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Vote for's Reader's Choice Car of the Year for a Chance to WIN $1,000 in Gas.
We need your votes! Have your say and take part in's Reader's Choice Car of the Year and choose your favorites in six different categories: Luxury Car, Crossover, Green Car, Sports Car, Luxury Crossover and the most important, Car of the Year.

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obd2motor 12-10-2012 02:22 AM

How to connect MB STAR compact C4 in a wireless infrastructure
These days,more and more obd2motor online shop buy MB star c4,They all feedback very well.because the super Mercedes Benz Star Diagnostic C4 add the newest function: cansupport wireless diagnose.
MB STAR compact C4 is obd2motor 2012 version Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool. mercedes compact 4 sd connect support wirelesses diagnose, support K line, CAN BUS and UDS protocol. MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis software new update to 2012.05 version now.
Here as below obd2motor will instruct you on how to configure your mercedes Star Diagnosis and your SD connect in a wireless infrastructure network with an access point.
I did not include steps to enable Road24h peer to peer network mainly since this method works so well for my needs.

1. You can set your router to have any SSID name. I set mine as workshop, I do recommended you to use a network key in the following format A123456789365 the number portion can be any combination. I have tested using various SSID names and any seem to work fine
2. Go to start menu, programs, service, setup Sdnet control and run it, once finished pc will reboot, I also suggest you delete the configuration from the SD connect. this is to start fresh.
3. Go to F:programmeDasbin and open the cal.ini file, you will need to modify from either T or D2 to W.
4. Be certain all WIFI and Lan drivers are installed and that you are connected to the wifi network you will be using.

(During this entire process you should monitor the wifi status as it has a tendency to disconnect at times)

5. we now need to obtain some basic info from your network, go to start menu, settings, control panel and open network connections, double click the wireless network connection once window is open click support tab you will need to write down the IP address and the default gateway of your system so we can enter them later in SDNC.
6. Now go to the SDNC control panel by clicking the SDconnect icon once, after it is open select the configuration tab, click yes in the window that opens, now go to network, once open start at the bottom, for country settings leave them set to world,
For Road WLAN enter values below:
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Network name: (ssid) Road24h
Network authentication: open (wep128)
Select hexadecimal and enter 26 lowercase a
7. Now for Workshop WLAN
Check the box to Automatically obtain IP address, enter your network name [SSID] mine is workshop
enter Network authentication: WPAPSK [TKIP] a123456789012
8. Workshop cable network enter following values:
IP address:
subnet mask:
Once complete click ok.
9. next we need to manually set the IP address for the SDconnect, this will override the steps we took in item 8 above, we entered the 169 IP only so it would allow us to save the other changes we made within SDNC, if the IP was wrong we could not save any changes.
Open control panel then network connections. double click local area connection, in the window labeled "this connection uses the following items: look for Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) usually at bottom and double click it select Obtain an IP address automatically and click ok.
now go back and click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) again now select Use the following IP address and enter hit the tab key to auto fill in the subnet mask and click ok then ok once again on the open window, when complete that window will automatically close may take a few moments for the IP to save and register. also make sure the wifi connection is still connected to your network, it may disconnect after we enter values in SDNC

10. Now we need to power up the SDconnect using a 12v source. and connect to the pc via LAN cable, once it is powered up you will need to register/configure SDconnect.
do this by going to the taskbar and click on the SDconnect icon once to open it.
Once open click on Configuration tab then click yes on the pop-up window, next go to the MUX tab then click Register/configure this will open the SDconnect tool kit.
Once open you can modify the settings that will allow wireless communication. first choose a number for your SDconnect, I use 9, next region select WORLD, place a check mark in the square next to WLANprameters,workshop, also place a check mark in the box to right of the DHCP line, enter the laptop you are using IP address, in my case it was then enter router IP under Gateway which in my case was for SSID [router name] enter name of your wifi network, as stated earlier mine is workshop, for my encryption I used WPA2 / ASCII my key is A123456789365, after all is entered click the start tab, a window showing saved configuration will display click ok then close on SDconnect tool kit window.
11. You can test connection by unplugging the LAN cable from PC or SDconnect then click the number next to the pad lock icon, when window opens click the test signal tab you should hear an audible beep from SDconnect unit.
in some situations the box next to the SDconnect icon will be grey with a red X you must click the grey box and select your MB SD Connect Compact 4, connect from the list.

Want to know more information of the mercedes Star Diagnosis sd c4,welcome to our web obd2motor.


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