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But Wait, there's MORE!!!

Max Mosley orgy revelation forces M15 agent to quit
By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter, and Sean Rayment,
Security Correspondent
Last Updated: 1:13AM BST 18/05/2008

An MI5 agent has resigned after it emerged his prostitute wife engineered the tabloid sting that exposed Max Mosley, the head of motor racing, as having taken part in a sado-masochistic orgy.

An MI5 agent has resigned after his prostitute wife engineered the tabloid sting that exposed Max Mosley, the head of motor racing, for taking part in a sado-masochistic orgy.

The disclosure is deeply embarrassing for Britain's security service and has forced a review of vetting.

The man was a surveillance operative with several years of service. His wife, 38, is believed to have approached the News of the World when she realised that Mr Mosley – a regular client – had booked five prostitutes for a sex session costing £2,500.

It is understood that Jonathan Evans, the director general of MI5, has informed Gordon Brown and Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, that one of his agents was caught up in the sting.

Mr Evans gave a categorical assurance that MI5 was not involved and Whitehall officials insist that, because Mr Mosley did not represent a security threat, he would not have been the subject of a covert operation.

The agent, who is in his 40s, is understood to have served in the military before joining MI5. He had responsibility for watching al-Qa'eda suspects, Russian spies, crime bosses and drug lords.

Mr Mosley, 68, faces a vote of confidence over his role as president of the FIA in Paris on June 3. But he insists that his "eccentric" sex life does not render him unfit to run one of the world's most glamorous sports.

He said of the Telegraph's disclosure: "This is an astonishing piece of information, which I will pass on to my legal advisers." Before being recruited by MI5, the agent would have undergone "developed vetting", during which he would have been questioned about every aspect of his private life. Like all potential recruits, he would have been asked if he had a drugs, alcohol or gambling habit.

Other lines of inquiry would include questions on his sex life and whether or not he visited prostitutes. This is meant to determine whether an individual could be blackmailed and might therefore be a security risk.

All agents are vetted throughout their careers. What will worry Thames House, MI5's London HQ, is why the agent was not identified as a potential risk.

It is understood that he resigned on being confronted with evidence of his wife's involvement in the affair. The Telegraph is not naming him on security grounds. His wife is believed to have been paid tens of thousands of pounds by the News of the World for her story and used the newspaper's surveillance equipment. The couple married last year.

The News of the World published its front-page story on Mr Mosley on March 30 under the headline: "F1 boss has sick Nazi orgy with 5 hookers." Mr Mosley has denied the sessions had Nazi overtones and is seeking damages for what he claim was invasion of privacy.

Insiders at the News of the World have suggested that it was nothing more than a coincidence that their source for the story was married to an agent and deny that he played any role in the sting.

Max Mosley orgy revelation forces M15 agent to quit - Telegraph


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It's a wonderful world we live in. Funny how the skeletons always emerge after the sorcerer was killed.

The word scapegoat comes to mind.

However I am being very one-track minded.

If he was a politician (which I guess he is in some ways) he would be voted out, or forced to stand down.

FIA - your credibility rests with the decision over this man. End of.

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I got to admit, booking five hookers, Max sure doesn't do things by half.
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[QUOTE=mcbear;2890120]Max Mosley orgy revelation forces M15 agent to quit
By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter, and Sean Rayment,
Security Correspondent
Last Updated: 1:13AM BST 18/05/2008

I do not see how any of this is going to help Mosley and I find it ironic that he finds himself in much the same position that Ron Dennis found himself last year.

Sensitive information about Team Mosley has escaped and it is one of his own team members acting without the Team Boss's authority that has leaked information and put Mosley in an untenable position.

If his private life had remained private then he would be able to continue with his very public and high profile duties but it has not. Perhaps the one thing that might have saved Mosley was if he could prove that he was the victim of a deliberate and orchestrated attempt to publicly discredit him. Better still, that this had been sanctioned by someone that had a professional axe to grind or perceived wrong to right.

From the reports this is not so. He has had the misfortune to employ someone who has spotted the opportunity to make a quick buck and exploit the public profile of the client. Surely this is a risk run by anyone in the public eye who chooses to indulge in private tastes that in public would be frowned upon.

Mosley was not set up by anyone other than himself and broke the eleventh commandment. He got found out.

He should resign but he won't. His ego is too big and his arrogance is unlimited.

I hope the 220 voting Members of the FIA do the right thing on the 3rd June.
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Here is the full transcript of the letter Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone sent to the FIA's international club presidents in response to Max Mosley's own recent letter on the future of the sport.

22 May 2008

To all FIA Club Presidents

Dear President

The FIA President wrote a letter to you on 16 May 2008 (the Letter) in connection with the FIA Extraordinary General Assembly called on 3 June to consider allegations published about his private life.

The Letter makes statements that could lead to misunderstandings and inaccurate conclusions being drawn.

We, the Formula One commercial rights holder (the CRH), are writing to you to ensure that you understand our position on matters raised in the Letter insofar as they relate to Formula One.

The CRH and the FIA

We support the FIA and recognise that it is, and should remain, the sole body governing international motor sport which governs the sporting organisation of the FIA Formula One World Championship (the Championship).

We recognise the obligation conferred upon the FIA by you, its membership, to safeguard its authority over all safety, sporting and technical matters relating to the Championship, as well as its traditional values.

We support and concur with the requirement of the European Commission that regulatory functions relating to international motor sport be separate from the associated commercial interests and that the FIA's role in Formula One should be that of the sporting regulator, uninvolved in its commercial exploitation.

We believe it is to the benefit of Formula One that the FIA should have a transparent and robust governance structure and that it should discharge its regulatory responsibilities in a fair, impartial and non-discriminatory manner, without external influence or interference, led by a credible and respected President (who should be chosen by the FIA's membership only).

We intend to continue to manage exclusively the commercial exploitation of Formula One within the established frameworks of the existing FIA Formula One Commercial Agreement and, in due course, the 100 Year Agreements.

100 Year Agreements

You will recall that this set of agreements (the 100 Year Agreements) was entered into between the FIA and SLEC Holdings Limited in April 2001.

Those agreements are valid and binding on the parties and will in all material respects become operative in 2011.

They do not need to be altered or renegotiated unless both parties wish to do so.

There are some ambiguities in the drafting of these agreements, however, and we have sought discussions with the FIA President to clarify these points and to avoid unintended consequences.

We have also raised with him a number of other issues which we considered would improve the agreements without damaging the FIA's interests, but we accept that is a matter for the FIA to
judge, it is not obliged to make those concessionsto us and should it consider it is against its interests to do so, we would be content to the leave the agreements in their present form and
when the time comes, to operate within their existing scope, without amendments.

Formula One regulations

The CRH does not wish to have control over the Formula One regulations. We believe that the Formula One regulations should be drawn up by the Formula One Technical and Sporting Working Groups, subject to the approval of the FIA Formula One Commission and the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

To the extent any changes to the Formula One regulations may have a material commercial impact on the CRH and its interests, such changes should be discussed and agreed with us.

Imprudent changes to the Formula One regulations, if adopted, could have a dramatic adverse impact on the attractiveness of the sport, to promoters, to broadcasters, to sponsors and to the fans; they could add significantly to the cost of participating in the Championship at a competitive level; they could also undermine or depart from the Championship's traditional values.

We believe that a clear regulatory framework would minimise the risk of such problems. The FIA should be solely responsible for policing and enforcing the Formula One regulations fairly, transparently and without bias.

Concorde Agreement

There has been a Concorde Agreement since 1981.

The most recent Concorde Agreement expired at the end of 2007 and we desire that it be renewed, not as a way for the CRH to exercise control over the sport, but because it will provide the financial and regulatory stability desired by the Formula One teams and the motor manufacturers who sponsor and invest significantly in them.

The commercial and financial arrangements, including the distribution of the annual prize fund, have been agreed between the CRH and the Formula One teams, with the full knowledge of the FIA.

The CRH is willing to sign immediately a new Concorde Agreement substantially based upon and containing the same regulatory provisions as the previous Concorde Agreement, amendedonly to reflect the commercial and financial arrangements agreed with the teams.

Formula One

There is no financial crisis in Formula One. On the contrary, Formula One is in robust health, it enjoys the support of most of the world's leading automotive manufacturers and is sponsored by many of the world's other most prestigious brands.

Revenues continue to grow, television ratings are high and demand from countries to promote a new Grand Prix continues to exceed the number of places on the calendar.

The cost of operating a successful Formula One team has risen to an unsustainable level and this is being addressed.

The Formula One teams have agreed upon some cost-cutting measures, making it more viable to participate at a competitive level and with a robust and stable regulatory framework, further efficiencies should be possible.

We will continue to support such initiatives.

Formula One continues to be of tremendous benefit to the FIA. It derives in excess of US$ 25 million each year from Formula One (not including fines, which are often substantial sums) which subsidises other aspects of the sport.

The FIA Foundation was founded with the substantialsum paid to the FIA by the CRH for the 100 Year Agreements.

We intend to continue our successful relationship with the FIA. We believe it benefits Formula One as a whole.

We have no reason to undermine the FIA or its President, on the contrary we believe a strong FIA led by a respected President is good for all key constituents of Formula One: the fans, the teams, the sponsors and suppliers, the promoters, the media companies and us, the CRH.

None of these issues have any bearing on the reasons the FIA Senate has called the forthcoming
Extraordinary General Assembly, which we regard to be an internal FIA matter.

You may be assured that whatever decision you should make on 3 June, we look forward to continuing our long-standingand constructive relationship with the FIA and its President in pursuit of a stable and successful Formula One.

Yours faithfully

Bernie Ecclestone
Chief Executive Officer
Delta Topco Limited and its subsidiaries
(including SLEC Holdings Limited, Formula One Administration Limited and Formula One
Management Limited)

Bernie Ecclestone letter - Feature - F1 | ITV Sport
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Sex Scandal, Vote on Mosley May Shift Formula 1 Power (Update1)

Sex Scandal, Vote on Mosley May Shift Formula 1 Power (Update1)

June 2 (Bloomberg) -- A sex scandal may end the partnership that transformed Formula One racing into a $1 billion business.

Max Mosley, 68, faces a vote tomorrow that will determine whether he remains president of the sport's governing body, Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, after a U.K. tabloid on March 30 alleged that he took part in a ``Nazi orgy'' with five women. Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone, chief executive officer of Formula One's commercial arm, have run the sport since 1991.

``They're very much joined at the hip, but Ecclestone is extremely sensitive about F-1's image,'' said Terry Lovell, who wrote ``Bernie's Game,'' a 2004 biography of Ecclestone.

Mosley's exit may give more control to carmakers who own Formula One's most powerful teams, Lovell said. Daimler AG's Mercedes Benz, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. have criticized Mosley for damaging the sport after London's News of the World published a story alleging that he engaged in sex acts with women in mock-prison camp uniforms.

In a letter to FIA members released April 2, Mosley said the report was a ``wholly unwarranted'' invasion of privacy. The newspaper claimed there was ``some sort of Nazi connotation to the matter,'' the letter said. ``This is entirely false.''

Mosley has sued the newspaper in France and the U.K.

The carmakers don't have a vote in the secret ballot that will poll about 200 FIA members who represent national motor sports authorities and motoring organizations. The vote will take place at FIA headquarters in Paris, with a decision expected by 1 p.m., according to the federation.

On May 28, a group of 20 automobile clubs urged Mosley to resign so there could be an orderly transition of power. Mosley, who says he's received letters of support from 62 members, rejected the demand.

`Not Relevant'

``My private life is not relevant to my work,'' Mosley said in the April 2 letter. He declined to comment for this article.

Mosley has offered to step down after completing his current term in October 2009. An Oxford University-educated lawyer who lives in Monaco, he is the son of Oswald Mosley, who founded the British Union of Fascists in 1932.

Ray Bellm, a former president of the British Racing Drivers' Club, which owns the British Grand Prix racetrack at Silverstone, England, says Mosley's position is untenable.

``His time is up,'' Bellm said. ``He can't speak with authority. He lost credibility.''

On May 16, Mosley went on the offensive, saying that removing him would weaken the FIA at a time when the companies Ecclestone oversees plan to take control of rulemaking and gain the right to sell the business without the federation's approval.

CVC Capital Partners Ltd., a London-based buyout firm, acquired the companies for an undisclosed sum in 2005 and 2006.

`Supreme Power'

Mosley's comments piqued Ecclestone, a one-time used car dealer who is married to a former model. In a letter to FIA members posted on the sport's Web site, Ecclestone said CVC didn't want to undermine the FIA.

It's the first time Mosley and Ecclestone, 77, have clashed in public, according to Lovell.

``They have enjoyed supreme power,'' Lovell said. ``Mosley has been the strategist, Ecclestone has been the enforcer. They have complemented each other.''

Ecclestone and Mosley's power within Formula One has earned the sport the sobriquet the ``Max and Bernie Show'' at racetrack paddocks around the world.

Mosley, then Ecclestone's legal adviser, brokered the 1981 agreement that gave Ecclestone control over Formula One's commercial rights. In 1991, Ecclestone backed Mosley's bid to become president of the sport's rulemaking body, Lovell said.

Sparring With Carmakers

The two men's control of the sport has sometimes fed tensions with the carmakers, who jousted with Ecclestone for most of the past decade. In 2006, five auto companies won a bigger share of Formula One revenue, ending a five-year threat to start their own series. Ferrari SpA reached its own agreement in 2005.

As carmaker-owned teams overpowered privately owned rivals to win the last 10 Formula One titles, Mosley implemented cost- cutting measures such as standardized parts to limit their advantage and prevent the series from becoming a spending race.

Ecclestone more than doubled the net income of Formula One Administration Ltd., the sport's main operating company, to $279.2 million in the four years through 2006 after adding races in China and Bahrain, according to accounts filed at Companies House in London.

The filings don't include other Formula One companies such as Allsport Management SA, a Geneva-based unit that charges as much as $4,520 a person for corporate hospitality at races.

Safety Drive

Mosley led the drive for improved safety measures, including mandatory head-and neck braces for drivers, after three-time champion Ayrton Senna was killed in 1994. He also pushed to make Formula One environmentally friendly. Next year, teams will have to cut fuel use with systems that recover energy from braking.

In 2007, Mosley oversaw hearings that imposed a $100 million fine on the McLaren team after its chief designer was found in possession of 780 pages of confidential Ferrari documents.

``The sport needs a strong, competitive guy who understands the business,'' Gerhard Berger, a former Ferrari race driver who co-owns the Toro Rosso team, said at a May 22 news conference in Monaco. ``We definitely have this with Max.'' Europe
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Mosley has won the support of the FIA membership and remains as the President of the FIA.

Not surprised by this result. Mosley is an astute politician and must have been confident that he would win otherwise he would not have called the EGM.

However, this is going to have obvious ramifications and the whole thing will rumble on for months.
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I just read that on, good for him!
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Mercedes and BMW in particular will not be happy with this and I suspect that pressure will come now on Bernie E to give the car manufacturers more influence in the sports governance, especially because of the huge investment they have in F1 both financially and in marketing image and perception.



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Luca di Montezemolo, the Head of Ferrari has called for Mosley to resign.

An outbreak of decency.....pressure from the Pope or just keen to get Jean Todt installed as the new FIA President?
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