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Cool ToyCars

My first ToyCar was a 60/61 Bug Eyed Sprite of which I had two - one for parts and one that was supposed to run. LOL. I traded it for a case of beer that I don't remember getting in '73.
ToyCar 2 - 1968 911T, was my dream come true after a CDN army posting in Germany in '69 when the state cops had Targas and drove like lunatics. Sign me up.
I sold it and almost covered my costs put into it, but nothing could replace the euphoria or adrenaline when if came to life.
The car was replaced with a 1992 500 SL, red of course. The bigger body gave me protection that was lacking in the 911 and I waited till the vendor was desperate to close the deal. What a beautiful machine. Took it to Mosport for "Driver Education". LOL.
Last October I went to Atlanta and returned with a pristine, burgandy 1989 300 SE that looks like it came out of he showroom. The build quality is first class and I can't imagine anything else in my driveway.
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I shouldn't of bought mine?


I have recently (01-03-2016) bought my first Mercedes brand new from Stratstone Mercedes in Bradford. It was a c class coupe 220d amg premium. from the day I saw this car I fell in love with it, I ordered one on a 16 plate and waited till march for it to be available, this turned out to be the biggest mistake I've made in my life.

On the first day I bought this car on the way back to London, approximately 100 miles from the dealership my friend noticed that the bumper has detached on the front driver side. I phoned the dealer and explained to them and all the could say was did you hit anything. Well this was not the case I did not hit anything, I was just driving back to London happily with my new car. The dealer asked me to return to them to see what may have caused this. At the dealer ship they had some kind of explanation that this was caused by me and that the car was totally fine and had been checked before it had been handed over to me. The dealership suggested it was a minor thing and that the could screw it back in and that should solve the problem. I agreed to this and waited for them to finish what took around 10 minutes and started to make my way back home again.

A couple of days later, when my friend got into my car. He told me that the engine sounds very loud in the cockpit, he had the same car and I decided to see for my self. I came to the discovery that my car is actually louder inside of the vehicle than his. I was not happy with this but I thought it was a minor thing so I just continued being happy with my brand new C class.

Further into the week it came to my attention that the mid console is getting very hot. I did not expect this to be a usual thing from a brand new Mercedes. I contacted the dealership and complained about the noise, mid console temperature gear changes and noise coming from the brakes. They advised me to book it in to a local dealer to see what may be causing these issues.

I just want to elaborate on the heat in the mid console. Literally I can't lean my leg against it. As I drive the car it gets hotter and hotter till the point it burns your skin. Further more the buttons and controls in the car get hot as well.

I got an on the 23rf of March at merceds Orpington after sales. That Wednesday I woke up jumped in my car and start driving to Orpington. This was a 1 and half hour journey. When I got there I met s friendly person named John he listed to all my complaints and said they will take car of this matter. Merceds Benz Orpington than provided me with a loon vehicle. A Mercedes E 250 on a 64 plate with their name and locations advertised on the doors of the car. I did not like this but I accepted it because I did not want to make this a big deal.

On the way back home some idiot drove into the back of my car while I was stationary and decided to drive off. People called the police and ambulance for me at the time to help.
They arrived around 45 minutes later to help.

The next day, Mercedes Benz Orpington phoned me saying the had diagnosed a issue with the gearbox and that it needed a software update. I don't understand how a 23 days old car would need this but set that aside for now. They said they will take care of this. The next day they phoned again saying that there is another issue with the gear selector unit. And that they have ordered the part from Germany and are waiting for it to arrive to be fitted in. I told them my concerns about buying a brand new car that needs repairs and that I essentially happy with this at all and did not like this idea.

Customer services advised to have the part fitted and the issue resolved as according to them a car is mechanical and sometimes there are faults but luckily they can be fixed. I took there advise and told Orpington to go ahead and repair the car.

On the 31st of March they contacted me saying my car is done and is getting cleaned for it be ready to get picked up by me. I told them I was busy and that I would take a day off on the 1st of April to be able to pick it up.

On the first of April 2016 I woke up and started to make my journey to Orpington. When I arrived they seemed more concerned with me paying the £250 acces for being in a non fault accident rather than the repairs they done to my car. I payed the acces and received my car. I did ask if any of the other issues where looked at and was informed that they could not diagnose them. I told John I never wanted to see him again and hoped that everything was resolved and started to make my way back to London.

When I arrived home the mid console has gotten so hot that it burned my hand when I touched it. This was a first degree burn. It was not visible but I could feel discomfort in my hand palms. I phoned Mercedes Benz Orpington and they advised to press the SOS button and inform them about it. After having a chat with the breakdown people, I was advised to drive back to Orpington and return the car to the garage.

When I got very close to the dealership I pulled out my iPhone 6 and started recording my experience as a valued Mercedes Benz customer. When I parked up there were 2 johns waiting outside for me to arrive as it was 18:10 and they closed at 18:00. The first thing I asked them to do is feel the mid console as it was burning hot. One of the employees turned to me and said this is normal al Mercedes cars get this hot. When I looked at his colleges face John number 1 the guy I've been dealing with ever since I took the car to Orpington. He did not seem to agree with this and told me I can see what you are saying it is actually hot.

I continued to film this and question them about this problem. After a while the second John also admitted his exact words were I have to give you that it is hot but not that bad. He seemed very defensive to me. May be this was caused by the fact that he had give the all clear for the car. They said they will take the car in and look at it on Monday.

To my surprise I was given the same loon car that I had gotten into a rear side accident in. The car was at the same place I've left it and I don't think no one even had done any checks on it before handing it to me. I pointed out to John number 1 that I was not feeling comfortable with this and that I deserved anther car. He told me there were non available in which I replied I just saw you parking up the c class in the back that's a loon car isn't it? He replied with yes but this car has been booked for you so you would have to do with this one.

Today the 5th of April. Mercedes Benz Orpington phoned me saying they drove the car twice for 10 miles and it's not getting hot and they are still trying to diagnose what may cause these issues.

Overall this is a very frustrating and stressful experience. I bought a brand new Mercedes because it seemed it was a reliable car what turned out a disaster. I've had 3 audi's before and never experienced anything like this. Because of this purchase I've gotten into a accident I'm sure I wouldn't be there at that time for someone to drive into me if it was not the c class that lead me to that side of London.

Further more I don't understand how incompetent you must be to put a customer in a accident car without having it repaired or having done any internal checks on it.

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Doug Demuro Made Me Do It

No regrets. I have put about 9k miles on the odometer since purchasing.

The Six Best Unreliable Cars You Can Buy From CarMax
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Why did I buy my Mercedes?

I bought my first Mercedes, 1972 280SE 3.5 in 1982 in Frankfurt Germany.

I had wanted a Benz from the day I arrived in Germany and found this one at a lot for $1500 US. Financed it with my Credit Union in the states (a first for them).

I loved the injected V8 but had to get used to the way the transmission engaged. The blue velour interior was nice and the real wool seat covers were warm. Shipped it back to the US when I returned and paid for the conversion to US spec. Even shipped a whole 3.5 spare engine with my household goods.

Loved everything about the car.
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The Star that Lead the way

My uncle (moms side of the family) actually started the Mercedes trend in my family, he had a diesel Mercedes years ago and eventual upgraded to a 190E, then a 400E, eventually my aunt found her dream Mercedes, a 2003 E320. By this point owning a Mercedes was the last thing my parents were considering to buy, but one day my uncle mentioned to my mother that his mechanic was selling his personal vehicle, an 88' 300E with over 226k miles, after one test drive my mother was sold, that car got my family through countless road trips, my sister and I both learning how to drive and getting our licenses not to mention being our first car, my prom, the first two years of college for me, and countless other memories, after hitting 324k it seemed as though it could've lasted us well into another decade, but after a trip to the mechanic for some work, the amount of repairs heavily outweighed the value of the car, sadly we had to depart with the old girl, but shes found new life in the hands of a new owner recently, and my sister and I both ended up getting c280's as a replacement. While new memories are waiting to be formed with these two new hot shots, they have a long road ahead of them and hopefully they'll be able to be passed on
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I was always a Honda/Acura man. I owned an Acura TL for about two years. It was the car that I always wanted but I felt it was time for new experience (the TL was a 2005 model so I had bought it used). I have always liked Mercedes' more than BMW's where German luxury companies are concerned. I had briefly owned a Honda CR-V which was extremely disappointing in performance. During that time I always admired the Mercedes M Class SUV's. I felt like one of those was what I should have purchased. Really, my ML350 is the only vehicle I liked better than my Acura. I'm extremely happy with my Mercedes and can definitely feel the difference in luxury over my old Acura. So, I chose looks first but, honestly, prestige is a close second.
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Prestige. That speaks a lot about Mercedes. That is all what rest from Mercedes. 1980 years were something more than prestige, but, again, prestige were at the first place.

Now, we have C, S and E class. Last one will be small S Class, C is again very similar. Reliability bad. Mercedes is still alive because it was much more long time ago. The same about BMW.

I tested Mercedes S 2015, new one. No problem to buy it for cache. You call boom over bump comfort and silence? Mercedes does not have comfort and speed. Mercedes never had speed, it lost comfort.
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Mercedes long time and now

Prestige. That speaks a lot about Mercedes. That is all what rest from Mercedes. 1980 years were something more than prestige, but, again, prestige was at the first place.

Now, we have C, S and E class. Last one will be small S Class, C is again very similar. Reliability bad. Mercedes is still alive because it was much more long time ago. The same about BMW.

I tested Mercedes S 2015, new one. No problem to buy it for cache. You call boom over bump comfort and silence? Mercedes does not have comfort and speed. Mercedes never had speed, it lost comfort.
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My indy picks up used cars for peanuts. Gives them a bit of a wrenching and tends to pass them on. The older cars get held onto, while anything newer than 1995 gets used for parts and the carcass gets scrapped. He will work on newer cars, but does not want to get stuck trying to sell one.

I am not impressed with the cars built after 1995 either. The W220 is a rolling turd. The W124 was really well put together and sturdy. Instead of the plastic bits self destructing when looking at them the way the S430 does, trim in the E300D lasted for 20 years until I sold it


74 450SL - Froggy
'02 s320 - Victor
'86 300SDL - Polei

Retired cars
'76 300D - Voldemort
'95 E300D - Cleo
'72 220D - Gump
'87 300SDL - POS SDL

92 300SE - #1 boys ride
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Competition, I got it, he didn't!

One of the old guys I work with has a 1988 300CE with the blue interior. It's white and well taken care of both appearance wise and mechanically. He has driven it to 286,000+ miles over the past 12 years.
One day I opened my mouth and said "If I ever find one that looks as good and was is sound mechanically I'll buy it on the spot."
So a few months ago and said his long time mechanic told him there might be a 300CE sitting in a garage in Lake Oswego with low miles on it. He told me more than he should have because I called the owner right away.
The next day during my lunch break I took a short drive over to eyeball this car to see if it really existed as "advertised". It was sitting in the owners garage "taking up space he needed" because he had finally bought a new Mercedes for his wife that was the driver of the 300CE. He explained that she only drove it to go "antiquing" for home decorations.
We didn't have time for a drive right then as I had to get back to the office. The next day I took time ot go drive it and do more than just look at the engine oil on the dip stick. We did a pre-trip inspection of the car. The "old guy" was very knowledgeable about the car and went over the history of the car and detailed the history of the car and repairs and repair shops he had used over the years, where he bought it, the whole nine yards worth. I wanted to drive it but...I held my tongue and just let him talk, I learned a lot and now I have a great story to tell.
Finally we pull out of the driveway and start a drive. Th car feels showroom tight. I'm driving like an old lady...he says. We were stopped at an intersection he says. When you can go push the accelerator to the floor and see what it can do. Well it shifted into low gear a shot away...fast! I hadn't really expected that from a 25 year old car. We took it out on I-5 and cruzed South with no particular place to go. We got South of the traffic, when I looked down we were "cruzin'" and 93 miles per hour. It was a nice day partly cloudy and dry pavement. What a treat. He talked a lot, I listened as I extended my lunch break but I finally had to tell him I had to get back. I told him that I wanted the car, we needed to come together on a price, he was going to gather the maintenance records in a packet and we would meet later.
When I got back to the office I told the guy that told me of the car that I had gone to see it. He looked a bit upset...
I told him of the car, it's a 1989 300CE, Black with Sable Brown interior, Original floor mats, no cracks in the console wood with less than 150,000 miles on it, has new brakes, new battery, new lubricants all around, it has 25% tires on it...the owner said it was for price negotiation reasons! He said "If you don't buy it I will." Fortunately, I got to tell him I had already agreed to buy it.
This was the most fun I ever had buying a toy! I've had Porsche, Volvo, MG, Opel, BMW and the odd 1973 FORD Falcon but hands down this was the best fun ever.
The best part of the fun was I got it, HE didn't!
It is always enjoyable when Terry drives his 88 White 300CE and I happen to pull up in the Black 89 300CE it looks like salt and pepper in the parking lot at work.
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