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RE: The "....hi I'm a newbie, I just turned 16 and I drive an SLR McLaren benz" tread

zeaq - 1/25/2005 4:59 AM

Very well said.They just don't know the value of money.All they do is drive without knowing their parents suffer to pay the expenses.
I don't agree. Sure, there are tons of kids out there that don't take care of their cars - ones that their parents bought for them and ones that they payed for by themselves. Thing, is, when I was in high school, I drove a car that my parents payed for, they payed for insurance and gas, etc. But I must say that I had great appreciation for that car, took care of it, did regular maintenance stuff by myself...I mean I basically kept it in perfect condition.

I payed for mods by myself, and had to buy a new rim once. But just don't generalize people too'll probably be wrong some of the time.



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RE: The "....hi I'm a newbie, I just turned 16 and I drive an SLR McLaren benz" tread

I am 18 years old and my parents bought me a 2005 CL55 AMG for highschool graduation. It's funny how i didnt want that car in the first place. I only wanted a small car something like an IS 300 but they wouldn't even consider it. I think I desevered the car they got me because I worked my ass off in school and I still am. Being a full time college student in the Pre-Med program. Its not something to brag about but you can't help feeling pride when your this young and driving a benz. I might not be middle-aged, working for my money, but I do know a little something about hard work.
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RE: The "....hi I'm a newbie, I just turned 16 and I drive an SLR McLaren benz" tread

Personally I think a lot of kids get a hard time because they're young. My only problem (and one that drives my wife CRAZY!!) is that they can't seem to spell or put a proper sentence together. A lot of it seems to be the way they're encouraged by TV and Movies, but to read what they post on various forums can be just plain PAINFUL to read. LOL.

Then again, there's a lot of "adults" that aren't much better.

Yeah OK, a lot of parents buy their kids fast cars without thinking but that isn't the kid's fault. When my daughter's are old enough to drive I always say they have to BUILD their cars!!LOL. Seriously though, if I COULD afford to buy them cars, I think it would depend on the kid.

Me? Still lookin for a MB. As for kids posting that they own one and it's their parent's car? It dosen't "bug" me. I just find it entertaining. After all, it IS the internet and a lot of so-called "knowledgable" adults can give some pretty dumb advice too.

Luckily most of us can filter it out. And the other side of that is that MOST people try to help. I been lurking around this forum for awhile and one thing I like about it is that there are a lot of genuinely helpful and enthusiastic members. Both young AND old.



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RE: The "....hi I'm a newbie, I just turned 16 and I drive an SLR McLaren benz" tread

The other day I was walking to class here at Ohio State University, and a kid tore down the street in a S55 AMG. He had three passengers in the car, and each of them were hanging out a separate window. They were yelling at pedistrians, being very retarded and probably drunk. When I saw this, I thought to myself, "Now how are they more deserving of that car than I am?" I love cars, and especially mercedes. All my friends consider me to be freakishly attached to the three-pointed star. If I had that car, I would be treating it with so much more respect. As much as I hope this to be a one-time occurance, I know that is not true. I continuously see drivers of all ages in a mercedes that should not be driving it. You know the type: People that have bumber stickers all over the trunk of their S-class, people driving a Mercedes so dirty that it looks like it's never been washed.

I spend a lot of time at the local Mercedes dealership, just drooling over the cars. On numerous occasions, I have whitnessed people come in saying they want "a two-door mercedes" or "the one that looks real boxy." They are completely clueless,and will never understand the true meaning behind owning a Mercedes. This upsets me more than anything else. I don't think young people getting a Mercedes for their birthday or graduation is a problem (at least not to any of the young people on these forums) The problem is just disregard and cluelessness in general. Appreciation seems to deterriorate as wealth increases. You could probably make a graph. But of course this is not true in all cases.

As for me, I bought my current '85 500SEL with my own money. I pay for the gas and the insurance. My parents could have easily chipped in and sprung for a nice car, but they felt that I should work and spend my own money. And honestly, I respect their opinion. I love my car, and I do care for it, even though it's paint may try to disprove that fact.
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RE: The "....hi I'm a newbie, I just turned 16 and I drive an SLR McLaren benz" tread

Yes, I know, it's a good feeling, but it's also not clear cut. For instance, you can't automatically tell how people might treat you without the car - and take my word for it, there WILL be those who will automatically say "that b*stard..." before they think anything else. Then there's the pinnacle of achievement thing; plenty of people go through life without ever affording something like that, and indeed plenty of pre-meds won't get there before they're 50. There is definitely something unfulfilling about jumping straight to the top of the queue.

It's a very personal thing - from where I sit, having worked around people from all levels of society, I think your parents have actually done you a dis-service. I know WHY they did it, and I'm sure they (and you) don't see it that way - I interpret their decision as a way of announcing THEIR success via YOU, not as a way of marking your success: and I'm a charitable and open-minded guy. Others will be a good deal less charitable, and while you are perfectly free to say "what do I care what they think", my experience has been that those who go all the way through this thought process and out the other side, tend to come down on the side of "stealth wealth".

(if you're really interested in the strange logic of social coherence and affluence, and you want a read guaranteed to bend the brain of even a hard-working pre-med, then get "The Red Queen" by Matt Ridley. He takes an evolutionary biologist's view of the children of rich parents, and his conclusion still hurts my brain to think about)

I should add: at 17, I was bought... an austin mini. It was cheaper for getting to school than a train ticket, so that's what I used. In retrospect, I should have caught the train - more kids did that and I would have been in closer social contact with them than I was while stuck sitting in traffic. The mini wasn't new but it was fun and it needed fixing now and again; while I regretted the lack of socialisation, I am grateful for the mechanical lessons it taught me. Now, at 42, I have an AMG - but I also buy older beaters, both to visit clients with so their backs aren't put out by a big expensive car, and to have cars to "play" with and fix myself. The rewards from the nice car and the rewards from the beaters are two entirely different things.

I don't mean to draw attention to bad choices by way of these commnts or "point the finger" by the way: it's just that my experience has shown me that the "nice new car on graduation" crowd can often be isolated from the feedback they should get as a result of that decision.

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RE: The "....hi I'm a newbie, I just turned 16 and I drive an SLR McLaren benz" tread

Well said [:)]
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RE: The "....hi I'm a newbie, I just turned 16 and I drive an SLR McLaren benz" tread

OMG. after like a week of gettin my S-class i decided i didn't want to do anything to it. Now my dad wants to get me blue lights for the low beam lights and i keep telling him i don't want it but he thinks I'm being modest or something. I've learned to appreciate my Benz very much. I've spent a good few hours looking for car washes that are cheap and do a good job. I like to wash it at least once a week, and NO bumper stickers.
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RE: The "....hi I'm a newbie, I just turned 16 and I drive an SLR McLaren benz" tread


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RE: The "....hi I'm a newbie, I just turned 16 and I drive an SLR McLaren benz" tread

Yeah, but all of this also depends a lot on the person. Some are very quiet about their 'achievements', and others will speak out clear and loud if they 'get it big'.

When I got my SLK 55 AMG (paid for with my own hard earned money, as I did for my previous SLK 230K Brabus) a few months ago, I was pretty chuffed. I felt proud to finally own an 'AMG'.

Of course I ended up posting a thread about it on a few forums I frequent, but I don't see myself as having bragged about it that much. Some people took it the wrong way of course and though I was flashing my money before their eyes (what money? I just spent so much on the SLK I no longer have any left [;)]). But I digress...

The next day I didn't even mention it anymore, just left it at that. Doesn't mean I forgot that I had the car, but felt that I should probably not talk about it anymore because of all the comments everyone else would say.

In real love, most of my friends don't even know I have the car. I think they'd be quite surprised, but I guess I just talk about it even less with these people then I do to those I've met on a forum.

Anyway, I'm 27, so not too old (and not too young either, having owned my first Merc at the age of 24), but I too started off with something mediocre. My parents gave me a beat up Mazda which I didn't wash very often at all.

And I can see that when the car is not really yours, you just don't pay as much attention to it. With the cars I've bought, I've been so much more careful, washing them frequently, polishing the body and rims, and even modding my older SLK (the AMG will stay as stock as possible, thanks [;)]).

Boys will be boys (as will girls), so if they feel the need to push their belongings and status in your face, just look the other way. They'll eventually get bored of doing it (and then they grow up). Most of the rich kids will most likely succumb to drugs and alcohol anyway, meaning that their life is pretty much screwed, whilst the rest of us will continue on with life, able to savour all the happy little moments (and boy wouldn't you want to know how many of my richer friends have gone downhill simply because everything was given to them on a silver plate... a shame really).

New car: 2004 SLK 55 AMG, Iridium silver.
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RE: The "....hi I'm a newbie, I just turned 16 and I drive an SLR McLaren benz" tread

I've seen lots of posters calling others "Japs" because they drive Honda or Toyota. I have a friend who's worth $4 Million and drives a 1984 toyota.

Driving a cheap car doesn't mean they don't have money. I just feel sad for those posters who manage to loan $20 - $30 thousand for an entry (maybe used) MB then turn around and talk trash. They act like they are Kings.[:0][:(!][:(]
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