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I think this summarizes Cigar's point pretty well and I can't argue with it at all. It has to stop. It is perplexing in that much of this is personal conduct which is vilified by the Republican party in public but apparently allowed to go on by leadership.

Maybe if this Administration were stronger, and had its own moral and ethical compass we would have less of a problem. Or if the Republicans would just quit trying to define people's personal lives folks could live without worry about stings or being "outed" or having to deal with hypocritical double standards.

From der Spiegel:

A Scandal-Scarred GOP Asks, 'What Next?'

August 29, 2007

By Sheryl Gay Stolberg in Washington

Explicit e-mails with under-age male pages. Criminal lobbyists. Being on client lists for prostitution rings. FBI corruption investigations. And, now, soliciting sex in an airport bathroom. People are beginning to wonder: how low can Republican lawmakers go?

Scott Reed, a Republican strategist, was at a dinner in Philadelphia on Monday night when his cellphone and Internet pager began beeping like crazy. Only later did he learn why. His party was buzzing with news of a sex scandal involving a Republican United States senator - again.

Just when Republicans thought things could not get any worse, Senator Larry E. Craig of Idaho confirmed that he had pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct after an undercover police officer accused him of soliciting sex in June in a Minneapolis airport restroom. On Tuesday, Mr. Craig, 62, held a news conference to defend himself, calling the guilty plea "a mistake" and declaring, "I am not gay" - even as the Senate Republican leadership asked for an Ethics Committee review.

It was a bizarre spectacle, and only the latest in a string of accusations of sexual foibles and financial misdeeds that have landed Republicans in the political equivalent of purgatory, the realm of late-night comic television.

Forget Mark Foley of Florida, who quit the House last year after exchanging sexually explicit e-mail messages with under-age male pages, or Jack Abramoff, the lobbyist whose dealings with the old Republican Congress landed him in prison. They are old news, replaced by a fresh crop of scandal-plagued Republicans, men like Senator David Vitter of Louisiana, whose phone number turned up on the list of the so-called D.C. Madam, or Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska and Representative Rick Renzi of Arizona, both caught up in F.B.I. corruption investigations.

It is enough to make a self-respecting Republican want to tear his hair out in frustration, especially as the party is trying to defend an unpopular war, contain the power of the new Democratic majority on Capitol Hill and generate some enthusiasm among voters heading toward the presidential election in 2008.

"The real question for Republicans in Washington is how low can you go, because we are approaching a level of ridiculousness," said Mr. Reed, sounding exasperated in an interview on Tuesday morning. "You can't make this stuff up. And the impact this is having on the grass-roots around the country is devastating. Republicans think the governing class in Washington are a bunch of buffoons who have total disregard for the principles of the party, the law of the land and the future of the country."

Then again, Washington does not have a monopoly on the latest trend among Republicans. Just ask Thomas Ravenel, the state treasurer of South Carolina, who had to step down as state chairman of Rudolph W. Giuliani's presidential campaign after he was indicted on cocaine charges in June.

Or Bob Allen, a state representative in Florida who was jettisoned from the John McCain campaign last month after he was arrested on charges of soliciting sex in a public restroom.

Mr. Craig, for his part, has severed ties with the Mitt Romney campaign, despite his public declaration on Tuesday that "I did nothing wrong."

In an interview Tuesday on "Kudlow and Company" on CNBC, Mr. Romney could not distance himself fast enough. "Once again, we've found people in Washington have not lived up to the level of respect and dignity that we would expect for somebody that gets elected to a position of high influence," Mr. Romney said. "Very disappointing. He's no longer associated with my campaign, as you can imagine."

Republicans, of course, do not have an exclusive hold on scandal. As Democrats accused Republicans of engaging in a "culture of corruption" during the 2006 midterm elections, Republicans eagerly put the spotlight on Representative William J. Jefferson, the Louisiana Democrat who stashed $90,000 in his freezer - ill-gotten gains, the authorities said.

Still, there is a sort of "here we go again" sense among Republicans these days, especially since news of the Craig arrest broke on Monday afternoon. It is tough enough being in the minority, weighed down by the burden of the war in Iraq. Now Republicans have an even more pressing task: keeping their party from being portrayed not just as hypocritical and out of touch with the values of people they represent, but also as a laughingstock - amid headlines like "Senator's Bathroom Bust," which ran all Tuesday afternoon on CNN. The story also ran at the top of all the network evening newscasts on Tuesday.

"I'm hoping it's a big mistake," said one of Mr. Craig's Republican colleagues, Senator Lamar Alexander, traveling Tuesday in Tennessee, his home state. "But it certainly does nothing to increase confidence in the United States Senate."

With President Bush hobbled by his own political difficulties, the party can hardly look to him to lead them out of the morass. "If we had a coach," said John Feehery, who was press secretary to Representative J. Dennis Hastert when Mr. Hastert was the House speaker, "the coach would take us in the locker room and scream at us."

Some Republicans are indeed screaming, particularly the party's social conservative wing, which places a high priority on ethics and family values. Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, a conservative advocacy group in Washington, said the elections of November 2006, in which Republicans lost control of the House and the Senate, proved that voters want politicians in Washington to clean up their act.

"Exit polls show that was the No. 1 factor in depressing Republican enthusiasm," Mr. Perkins said in an interview Tuesday. "There is an expectation that leaders who espouse family values will live by those values. And while the values voters don't demand perfection, I do believe they want leaders with integrity."

The perception that Mr. Craig is not living up to his own values is causing problems for him, and after his appearance on Tuesday, with his wife standing by his side, some Republicans confessed they did not know what to think.

"He sounded almost as convincing as, 'I did not have sex with that woman,' " said Gary Bauer, a Christian conservative and onetime Republican presidential candidate, reprising President Bill Clinton's remark initially denying involvement with Monica S. Lewinsky.

Mr. Craig is up for re-election next year and has promised to announce next month whether he is running again. Some, like Mr. Bauer, say he is unlikely to survive the current scandal; others, noting that Senator Vitter seems to have weathered his storm, say Mr. Craig might be able to tough it out. And at the rate things are going, says Mr. Reed, the Republican strategist, it might be only a matter of time before a new scandal pushes Mr. Craig's woes off the front page.

"I'm a little afraid to say anything, because you don't know what happens tomorrow," Mr. Reed said. "That Vitter thing, that's like ancient history now."

A Party under Fire: A Scandal-Scarred GOP Asks, 'What Next?' - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News


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Originally Posted by Gregs300CD
It isn't illegal to bump into someone's shoe, and it isn't a crime to "meet" someone in a bathroom. Did he have a $20 bill taped to his shoe, or something? I'm sure it's illegal to do the deed there in the john, but hooking up and going somewhere else should be legal.

So judging by his accepting the plea, it leads me to the conclusion that it was a gay come-on, and the intended rendezvous place was the restroom. He was embarrassed and wanted it to go away quickly. Otherwise, he's have a lawyer force proof from a prosecutor of some sort of illegal intent. That's hard to infer from a foot tap.
The crime he was accused of is "gross invasion of privacy". Since you need an explanation, here is how it goes, say your sitting on the crapper trying to pinch one off, and some Republican comes up to the crack in the door, opens his mouth and makes penis-like motions with his finger. Then he gets in the stall next to you, and gives you a variety of hand signals under the divider suggestive of sexual acts, and he moves his foot over into your stall. Now, I don't know what airport toilets you have been shitting in, but in the one's I use, there is a pretty comfortable amount of room between my foot and the queer Republican over in the next stall. I mean, he would really have to work at it to shove his shoe into my stall to play footsies with me. Now, when one is taking a dump in a public toilet, the law says he has a reasonable expectation of privacy, especially from Republican homosexuals. Mr. Craig did as described above, it was duly witnessed by a police officer, and he was accused of violating the law, in such and ironclad fashion that Mr. Idahomosexual was forced to plead guilty. Of course, my other big question is, why are you making excuses for this guy?
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I would have just attached his foot to the floor with my bayonet.

"If spending money you don't have is the height of stupidity, borrowing money to give it away is the height of insanity." -- anon
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In an airport? Raaa-therrrrrrr!
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Originally Posted by mcbear
I think this summarizes Cigar's point pretty well and I can't argue with it at all. It has to stop. It is perplexing in that much of this is personal conduct which is vilified by the Republican party in public but apparently allowed to go on by leadership.....
That is not surprising, because much of the GOP leadership IS gay. Ken Mehlman, GOP chairman openly lives with his boyfriend. Dennis Hastert, the guy who covered for Foley, has been rumored to be gay for years, and he also lives with a man. David Dryer, the House whip, is gay. Mitch McConnel, hell just look at him. There are probably a lot more.
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How many of them could pass the Judy Garland trivia test?

How many of them don't look like their clothes are from a 10 year old Montgomery Wards catalogue?

How many of them have Holly Near records?

How many of them would make good shoe-shopping companions?

How many of them are slim, neat and tidy?

Maybe their "anti-gay " stance is simply jealousy is is of a lifestyle that wouldn't deign to have or admit them.....just as if they are standing outside the Velvet ropes outside Studio 54 and got the "thumbs down" after having waited hours to get in

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"I swear to god, it's like I live in a trailer of common sense, and stare out the window at a tornado of stupidity." >'='<
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I wonder if the fall of the Roman Empire began with revelations like these.......
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Egads, Roman Senators caught having sex with...[gasp] grown women, rather than their young male companions. Imagine the horror! The fuckers run on pederastic-values platform, then go off chasing pussy--that's just plain wrong, my friends.

Last edited by Zeitgeist; 08-29-2007 at 05:41 PM.
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Originally Posted by barberhauler
I wonder if the fall of the Roman Empire began with revelations like these.......
Yes! The Montgomery Ward catalog was a pivotal point in the fall of the Empire, much like today.
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I think both of you miss the important part played by the founders of my company, the legendary Biggus Dickus and his slave Feliticus Amorous,

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