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Shariah ( Islamic ) law vs Talmud ( Jewish ) law

First off, I’d like to say I realize that by writing this article I will be labeled such names as a ‘nazi jew hating racist anti semitic person’. But to those that would think this way, I would like for anyone to show me if anything I have written is not a fact directly quoted from the Jewish Talmud books. Quoting facts from the books read by Jews cannot possibly be a sign of Anti Semitism unless of course they are facts that Jews would rather the world not know.

Hypocrisy…. That word seems to ring through my ears whenever I come across any article or news item portraying Islam as a backwards women hating, freedom hating, democracy hating religion. Everywhere I turn I see more fingers being pointed at Muslims and Islam telling the world how it’s a religion of hate and war and bloodshed. Apparently whoever has been doing the research into Islam has interpreted a lot of things the wrong way, however that’s a whole other article. Let me start at the beginning.

I was sitting online today, going through the various news items of the day when I decided ‘hey, everyone’s always saying how Shariah law in Islam is wrong, lets see if any other religions have laws that state how a country should be run and people should be treated.’ Imagine my surprise when I came across the Talmud.

For those of you, like me who have never had any reason to look up anything on the Jewish faith and do not know, the Talmud is a set of Jewish Oral Laws set down on paper by learned rabbis and scholars of Judaism. Some of these same laws are the laws that govern the land of Israel. Jews have taken Talmudic law and incorporated it into government law. So far it sounds a lot like the Shariah Islamic set of law that governments such as Saudi Arabia use to run their country right?


Shariah law states how to treat Muslims and non Muslims in a Muslim country. In the time of conquering lands Muslims took over many countries . i.e. Spain. It is written that no non Muslim is allowed to be persecuted (I’m stating law here, how it’s put into practice is a whole other issue.. keep in mind humans have a really good knack of ruining a good idea). Let non Muslims practice their religion as they please in the privacy of their own homes, they should respect the laws of the land that they live in and will not be harassed. All that is asked is that they be given a chance to convert, if they choose not to .. even that is ok. Those that convert are welcome with open arms, those that do not convert are just taxed a certain amount of money a year.

“There is a myth that Jews (Dhimmi) living in Islamic lands had to pay 50 percent of their income in taxes (Jizya) to Muslims. This is another attempt by non-Muslim historians to re-write history and demonize the golden past between Jews and Muslims.

Islamic Law states that “if” Jews trade in Muslim countries, coming and going in them, a tenth is taken from what they invest in such trade. This is because jizya is only imposed on them on conditions, which they have agreed on. {Muwatta Book 17, Number 17.24.46}. Live stock was accepted as payment Book 17, Number 17.24.45) . Therefore, the true Islamic tax rate for non-military joining Jews was 10%, not the mythical amount of 50%”

So far no bloodshed or hatred right? Nowhere in Islam does it say that Jews or Christians are inferior. If anything, their Prophets, Jesus and Moses are both accepted and honored in Islam.

Many people bring up the ideas of how women are disrespected and oppressed, and that Islam this ‘horrible religion’ lets men marry girls once they’ve hit puberty. Lets compare it to the Talmud:

Kethuboth 11b : "When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this [Footnote 6: "less than three years old"], it as if one puts the finger into the eye; but when a small boy has intercourse with a grown-up woman he makes her as 'a girl who is injured by a piece of wood. . . ." Footnote 1: "Although the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act, nevertheless the woman is injured by it as by a piece of wood" (emphasis added).

Ok…. Let me first start with ‘less than three years old’. Apparently it is thinkable in Jewish law for a man to have intercourse with a girl of three. That’s not a girl, that’s a baby. Nowhere in Islam does it state that it is ok for any man to have intercourse with a child of three. Lets dissect that entire paragraph. What I’ve been able to take away from it is this. A grown man can have intercourse with a child of 3 and it is fine as the child will be a virgin again, the hymen will grow back as she gets older. However if a young boy has intercourse with a grown woman, it will not be considered a sexual act BUT the woman will lose her virginity. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard to date. I’d like to ask all those that point fingers at Islam and ask them to find me one place.. the one reliable source where it states that it’s ok for a man to have sex with a three year old as her hymen will grow back, BUT a grown woman will lose her virginity if she had intercourse with a young boy. Islam respects age and women, no girl who has not hit puberty can ever be touched let alone get married and have intercourse with a grown man. And no grown woman would even think of having intercourse with a young boy.

Sanhedrin 55b: A maiden aged three years and one day may be acquired in marriage by coition, and if her deceased husband's brother cohabits with her, she becomes his" (emphasis added).

In the Talmud, it clearly states that a girl of three years and one day may be married off and if her husband’s brother lives with her, she becomes his. Women according to the Talmud are a piece of property to be given away as pleased. In Islam, any woman that is widowed becomes her husband’s family’s responsibility but she is under no pressure to go and live with her husband’s brother let alone ‘become his’.

“If a daughter was once married and is at present a widow nobody has a right to interfere in her affairs, and she is like a son.”

Contrary to popular belief, women in Islam cannot be forced into a marriage that they do not approve of:

A young girl came before the holy Prophet perplexed and anxious and exclaimed:

“O Messenger of Allah. . . From the hand of this father...”

“But what has your father done to you”, the Prophet asked.

“He has a nephew”, she replied, “and he has given me in marriage to him before consulting me in the matter”.

“Now that he has done it,” said the Prophet, “you should not oppose it. Agree to it, and be your cousin’s wife.”

“O Messenger of Allah! I do not like my cousin. How can I be the wife of a man whom I do not like.”

“If you do not like him, that is an end to the matter. You have full authority. Go and make the choice of man whom you would like to marry.”

“By chance”, the girl finally admitted, “I very much like my cousin and do not like any other person but because my father did this thing without asking my consent, I have purposely come to put questions on this matter and to get your replies and hear this decision from you, and so inform all women that henceforth fathers have no right to take a decision on their own and give their daughter in marriage to anyone they like.”

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Sanhedrin 55b : "What if a Jew committed bestiality in ignorance; must there have been a stumbling block and degradation (for the animal to be stoned) and in this case there is only degradation, but no sin; or perhaps for degradation alone without there having been a stumbling block (the animal is stoned)?

When I read this one, my first reaction was, how in the world can a man commit bestiality by ignorance? How can any man not notice that he is having intercourse with an animal and not a human being? I’d say that this is a very convenient loophole put in by the rabbis for men. Because I seriously doubt Moses actually wrote ‘just in case someone has sex with a sheep this is what you can do’. Secondly, the poor animal that did nothing on it’s own gets stoned to death. Why? Would that not come under animal cruelty? As if having to have intercourse with a human wasn’t bad enough, it has to be killed.

Ok, so far we’ve covered how Jewish law disrespects it’s women, allows men to have sex with three year olds and claim ignorance in having intercourse with an animal.

Let’s get to the Christian Jew relationship. Israel and the United states have a special bond as they both dislike the ‘backward religion’ of Islam. Little do the Christians realize that Judaism and Islam have more in common than any Jew would like to admit. Jews hate Jesus. Yes folks, I just said JEWS HATE JESUS. Now before you all go into shock, it gets much better. , have a read over these excerpts from the Talmud. “Christians are arrested for even having a cross displayed in their window in Israel, and Christians are jailed for 5 years in prison for seeking to proselytize Jews in Israel as well.” (Americans against Zionist Oppression and Occupation)

The Quran states in regards to Jesus:

"'Behold (O Mary!)' The Angel said, 'God has chosen you, and purified you, and chosen you above the women of all nations. O Mary, God gives you good news of a word from Him, whose name shall be the Anointed (Masih or Messiah), Jesus son of Mary, honored in this world and in the hereafter, and one of those brought near to God. He shall speak to the people from his cradle and in maturity, and shall be of the righteous.'(Jesus in Islam)

The Talmud states in regards Jesus:

In Sanhedrin :106a-106b: we see that a woman "who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters." Looking at footnote number 5, we see this "harlot," notes the Talmud, "though no name is mentioned to show which woman is meant, the mother of Jesus may be alluded to" (emphasis added). We also take note that it "suggests that Balaam is frequently used in the Talmud as a type for Jesus" (emphasis added) in the same footnote. (This is also confirmed in the Jewish Encyclopedia [page not shown] where it notes that "Baalam" is just another name for "Jesus." It then goes on to say that "the pupils of the recreant Baalam inherit hell.")

In Gittin 56b-57a it discusses Baalam (Jesus) again. It says that he was "raised" by "incantations." Jesus was "then asked: What is your punishment? He replied: 'With boiling hot semen.'" (The footnote says "Jesus" is being referred to here, to avoid any confusion.) It then states their belief that there is a divine punishment given to non-Jews in an after-life: "What is your punishment? They replied: 'With boiling hot excrement, since a Master has said: Whoever mocks the words of the Sages [Talmud] is punished with boiling hot excrement.'"

Abodah Zara 26b : ". . . minim [Gentiles*], informers, and apostates may be cast in [a deep pit from which they cannot climb out], and need not be brought up" (Talmud's emphasis). *Note: The Jewish Encyclopedia clarifies that minim is used in reference to non-Jews.

The Jewish mistreatment in law of “gentiles” doesn’t just stop at disrespecting Jesus Christ, it goes on to mistreating them in daily life in things such as wages, work, land owning, :

"Similarly, the mandate concerning the oppression of or withholding wages from a hireling brother or neighbor, or a domiciled alien (Deut. xxiv, 14-15) who observes the Noachian laws, is not applicable in the case of a Gentile. This is to say a Gentile may be employed at reduced wages, which need not be paid promptly on the same day, but may be paid in accordance with the usual custom of the place. . . .

The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. X, p. 621, under the heading "Gentile" states that property owned by Gentiles "is considered public property, like unclaimed land in the desert." It notes that "discriminations against Gentiles . . . [is] strictly in accordance with the just law of reciprocity and retaliation, [though] seldom practiced. . . . Another reason for discrimination was the vile and vicious character of the Gentiles . . ." Also, "The Torah [Old Testament] outlawed the issue of a Gentile as that of a beast (Mik. viii, 4, referring to Ezek. l.c.)." Further, the "Talmud comments on the untruthfulness of Gentiles," referring to Gentiles as "'a band of strange children whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand (in rising to take an oath) is a right hand of falsehood'" (emphasis added).

The Jewish Encyclopedia states that the Jewish Talmud says it's OK to overcharge Gentiles but not Jews: "The Jewish law against overcharging one-sixth or more above the current price of marketable merchandise--a violation of which affected the validity of the sale--applied only to a Jew or domiciled alien, not to a Gentile" (emphasis added). It also goes on to say that "not even on Monday is the Gentile allowed to rest."

So I have to ask all the Americans and Christians around the world who see the Jewish people as their brethren…. What are you thinking??? What in the world would possess you to think that people who would actually follow laws that state that you and all others .. anyone non Jewish is a second rate citizen that is doomed to a life in hell surrounded by ‘boiling hot excrement’ as friends? No paragraph in any Islamic book condemns or insults Jesus Christ or Moses, and yet there is such hatred for Jesus in the Talmud, a Jewish oral law book set down by religion and religious scholars.

So why all the fingers pointed at Islam? Easy….its like that saying, if u want to get away with something, distract the people with something else. Very useful red herring tactic. That is what the Jewish people have done. Make your enemies fight each other so you don’t have to go to any battles, but you win all the rewards.

My question to all those supporting Israel, who have read in this article what the Talmud states (and those still in doubt I encourage you to go out and find out for yourselves if what I’ve researched is accurate or not) would be, how much longer are you going to be sheep and believe that Islam is the religion that is ‘out to get you’ when the real wolves are already in your own backyard?

Javi S.

Talmudic quote taken from:

AZOO - Americans against Zionist Oppression and Occupation

Babylonian Talmud
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I dunno, seems fair and balanced to me...

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Well Israel is a bad idea. But it is the best idea for advancement that area of the world has going for it. Let them fight, and try to appear unbiased.
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Originally Posted by Designo_E320
First off, I’d like to say I realize that by writing this article
So who wrote the article, in what was it published and when? Citings are important when pouring gasoline.


Being smart is knowing the difference, in a sticky situation between a well delivered anecdote and a well delivered antidote - bear.
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Originally Posted by mcbear
So who wrote the article, in what was it published and when? Citings are important when pouring gasoline.
I googled it - he found it on "killallthemotherfuckingjewcocksuckers.skinheadblo"
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Originally Posted by mcbear
So who wrote the article, in what was it published and when? Citings are important when pouring gasoline.
Shariah ( Islamic ) law vs Talmud ( Jewish ) law
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Originally Posted by QBNCGAR
I googled it - he found it on "killallthemotherfuckingjewcocksuckers.skinheadblo"
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Here are the top ten reasons why sharia or Islamic law is bad for all societies.

10. Islam commands that drinkers and gamblers should be whipped.

In 2001, Iranian officials sentenced three men to flogging not only for illicit sex (see reason no. nine), but also for drinking alcohol.

In 2005, in Nigeria a sharia court ordered that a drinker should be caned eighty strokes.

In 2005, in the Indonesian province of Aceh, fifteen men were caned in front of a mosque for gambling. This was done publicly so all could see and fear. Eleven others are scheduled to undergo the same penalty for gambling.

After going through two previous confusing stages before coming down hard on drinkers and gamblers, the Quran finally prohibits alcohol and gambling in Sura 5:90—91; they do not prescribe the punishment of flogging, but the hadith does. A poor 'criminal' was brought to Muhammad who became angry:

The Prophet felt it hard (was angry) and ordered all those who were present in the house, to beat him [the drinker dragged into Muhammad's presence]. (Bukhari, Punishments, nos. 6774—6775)

Thus, we see no offer of help for the alcoholic when he is dragged before Muhammad and his followers. Why does Muhammad not offer rehabilitation? Why does he immediately go to corporal punishment?

The later classical legal rulings follow the Quran and the hadith, so we do not need to examine them here.

It is sometimes argued that Islamic countries are pure, whereas the West is decadent. No one can argue with this latter claim, but are Islamic countries pure? The Supplemental Material, below, demonstrates that Islamic countries still have drinking and gambling in them.

Here is the article that supports this tenth point and that analyzes the confusing Quranic verses on drinking and gambling. It analyzes the hadith and later legal rulings.

9. Islam allows husbands to hit their wives even if the husbands merely fear highhandedness in their wives.

In 2004, Rania al—Baz, who had been beaten by her husband, made her ordeal public to raise awareness about violence suffered by women in the home in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi television aired a talk show that discussed this issue. Scrolling three—fourths of the way down the link, the readers can see an Islamic scholar holding up sample rods that husbands may use to hit their wives.

The Quran says:

4:34 . . . If you fear highhandedness from your wives, remind them [of the teaching of God], then ignore them when you go to bed, then hit them. If they obey you, you have no right to act against them. God is most high and great. (MAS Abdel Haleem, the Qur'an, Oxford UP, 2004)

The hadith says that Muslim women in the time of Muhammad were suffering from domestic violence in the context of confusing marriage laws:

Rifa'a divorced his wife whereupon 'AbdurRahman bin Az—Zubair Al—Qurazi married her. 'Aisha said that the lady (came), wearing a green veil (and complained to her (Aisha) of her husband and showed her a green spot on her skin caused by beating). It was the habit of ladies to support each other, so when Allah's Apostle came, 'Aisha said, "I have not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing women. Look! Her skin is greener than her clothes!" (Bukhari)

This hadith shows Muhammad hitting his girl—bride, Aisha, daughter of Abu Bakr: Muslim no. 2127:

'He [Muhammad] struck me [Aisha] on the chest which caused me pain.'

It is claimed that Islamic societies have fewer incidents of fornication and adultery because of strict laws or customs, for example, women wearing veils over their faces or keeping separate from men in social settings. But these results of fewer incidents of sexual 'crimes' may have unanticipated negative effects in other areas, such as the oppression of women. Generally, sharia restricts women's social mobility and rights, the more closely sharia is followed. For example, in conservative Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive cars. In Iran, the law oppresses women. For example, women's testimony counts half that of men, and far more women than men are stoned to death for adultery.

Here is the supporting article for the ninth point. It has a long list of different translations of Sura 4:34, in order to resolve confusion over this verse, circulating around the web. This longer article has many links that demonstrate the oppression of women under Islamic law (scroll down to 'Further discussion').

8. Islam allows an injured plaintiff to exact legal revenge—physical eye for physical eye.

In 2003, in Saudi Arabia a man had two teeth extracted under the law of retaliation.

In 2003, a court in Pakistan sentenced a man to be blinded by acid after he carried out a similar attack on his fianc�e.

In 2005, an Iranian court orders a man's eye to be removed for throwing acid on another man and blinding him in both eyes.

The Quran says:

5:45 And We ordained therein for them: Life for life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth and wounds equal for equal. But if anyone remits the retaliation by way of charity, it shall be for him an expiation. And whosoever does not judge by that which Allah has revealed, such are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrongdoers . . .). (Hilali and Khan, The Noble Qur'an, Riyadh: Darussalam, 1996)

This passage allows for an indemnity or compensation instead of imposing the literal punishment of eye for an eye. No one should have a quarrel with this option. According to the hadith, the plaintiff also has the option to forgive, and this is legitimate, provided a judge oversees the process. The problem is the literal law of retaliation.

The hadith and later legal rulings demonstrate that this excessive option was actually carried out, as do the three modern examples linked above.

Please go here for the supporting article that cites the hadith and later legal rulings.

Islamic law calls all of humanity to march backwards 1,400 years BC and to re—impose the old law of retaliation—literally, and the evidence suggest that the Torah never intended the law to be carried out literally, as the supporting article demonstrates.

7. Islam commands that a male and female thief must have a hand cut off.

Warning! This short article has photos of severed hands. The reader should never lose sight of the fact that this punishment is prescribed in the Quran, the eternal word of Allah. It does not exist only in the fevered imagination of a violent and sick radical regime like the Taliban, which once ruled in Afghanistan.

A Saudi cleric justifies chopping off hands here.

The Quran says:

5:38 Cut off the hands of thieves, whether they are male or female, as punishment for what they have done—a deterrent from God: God is almighty and wise. 39 But if anyone repents after his wrongdoing and makes amends, God will accept his repentance: God is most forgiving and merciful. (Haleem)

At first glance, verse 39 seems to accept repentance before the thief's hand is cut off. But the hadith states emphatically that repentance is acceptable only after mutilation. Muhammad himself says that even if his own daughter, Fatima, were to steal and then intercede that her hand should not be cut off, he would still have to cut it off (Bukhari, Punishments, no. 6788)

If the reader would like to see more hadith passages, modern defenses of this indefensible punishment (and a refutation of them), and the Biblical solution to theft, they should click on this long supporting article or this shorter one.
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6. Islam commands that highway robbers should be crucified or mutilated.

In September 2003, Scotsman Sandy Mitchell faced crucifixion in Saudi Arabia. He was beaten and tortured until he confessed to a crime he did not commit: a bomb plot masterminded by the British embassy. The article says of this punishment that it is the worst kind of execution and that two have been carried out in the last twenty years.

In 2002 Amnesty International reports that even though Saudi Arabia ratified the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (Convention against Torture) in October 1997, amputation is prescribed under both Hudud (punishments) and Qisas (law of retaliation). AI has recorded thirty—three amputations and nine cross—amputations where the alternate hand or foot is mutilated.

The Quran says:

5:33 Those who wage war against God and His Messenger and strive to spread corruption in the land should be punished by death, crucifixion, the amputation of an alternate hand and foot or banishment from the land: a disgrace for them in this world, and then a terrible punishment in the Hereafter, 34 unless they repent before you overpower them: in that case bear in mind that God is forgiving and merciful. (Haleem)

It may be difficult to accept, but the hadith says that Muhammad tortured these next people before he executed them. This scenario provides the historical context of Sura 5:33—34. The explanations in parentheses have been added by the translator:

Narrated Anas: Some people . . . came to the Prophet and embraced Islam . . . [T]hey turned renegades (reverted from Islam) and killed the shepherd of the camels and took the camels away . . . The Prophet ordered that their hands and legs should be cut off and their eyes should be branded with heated pieces of iron, and that their cut hands and legs should not be cauterized, till they died. (Bukhari, Punishments, no. 6802)

The next hadith reports that the renegades died from bleeding to death because Muhammad refused to cauterize their amputated limbs. Then the hadith after that one reports that the renegades were not given water, so they died of thirst. They probably died of both causes: thirst and loss of blood.

See this short article for details on another example of Muhammad's use of torture.

Islamic law says that these punishments are imposed for highway robbery, and in some cases crucifixion does not need a murder before it is imposed.

For more information on Muhammad's brutality and the barbaric laws that flow out of it, go to the back—up article.

5. Islam commands that homosexuals must be executed.

In February 1998, the Taliban, who once ruled in Afghanistan, ordered a stone wall to be pushed over three men convicted of sodomy. Their lives were to be spared if they survived for 30 minutes and were still alive when the stones were removed.

In its 1991 Constitution, in Articles 108—113, Iran adopted the punishment of execution for sodomy.

In April 2005, a Kuwaiti cleric says homosexuals should be thrown off a mountain or stoned to death.

On April 7, 2005, it was reported that Saudi Arabia sentenced more than 100 men to prison or flogging for 'gay conduct.'

These homosexuals were lucky. Early Islam would have executed them, as these hadith demonstrate.

Ibn Abbas, Muhammad's cousin and highly reliable transmitter of hadith, reports the following about early Islam and Muhammad's punishment of homosexuals: . . .

'If you find anyone doing as Lot's people did, kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done' (Abu Dawud no. 4447).

This hadith passage says that homosexuals should be burned alive or have wall pushed on them:

Ibn Abbas and Abu Huraira reported God's messenger as saying, 'Accursed is he who does what Lot's people did.' In a version . . . on the authority of Ibn Abbas it says that Ali [Muhammad's cousin and son—in—law] had two people burned and that Abu Bakr [Muhammad's chief companion] had a wall thrown down on them. (Mishkat, vol. 1, p. 765, Prescribed Punishments)

Though this punishment of a wall being toppled on them is extreme, the Taliban were merely following the origins of their religion.

If the reader would like to see the confusion in the Quran on the matter of homosexuality, the severity in the hadith, and excessive rulings of classical fiqh, they should see the supporting article. This longer one has links to many discussions on Islamic punishments of homosexuals (scroll down to 'Supplemental material').

4. Islam orders unmarried fornicators to be whipped and adulterers to be stoned to death.


In 2001, Iranian officials sentenced three men to flogging for illicit sex.

The Quran says:

24:2 The fornicatress and the fornicator, flog each of them with a hundred stripes. Let not pity withhold you in their case, in a punishment prescribed by Allah, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a party of the believers witness their punishment. [This punishment is for unmarried persons guilty of the above crime (illegal sex), but if married persons commit it (illegal sex), the punishment is to stone them to death, according to Allah's law]. (Hilali and Khan).

The additions in the brackets, though not original to the Arabic, have the support of the hadith. These command flogging only of unmarried fornicators: Bukhari, Punishments, nos. 6831 and 6833.

The classical legal rulings follow the Quran and the hadith closely, so we do not need to analyze them here.

According to this report, in Iran a teenage boy broke his Ramadan fast, so a judge sentenced him to be lashed with eighty—five stripes. He died from the punishment. Though his sad case does not deal with fornication, it is cited here because it shows that lashing can be fatal.


In December 2004, Amnesty International reports:

An Iranian woman charged with adultery faces death by stoning in the next five days after her death sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court last month. Her unnamed co—defendant is at risk of imminent execution by hanging. Amnesty International members are now writing urgent appeals to the Iranian authorities, calling for the execution to be stopped.

She is to be buried up to her chest and stoned to death.

This gruesome hadith passage reports that a woman was buried up to her chest and stoned to death:

And when he had given command over her and she was put in a hole up to her breast, he ordered the people to stone her. Khalid b. al—Walid came forward with a stone which he threw at her head, and when the blood spurted on his face he cursed her . . . (Muslim no. 4206)

The Prophet prayed over her dead body and then buried her. Truthfully, though, how effective was the prayer when Muhammad and his community murdered her in cold blood? The rest of the hadith says that Muhammad told Khalid not to be too harsh, but the Prophet's words drip with irony. Perhaps Muhammad meant that Khalid should not have cursed her. However, if they really did not want to be harsh, they should have forgiven her and let her go to raise her child.

Later Islamic legal rulings follow the Quran and the hadith closely, so we do not need to analyze them here.

Here is the back—up article that supports this fourth reason.
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