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  13. Jarrett Maupin: "I didn't understand how important compliance was."
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  28. Whoo-Hoo! Our new house is nearly ready.
  29. Elaborate Sting Saves Hundreds of Children
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  32. Starbucks Coffee
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  37. Time to Change my E-Mail Address
  38. No longer ketchup
  39. 920 lbs. of Alligator
  40. To all those I have offended over the years
  41. Imagine if the video got stuck in a loop!
  42. Can Yoga be a threat to established religion?
  43. Hawker Hunter crash
  44. ... How's that, again?
  45. Luckily, there were some Americans on board...
  46. Josef Goebbels reborn
  47. Cafeteria fun talk - How to protect our precious from 'evil'
  48. The Markets!
  49. On brink of war
  50. Pacific Partnership ok trans
  51. Subtlety in the press....
  52. 2 female Soldiers will graduate from Army Ranger School (lots of hate out there)
  53. Hello everyone!
  54. The Griswalds do Italy
  55. Horror Movie Trending
  56. FDA approves 'female Viagra' with strong warning
  57. Women... pfsst!
  58. Becoming South Africa
  59. Teflon
  60. Freedom from taxes
  61. Asking For Trouble Yet Again Is Zimmerman
  62. 73,000 FPS vs. 1,200 FPS
  63. Sad news for Morgan Freeman
  64. The Queen
  65. A good man
  66. Dinghy Car
  67. Wallpaper
  68. Now this is going to sting a little
  69. This made I larf out loud
  70. #CanineLivesMatter...
  71. b-day
  72. Castro to U.S. "You Owe Us Millions."
  73. Another republican sex scandal...
  74. Whoops
  75. Tianjin China
  76. Horses, I Heard of. Sheep and goats are the butt (ahem) of many a joke, but...
  77. anyone else feel this way ?
  78. Toru Iwatani shows his original drafts for Pac-Man
  79. The greatest geek
  80. Ali
  81. He treated everyone the same, be they a Prince, a Pope, or a Pauper
  82. The ten-dollar Founding Father without a father. (Probably NSFZ)
  83. Endowed
  84. Happy Birthday to me
  85. I have no tolerance for those who hurt kids and animals...
  86. From honor student to ISIS hopeful...
  87. Feminism gone too far?
  88. Amnesty International approves policy to decriminalize sex trade
  89. Crazy little nut goes a half-hour crazier...
  90. Obama Calls for Boost in Power of Supercomputers
  91. The 390-Year-Old Tree That Survived the Bombing of Hiroshima
  92. edx.org
  93. Woman slips on oil spot in parking space, sues man she thinks is leaky car's owner
  94. Poll: What's the juiciest kind of carrot?
  95. With a good lawyer, he'll walk...
  96. Advice Needed on Fitting CPUs to Motherboards
  97. Blue lives matter.
  98. Widespread Child Sex Abuse Case Rocks Pakistan
  99. Black lies matter.
  100. Holy Iceballs Batman
  101. Tornados
  102. Australians Pleaser Take Note
  103. Mullah Omar Biographer 'The World's Most Mysterious Political Leader'
  104. Testing the Limits How Many Refugees Can Germany Handle?
  105. Bureaucratic Protection
  106. The nazi's most daring commando Otto Skorzeny
  107. Britain’s SOE and Mussolini
  108. Sass Squash, Bitch
  109. Fox News Republican Presidential Primary Debate
  110. Dumb, the Bounty Hunter
  111. There are some weird people...
  112. There are good people
  113. Ah must git me tay Waco, fer the Whiskey!
  114. A Likely Story - Or Just a Cheap Date?
  115. Hiroshima 70th Anniversary
  116. Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Defense Claimed in Shooting
  117. Hey Footloose
  119. I don't know how much more full of (ahem) she could be...
  120. Things people try to get away with
  121. Don't All Bid at Once
  122. Police in Kentucky Sued For Handcuffing Children
  123. Walter Took Jade Helm 15 Litterally...as did his friends ;)
  124. Canada Elections
  125. Cranes fall on homes in Netherlands
  126. So I burned my arse off this morning...
  127. I'm shocked, I tell you, just shocked!
  128. Finally, justice for Zimmerman!
  129. Hey Eric
  130. You think they'd check first....
  131. The family that Psychos together doesn't stay together
  132. Ur a towel, no ur a towel
  133. 80 years of SS
  134. Blackadder explains the Euro currency
  135. Humanity
  136. How hot is it?
  137. Windows 10
  138. Surfer Mick Fanning Gets a Tickle From a Shark
  139. Seriously?
  140. Why Kansas City Missouri was critical to Formula 1
  141. Suspected Jewish extremists burn Palestinian child to death
  142. You can see why he didn't do this indoors...
  143. The blood donation diet
  144. North Korea: Life in the camps
  145. unity and national heritage (New Zealand style)
  146. First pigs, now plants...
  147. The Irony Thread
  148. The Politics of Medicare
  149. Things That Irritate
  150. RIP Samuel Dubose
  151. "He can't wait for the day he holds his little sister with his new hands. "
  152. I am going hunting
  153. Good info about poison ivy rash
  154. Absolutlyfornicatinglyperfectbliss
  155. Whoops
  156. Peanut Gallery
  157. Police: Road rage leads man to kill other man in front of family
  158. Americans please
  159. I lIke Reading Obituaries
  160. Autonomous Arnie Weapons Arms Race.
  161. Sad, awful tragedy in Santa Cruz...
  162. Pig Gallery
  163. Bilking the public
  164. Play the song "Dude looks like a lady"
  165. Dutch Airline KLM to Re-Examine its Mary-Joanna Policies for Pilots
  166. Pee on these S.F. walls? Be prepared for them to pee back
  167. The House of Lords
  168. 9/11 Pictures
  169. Positive thread
  170. "You can't stay here, blind people will depress other people."
  171. Live singers that sound as good as recorded
  172. Wisconsin Supreme Court ends John Doe probe
  173. Classified Emails Sent Through Clinton's Private Network
  174. Is the Ugly German Back? Flames of Hate Haunt a Nation
  175. BMW 2002 for autocross
  176. Birthers' suspicions confirmed...
  177. Song Ban Boom
  178. You steal my parking place, I go in your car
  179. Kurdistan, one day!
  180. Car Hacking
  181. Kids in restaurants...
  182. Too much Chipotle...
  183. RIP Sandra Bland
  184. Gun-Firing Drone
  185. Old Codgers Take Note
  186. Will Australia become the next Greece?
  187. How to make your daughter's wedding memorable... but horrible
  188. Where I was
  189. Lord, doing his part to skew the odds...
  190. SETI comes of age
  191. Ah near died laughing
  192. Adam corrola is funny
  193. The Official Thread
  194. My Misspent Youth
  195. My 1.6TDI Skoda is quicker and faster than a Porsche
  196. Sushi??? I'll Give You Effin' Sushi!!!
  197. This is real(ly scary)
  198. Does the average anti-ACA person really understand why they are against it?
  199. Another Russian billionaire's yacht
  200. Heartland
  201. NFL Ref.....whoa!
  202. Newsflash: It actually rained in Los Angeles
  203. Why you should be an e-resident of Estonia
  205. 25 Years Mercedes 190E EVO II pic of the week
  206. To Busk or Not To Busk .. Woof
  207. Tesla unveils Ludicrous Mode: 0-60 in 2.8 seconds!
  208. Too much sugar in kids' diets
  209. COPS
  210. Four Marines Killed in Tennessee Shooting.
  211. There's a Caption Here Somewhere...
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  213. BREAKING: Hi Res Photo photo
  214. Ben Affleck drives his Challenger Hellcat
  215. 50 cent
  216. Premium cancellation
  217. Only a Benz owner would.....
  218. The Axe Thread
  219. Perhaps a bit too offensive?
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  228. World's First AMG GT-S 10sec 1/4 Mile Pass | RENNtech
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  231. May be time for a new career...
  232. How Iceland Emerged From Its Deep Freeze
  233. TL;DR
  234. Always enjoyable...Riccardo Patrese
  235. Who's handling this woman's PR anyway??
  236. affluenza is a American Epidemic ?
  237. Subway Sandwich
  238. OH Bill
  240. O Canada!
  241. Sanctuary City
  242. July 4th - Didn't Know it was "Darwin Day"
  243. Russian Bombers and the USA
  244. A BEIGE Maserati
  245. isnt this illegal ?
  246. Blind in one ear
  247. Cool iPhone Case ..
  248. I did this today
  249. Graffiti
  250. Love and marriage.