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Looks 1,204 20.67%
Performance 1,039 17.84%
Prestige 1,376 23.63%
Safety 541 9.29%
Value 977 16.78%
Other 687 11.80%
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post #991 of 1352 (permalink) Old 12-17-2012, 08:19 PM
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Question Driver Training

Is there any similar drivertrailing I can send my college bound 17 year old boy to ? .

I've been giving him basic lessons but here in L.A. I think it'd be safer to have some sort of ' Street Survival Course '......

Old German cars & motos
vintage car mechanic
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Originally Posted by bmaxey View Post
I thought it would have the quality equal to its reputation. Boy was I wrong; one of the stupidest mistakes I ever made. The car (99 SLK 230) is ALWAYS giving me trouble!
I'm interested to know what your definition of "trouble" is? I'm not being facetious, I'm curious as some folks feel that a dead battery or peeling door handles is 'trouble' while my definition is broken down and/or in the shop for real problems like sensors and major work that leave you stranded without your vehicle. ie, is it unreliable?

I've owned a Saab that was in the shop for 10% of a 5 year period with over $30k in warranty and non-warranty repairs. I don't think I've driven a more unreliable car nor hope to ever drive one again. I've upgraded to Mercedes Benz and plan to stay here, but its a 2009 CLS and from what I've seen and been told, a more solid build out of Sindelfingen, Deutschland
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going back 30 yrs ago, one day I was at a toyo dealer, the mechanic told me about this car that should've been a star in Poltergeist, if u touch one thing it will trigger a bunch of electrical activity in sequence, the lights flashed for few secs, is almost spookily programmed haloween prank.
anyways modern day cars are so tied into computer, u touch the door latch the window will drop 3 mm, which is wunderbar when it all working as it intended to be, but soon as she gets a older & cranky she'll either dropped and stayed there, better if she didnt do anything.
Or those lovely high tech wabbit ear aka outside mirror, soon as the driver pulled the key they kind of peel their ears closed, in reality i have seen a few that didnt deploy when driving, atleast were right side only!
i wish my w126 has armstrong window too, once my driver window went to bottom and didnt wanna to get up again. I found out the trick was hold button up and bang her or slam door hard and she'll rise to the occasion again.
heard of a bimmer's radio got shorted that kybosh the whole car's operation, can only be driven in 2nd gear i take the computer considered a safety or gimp mode. what if u need the car to go to hospital in a hurry?

Originally Posted by bmaxey View Post
I thought it would have the quality equal to its reputation. Boy was I wrong; one of the stupidest mistakes I ever made. The car (99 SLK 230) is ALWAYS giving me trouble!

home of the 4,5,6 and 8 cylinders.
from happy British Columbia.
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I chose Value for the '08 C300 I just picked up. I've had some very nice cars, and never owned a Benz, but this is just a nice car, all the way around, and I will be buying a new one very soon.
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post #995 of 1352 (permalink) Old 12-31-2012, 09:26 AM
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Vehicle: 2006 E320CDI
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In 04 I bought a small (very small) farm and a gray market Japanese diesel tractor. I was very impressed with how strong a 26hp engine could perform. After that I decided that I really needed a diesel car too. I looked at a year old E320 CDI and was so impressed with how solidly it drove that I wanted it. The local dealer didn't seem to want to deal much and the 07s were almost here so I bought a new 06 in Atlanta for not much more than the local dealer was asking for the 05 with 18K miles. Later I decided to upgrade to a new Kubota diesel with a front end loader and a 5ft mid mount mower deck and hydrostatic transmission. I love the Kubota and the Merc. About a year ago I almost bought a 380SL but decided against it because it had a few issues and I didn't want to put a whole lot of money into it. I'm glad I waited because I found my all time dream car and bought it. It's an 87 911 Turbo with 43K miles and appears as new. I guess all around performance and build quality is why I bought my Merc. I've heard others say that the newer Mercs are not as well built as older ones but I've had no issues with mine and have 120K miles on it now.
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I bought my CLK as I wanted some luxury again (my first car was a 2000 Volvo S40 SE; leather door cards, seats, nice dash etc) and then I moved onto a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and although it had nice creme leather seats the dash and door cards were pretty cheap.

I mainly just use my car for going to work and back (5 mile each way) but on the odd time I go for a drive the difference is huge. Don't really care about driving fast but the 2.6 V6 does alright. Certainly the best car I've owned and now a Merc convert.

Unfortunately being a early 03 it has some rust on the inner rear arch lips which is really a shame for such a nice car. Although, I'm looking to trade it in next fall for a W211 E class (more than likely a E320 CDI) decent MPG, quick, very refined for a diesel and well, the W211 is just beautiful. Needs to be a 2005 on though, as I can't deal with the rust issues on <04 models.
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I bought my first Mercedes because I had smashed my right hand and wrist up in a motorbike. I needed a car to drive to work every day. The two spare cars (not including the wife's Honda Accord Euro) are not injury friendly. One a very grumpy 79 Ford Escort heavily worked, track suspension while being an auto still required two hands constantly.

It made me start looking at luxury cars as they are quite often driven by frail old people. Then someone at work let me drive their W114 and I was hooked. I went out looked at prices, options, parts, repairability and ended up with a W140 300SE (1992 vintage).

It was all about how easy it was to drive, how comfortable I was, how much I could pack into it, how easy it was to work on it.

I do love reading on here comments about if you ask about how cheap it is to fix, then its not a car for you. WRONG! I've to date found the Mercedes very cheap to fix and easy to get parts.
Example: Air Conditioner Pump was seized when I bought the car. Previous owner claimed system was out of gas. Hmm why is it unplugged then? Anyway, 400 dollars later second hand pump with warranty. Took me 5 wreckers to find one. Take it home. While it takes a little more time to take anything apart on the merc for the 50 thousand bolts you need to undo, its all straight forward. Get old pump off, realise the one I got has wrong pulley. Five mintues later, new pump has old pump's pulley and is going into the car. Regas the system, crank it over.

A second hand pump for a Holden Commodore with warranty can be anywhere in the 600 dollar mark and a new one in the 1600 dollar mark. The Mercedes new ones, for a proper denso unit can be had for the grand mark. A holden commodore is a 40,000 dollar car when new. The Mercedes 300 SE was 187,000 dollars. hmm.....

I quite love my merc. It will be a shame when it goes in a few months time cause i can ride a motorbike again. To many cars, to many projects.
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My 84 300CD has an interesting history: Three owners in my family (I'm the third) and the one who appreciates it the most.

In 1984, my grandmother bought the car new. She knew that European cars are the "Best," in terms of elegance and quality of construction, and that "Mercedes-Benz were the very top of the line among European cars. Let it be said that my grandmother knew what was good quality but knew nothing whatsoever about how they work. Fortunately she had an excellent, if somewhat cantankerous, old mechanic, who would call her up and tell her (not ask her) that it was time to bring her car in for service - today!

She loved the car, but could not come to terms with the sound it made. She thought that a high-quality car should be silent, and although she understood that the 300CD needed "special oil," i.e., diesel fuel (!) she could not accept that the "clanking sound" was the noise that diesels are supposed to make.

In 1988, she brought the 300CD to the mechanic for routine oil and filter service at the dealership. A slick, fast-talking salesman offered her a "no-obligations" test drive, "just for fun," while she was waiting for the car to be serviced.

She agreed, and at the end of a two hour test drive, she had traded the 300CD for a 560SL. The dealership took the 300CD as part of the trade.

A week later, the dealership called her back, complaining that the 300CD had such low miles that they found themselves unable to sell it. They had tried to unload it on high-end used car dealers from Cheyenne to Pueblo, and all were sure that a five-year old car with only 6000 miles on it had to be a lemon. (For some inexplicable reason, none of these dealers believed the story about a little old lady who only drove her car to the grocery store every two weeks.)

My grandmother obligingly told the dealership that my mother would be happy to take the 300CD off their hands - then called my mother to tell her that she had just "agreed" to buy "her" Mercedes.

Although my mother really couldn't afford it, she cashed in some stock and purchased the 300CD that had been my grandmother's from the dealership.

My mother kept it for twelve years, putting the bulk of the miles on it (now 168,000) during this time. Ironically, she actually preferred to drive my Saab 900, since it had a 5-speed manual and seemed to be quicker off the line.

In 2002, as part of her plot to lure me back from California, my mother bought a new VW Passat, and promised me her Mercedes if I would come back to Colorado.

I was planning to move back anyway, but accepted the Mercedes. It is the best car I have ever owned. I'm also pretty sure that I like the car more than either of its previous owners.
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I have a V230 of the year 1998. I bought the car in Year 2005 because it is spacious and flexible in it's seats configuration. All seats at the back can be removed and re-arranged to meet the owner's requirement....forward or backward facing.

Thereby, please note that the newer models do not have the same facibility because some of the seats are sharing the same base frame.

As of reliability, I think that with proper maintenance, the car is reliable despite of many complaints from the automobile circle. Some parts are sub-standard....for example the window mechanism is probably the weakest spot! It need to be changed every 2 years as the design is fragile for such a big window!!
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Send a message via Yahoo to Mike Tee
Those old Benzes were solid reliable cars. I wish I could say that about my B 200, but I can't.

2008 Mercedes-Benz B 200 5 speed
2006 smart BRABUS Tailor Made Canada 1 cdi cabriolet
2013 Ford Fiesta SE 5 speed, for the kids
1966 Peugeot 404 Coupé Injection, restoration underway
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