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RE: Would anyone keep their old car in preference to a new one?

Hello All
I go through this all the time...I have a old w123 sedan that I love...I love its older/cleaner and more to the point interior, I love the square box exterior, ease of vision, the flavor of a world gone by with care and craft in the build quality (although Buffalo, NY winters took its toll on it before I owned it - but thats not its fault)I love its simple ease and its overall character and the fact that it drives amazing and smooth with over 300k on the chassis and body...Now that school is over my buddies are buying Corvette Z06, Used Viper, New Audis, and WRX...and I think of Used E55 or E-Class...But I always come back to old blue.
Case in point the other day my mom and I were at the air port and I Said "I really could see my self in that car..." she thought I was talking about a silver Honda Accord - But there was a silver E right next to it...I was like Oh Man,thats sad MB if the general public can not tell your car from a Honda.
ps I only dream of what it was like new...that must of been something in 1980.

Best retrofit to date...Code 248!
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RE: Would anyone keep their old car in preference to a new one?

I've learned to appreciate the broad spectrum of MB lovers. Some feel that the cars should be kept OEM absolutely. Some think it's an outrage to race them. So it goes... Nonetheless, I have my preferences, which are akin to yours in some respects. I find some of the newest features a little over the top and more than I care to pay for, or can afford frankly. I also like the lines of the 93' through 95 300 series more than the newer models. I'm a wagon person and much prefer the 93'-95 look of the TE to the new styles. I do like the 95-97 S body style, and that more than the newest line (although that one's maturing...)

I won't even go there on the hatchback and M-class. I just don't get it and that's MY problem I know...

The best part of all this is no one really cares what we think[:)]
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RE: Would anyone keep their old car in preference to a new one?

Personally, I have driven many a new BMW and Merc. Yes, all were great cars. But I am not very keen on gadgets. To me, not hearing the engine a bit at idle makes me sick. I love hearing that 24V I-6 hum at idle. It reminds me that it is still there. Granted there is price to pay, with mileage come were and tear, but the mechanical longevity of the W124 is execellent. When it comes time in about 6-10years for a new model car. I am going to try and hunt down a late 90s 740i Sport or 740iL with the Sport wheels. Granted it's a BMW, but I am not biased either way. I go with what I feel is the excellent model form the two German makers. Personally, my take on it is this, cars are losing their brute appeal for stylistic acheivements. To me, there are a few things I want at the touch of a few simple buttons. Acoustics, Climate, Cruise and seats. Other than that, you can keep the gadgets. A main reason I am not a fan of the i-Drive. Another thing, I like to have me needed gauges. Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Tachometer, and Speedometer. I also do not like havine a digital speedometer or tachometer. I like my needles, I like my painted on numbers. That's just my take. THe body and the engine needs to hace more character than technology, refinement, or enthusiam. As one of my old friends says, when something becomes so refined, so soft, luxurious and so stealthy, it simple becomes....boring.


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-Tinted windows: 22.7% on the back 5 and 33% on the front 2
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RE: Would anyone keep their old car in preference to a new one?

Yes!!! even tho i only have one car but i am plannin on keepin this benz forever and i'll def go for another benz later on in life [:)]
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Where's my auto-leveling?
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RE: Would anyone keep their old car in preference to a new one?

No question I would drive the new one, and I do.

I bought the 300 SDL when it was all that I could afford. Now that I have the ML, when I drive the 126 it seems so dated. I'm not saying that I don't like it anymore, it is a great car with classic lines but I just enjoy driving the ML.


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RE: Would anyone keep their old car in preference to a new one?

Having driven my grandparent's '03 S600 (just basically around the court once or twice, moving it so I can park my 560 when my grandmother is over, etc.), if it drives like it does @ 10-15mph all the time, It'd take some serious getting used to. I'd still take it over the 560 (I can't argue with it- 362hp vs. 238... there is no arguing with that logic), but the car is no fun to drive at all. The steering feels TOTALLY disconnected. It's like I'm turning a wheel that's not attached to anything. It's a little bit TOO quiet inside for my liking, but it's not as bad as a Lexus LS.

The car just isolates the driver from the car itself way too much. My mom's Yukon XL Denali is the same way, as is my grandfather's range rover (which is the only one of the 3 that I've driven any distance; I've driven it from San Jose to Carmel and back, as well as on surface streets and stuff. One word: EEEEEEEEEWWWWWW. I don't know why people like SUVs. The thing is AWFUL.

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RE: Would anyone keep their old car in preference to a new one?

I would most definitey accept a new car over my 92', because in my opinion the newer cars are more enjoyable to drive, and the new accesories and better performance caps this off. Not to mention the shapes of the new cars that MB has on offer aregreat looking especially when tinkered with a little. I do love the classic mercs though, don't get me wrong but it's pretty easy to tell you right now that theses new age "gizmos" are not going to go away and if MB ever wanted to KISS the company would have failed before anyone even knew about it. But i also think it's what cars you have grown up and become attached to over the years, whatever it is just keep/get the car that you want. Happy New Year [:)]
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No competition for me.

For me this is no competition. When I drive my 1978 280 SLC, I love it how there are very few around like it. When you do see another R107 SLC (or SL)on the road, there is without doubt a friendly wave and smile from the other driver. I don't see this sort of brotherhood with many new cars, especially MBs. It is like the people who can afford to buy new ones are either too busy or too arrogant to see anything outside their double glazed, air conditioned, climate controlled, elctric fan cooled seated, and power-assisted everything isolation chamber. Give me a revvy Inline-6 you can feel, with manual wind down windows (remember them?..) any day. New cars have become an insult to anyone who wants to challenge themselves behind the wheel. Keep your traction control and keep your ABS, I want to drift my 2 ton Panzerwagen 'round the corners with a huge smile on my face and challenge my skills to stop the beast without the help of a supercomputer worth of electronics. Not very responsible, I know - but a hell of a lot of fun!
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RE: Would anyone keep their old car in preference to a new one?

Hi all.

Here is my take on this.

Eventhough a brand new car will run
smoother,softer and has more do-da gadgets,
The older(pre w124)are better build and
have appeal.

All these little gadgets tend to break
at the least convenient and worst moment,
and in most instances will leave you
stranded on the side of the road.

Not to mention that you have to take the
car to the dealer(stealer)to have it fixed,
because all this technology can only be
fixed by technicians with "special tools"
and hopefully you have good healt insurance
because you'll have a heart attack when
you get the bill.

For some this is not a problem,for
others it is.
Not everyone can just wip-out their CC
and just charge $2K-$3K for repairs or
$500 for regular maintenance.

The older ones on the other hand you
could fix with some steel wire or some
other junk you had in the trunk and would
get you home.

Most of these gadgets are conveniences
that make our lives easier.
But make us lazy,ignorent and complacent,
and take the common sence out of driving.

(I'm on the road all day and I see some
very stupid and ignorant people that not
only endanger themselves but others too.
And when reminded of their stupidity or
after having a close call,they,have the
audacity to yell,scream and blame the
person that they almost killed).

Give me the simplicity of the older cars
but i would upgrade the ride feel to be
tighter,the brakes to be better and since
I like diesel the gasmileage is already
great so that doesn't need improvement.
And the money I save,I can spend on parts
and rust repair that I'll do myself.

But since this is a free country,
everyone is free to do or buy what they
want,desire or can afford.

Just my oppinion.

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RE: Would anyone keep their old car in preference to a new one?

I tell people all the time, the newest I'll buy at this point is a 91 (partial to 126's..). I ran a small MB shop for a while and working on the old cars was a pleasure and you could see where the engineers had thought their design out to make maintaining these cars a Real possibility.
Having worked on the newer C, E and S classes I did not find that to be the case. Never mind that So many of these newer cars have major issues.. I made a Fortune replacing wiring harnesses on early to late 90's MB's..!
I will also agree, these new cars although they are a pleasure to drive do not stir me the same way my older cars do. No soul in these newer models..:-/

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