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Fear wins. The world loses.

Bush unbound
Winning on fear itself, the GOP is ready to take the country even farther right.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
By Sidney Blumenthal

Nov. 3, 2004 | "This country is going so far to the right you are not even going to recognize it," remarked John Mitchell, President Nixon's attorney general, in 1970. Mitchell's prophesy became the mission of Nixon's College Republican president, Karl Rove, who implemented the strategy of authoritarian populism behind George W. Bush's victory.

In the aftermath, Democrats will form their ritual circular firing squad of recriminations. But, finally, the loss was not due to their candidate's personality, the flaws of this or that advisor or the party's platform. The Democrats surprised themselves at their ability to raise tens of millions of dollars, inspire hundreds of thousands of activists, spawn extensive new organizations, attract icons of popular culture and present themselves as unified around a centrist position. Expectations were not dashed. Turnout vastly increased among African-Americans and Hispanics. More than 60 percent of the newly registered voters went for John Kerry. Those concerned about the economy voted overwhelmingly for him; so did those citing the war in Iraq as an issue. But the surge of the Democrats was more than matched.

Using the White House as a machine of centripetal force, Rove spread fear and fused its elements. Fear of the besieging terrorist, appearing in Bush campaign TV ads as the shifty eyes of a swarthy man or a pack of wolves, was joined with fear of the besieging queer. Bush's announcement that he favored a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage was underscored by referendums against it in 11 states, including Ohio -- all of which won.

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The evangelical churches became instruments of political organization. Ideology was enforced as theology, turning nonconformity into sin, and the faithful, following voter guides with biblical literalism, were shepherded to the polls as though to the rapture. White Protestants, especially in the South, especially married men, gave their souls and votes for flag and cross.

The campaign was one long camp meeting, a revival. Abortion and stem cell research became a lever for prying loose white Catholics. (Rove's designated Catholic leader, his own political pontiff, had to resign in disgrace after being exposed for sexual harassment, but this was little reported and had no effect.) To help in Florida, a referendum was put on the ballot to deny young women the right to abortion without parental approval, and it galvanized evangelicals and conservative Catholics alike.

While Kerry ran on the mainstream American traditions of international cooperation and domestic investment, and transparency and rationality as essential to democratic government, Bush campaigned directly against these very ideas. At his rallies, Bush was introduced as standing for "the right God." During the closing weeks of the campaign, Bush and Cheney ridiculed internationalism, falsifying Kerry's statement about a "global test." They disdained Kerry's internationalism as effeminate, unpatriotic, a character flaw and elitist. "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig," Vice President Cheney derided in every speech. They grafted imperial unilateralism onto provincial isolationism. Fear of the rest of the world was to be mastered with contempt for it.

These emotions were linked to what is euphemistically called "moral values," which is actually social and sexual panic over the rights of women and gender roles -- lipstick traces, indeed. Only imposing manly authority against "girlie men," girls and lurking terrorists can save the nation. Bush's TV ads featured digitally reproduced crowds of cheering soldiers, triumph of the leader through computer enhancement. Above all, the exit polls showed that "strong leader" was the primary reason Bush was supported.

Brought along with Bush is a gallery of grotesques in the Senate -- more than one of the new senators advocating capital punishment for abortion, another urging that all gay teachers be fired, yet another revealed as suffering from obvious symptoms of Alzheimer's.

The new majority is more theocratic than Republican, as Republican was previously understood; the defeat of the old moderate Republican Party is far more decisive than the loss by the Democrats. And there are no checks and balances. The terminal illness of Chief Justice William Rehnquist signals new appointments to the Supreme Court that will alter law for more than a generation. Conservative promises to dismantle constitutional law established since the New Deal will be acted upon. Roe vs. Wade will be overturned and abortion outlawed.

Now, without constraints, Bush can pursue the dreams he campaigned for -- the use of U.S. military might to bring God's gift of freedom to the world, with no more "global tests," and at home the enactment of the imperatives of "the right God." The international system of collective security forged in World War II and tempered in the Cold War is a thing of the past. The Democratic Party, despite its best efforts, has failed to rein in the radicalism sweeping the country. The world is in a state of emergency but also irrelevant. The New World, with all its power and might, stepping forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old? Goodbye to all that.

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RE: Fear wins. The world loses.

How about your own opinion?


Are you talking about the fear that Kerry used with scaring old people about their Medicare, Social Security, scaring young people with the promise of a January surprise in the way of a Draft? Is that the Fear you speak of?

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RE: Fear wins. The world loses.

How utterly typical for leftist elitists!
Never admit that the majority of the American electorate disagree with you; simply call everyone with whom you disagree "stupid", or "fearful".
You must advance into the arena of ideas; argue your convictions and win peoples' minds. Instead you attack the people. How arrogant!
On the other hand, this tactic will lead to your further defeat.
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RE: Fear wins. The world loses.

It all can be sumed up in two words.
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RE: Fear wins. The world loses.

it doesn't really make a difference,... both are members of the skull & bones club.

Anyways I've said it before and I'll say it again,... kerry is a [:o)]
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RE: Fear wins. The world loses.

MS Fowler - 11/3/2004 2:48 PM

How utterly typical for leftist elitists!
I seem to recall something by Jesus about a 'mote in thy own.'

There's some consolation for the left in the thought perhaps Kerry was not all that different from Bush on foreign policy anyway:


I guess we'll have to live with incompetent despotism for 4 more yrs.
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RE: Fear wins. The world loses.

You terds went down fighting but the important part is WENT DOWN . I think you bring disgrace to the Democratic party and actually helped LOSE votes for Kerry. Your mission "accomplished." [;)]
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RE: Fear wins. The world loses.

What the left-wing loony liberals will not take from this election is that THEY DO NOT REPRESENT MAINSTREAM AMERICA. The elitist scum that panders to the "gimmies" and brainwashes people through the media with twisted half-truths and deliberate lies have been revealed for what they are. Running the most leftist Senator the US has ever seen, a man that would have been lynched in the McCarthy days, a man that makes TED FREAKING KENNEDY look conservative, is NOT the way to win. The DNC handed the GOP its greatest victory in over 40 years by running John Kerry, a man without principles, a spine, or an ounce of consistency. A man who has voted against the military time and time again. The DNC forced the hands of the US electorate and produced the LARGEST amount of voters in history because they ran a candidate so repugnant to mainstream views.

The voters of South Dakota also put Daschle out on his ass. They saw through the bull he spewed, saw that he DID NOT represent South Dakota, but instead the mainstream of the DNC, like the views of Kerry and Clinton. John Edwards's seat was handed to a republican, to make a point about how they feel about the DNC and Edwards.

In other words: TAKE A HINT. Look at the county by county map of America. 85% of it is red. Either start representing America, or go the way of the Whigs. In fact, please do. We desperately need the LP to become a 2nd party.

And to the EU/UN: Piss off. You dont control us, and we dont give a flying fuck what you think. Your opinion of our country matters not.

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RE: Fear wins. The world loses.

moparmike - 11/3/2004 4:01 PM

TAKE A HINT. Look at the county by county map of America. 85% of it is red.
You do realize that the big red areas are not where most of the voters live, so the "map" is irrelevant. Unless you were watching some other election, the vote count is still unbelievably close given the great voter turn out. So, perhaps it's time to dial down the rhetoric about one side bashing the other and come to realize how deep the division truly is and what it portends for us as a nation.
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RE: Fear wins. The world loses.

Based on the election results, I think we can say that the idea that there is a mainstream America is a myth. We are clearly divided and it appears that there are 2 very different mainstreams on opposite sides of the coin. Apparently, there's 3% more people on one side of that coin than the other.
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