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  7. "He can't wait for the day he holds his little sister with his new hands. "
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  20. Play the song "Dude looks like a lady"
  21. Dutch Airline KLM to Re-Examine its Mary-Joanna Policies for Pilots
  22. Pee on these S.F. walls? Be prepared for them to pee back
  23. The House of Lords
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  25. Positive thread
  26. "You can't stay here, blind people will depress other people."
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  34. You steal my parking place, I go in your car
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  44. Where I was
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  47. Ah near died laughing
  48. Adam corrola is funny
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  50. My Misspent Youth
  51. My 1.6TDI Skoda is quicker and faster than a Porsche
  52. Sushi??? I'll Give You Effin' Sushi!!!
  53. This is real(ly scary)
  54. Does the average anti-ACA person really understand why they are against it?
  55. Another Russian billionaire's yacht
  56. Heartland
  57. NFL Ref.....whoa!
  58. Newsflash: It actually rained in Los Angeles
  59. Why you should be an e-resident of Estonia
  61. 25 Years Mercedes 190E EVO II pic of the week
  62. To Busk or Not To Busk .. Woof
  63. Tesla unveils Ludicrous Mode: 0-60 in 2.8 seconds!
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  65. COPS
  66. Four Marines Killed in Tennessee Shooting.
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  69. BREAKING: Hi Res Photo photo
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  94. OH Bill
  96. O Canada!
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  100. A BEIGE Maserati
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  106. Love and marriage.
  107. 4th Of July...Pay Homage To Patriotic Founding Fathers
  108. Liberal's Paradise
  109. Black churches are being burned
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  111. A brand new post
  112. Audio NSFW, video may not be safe for your eyes
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  114. I was about to kick her in her [expletive] nub.
  115. Why are the Dutch so tall?
  116. Is there a chance for justice, finally?
  117. I am thinking hot n' sweaty
  118. Hello everyone!
  119. Young boy starts up Mayo helicopter at Mankato air show; 2 people hurt
  120. Superstition
  121. Motorcycle Track Day at Sepang, Malaysia
  122. Wait...
  123. Bad news continue
  124. Audio is definitely NSFW...
  125. WTF
  126. The Troll Sticky
  127. Justice Breyer Calls For the Abolition of the Death Penalty
  128. "We appear to have had a launch vehicle failure."
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  135. picking a car for Lyft/Uber for $5-6000
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  138. Afghan Legacy Dissolves in Chaos
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  143. Terror Attacks on 3 Continents. 37 Dead in Tunisia
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  168. Maryland Governor
  169. New Opera Celebrates BFFs Ginsburg and Scalia
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  172. Soup
  173. Movie trailers
  174. Saw the New McLaren 570S Up Close and Personal Saturday Night
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  176. Apparently, "austerity" sometimes doesn't include weaponry
  177. Happy father's day
  178. Adios Villagers..
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  182. Eric, how come you don't keep us apprised
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  185. Classic?
  186. Earth 'entering new extinction phase' - US study
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  196. My Lazy Gun
  197. How far into the video before you know the car?
  198. Nine people have died in a shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C.
  199. Are we pedaling backwards in technology?
  200. Have you ever considered moving to Canada? Where ever you may be?
  201. Which Movie did you like better-Senna or Rush ?
  202. Gluten Free
  203. Can Reading Make You Happier?
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  206. Quick..Suggestion on newest funny Movie.
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  208. Donald!
  209. Cut taxes they said, it will raise revenues they said
  210. Pagani - best current designer?
  211. Any Manspreaders Here?
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  214. Abso-frickin-lutely
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  216. How good is your aim?
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  218. 190E!!!
  219. Your one favorite Song from the Eighties!
  220. F1 Driver Nico Hulkenberg with Bamber and Tandy wins Le Mans 24 hrs for Porsche
  221. New Russian Armored Vehicles Punisher
  222. Green T. I offer you a Truce..Peace ok. Let's forget and start over.
  223. Not one of those threads
  224. This place is so much more fun when the Wolf howls.
  225. I shot the sheriff
  226. Trader Joe's cousin Aldi bringing its low-cost grocery chain to O.C. and the region
  228. Smoked a Cadillac Last Night
  229. Ping Administrators - You've Got a TROJAN
  230. Shelby CV525: Is It a Racist Phrase?
  231. Ferrari V12 at Spa
  232. The Battle for Yemen
  233. Dallas does something right
  234. I GOT MY MIRACLE....
  235. Notice any changes in your weather so far.
  236. Los Angeles does something right
  237. As currency dies, Zimbabweans will get $5 for 175 quadrillion local dollars !
  238. Paris Dreams...well, Dreamliner. ;)
  239. Boko Haram: when is enough, enough?
  240. Well, then, exactly what is a "good person?"
  241. Curiosity Gallery
  242. Best Newspaper Headlines Ever
  243. Cartier boss says rising inequality will spark class war
  244. Hello, I'm Johnny Cash.
  245. In the morning I hear Songbirds. In the evening I hear dinosaurs with wings..awful !
  246. Anyone getting ready for Halloween?
  247. Shocking news
  248. Murdered waiting for gun permit
  249. The Martian
  250. How do you transfer pics. from iphone to computer?