted by Zeitgeist View Post
Jeezus, you fuckers are certainly relentless...I'll give ya that.

Fuckers like Russian Race Horses to you.........
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