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  1. To be Walmart
  2. Tourist from Leeds raped after urinating at Oktoberfest Munich
  3. Find your Happy State
  4. Another old Russian folk song
  5. What are Fractals?
  6. How long before the killing starts?
  7. Hot babe Ginsburg
  8. Why everybody is moving to Texas
  10. C'mon, be a man
  11. Kinda surprise about this N. Korea news
  12. Beyond the law: Are encrypted smartphones too private for the FBI?
  13. Party lines making a comeback?
  14. You got a permit for that Canon, pal?
  15. My Kinda
  16. Is this gun
  17. China to send 700 troops to South Sudan to assist U.N. mission
  18. GMO Wheat Investigation Closed, But Another One Opens
  20. Ancient death machines
  21. Shellshock Bug
  22. Hey, anyone got the new iPhone 6 ?
  23. Great movie for Christian to watch, on Netflex
  24. More anti-Muslim acts!
  25. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un 'has illness'
  26. GM bad boys
  27. New budget airline
  28. Automobile Entitlement
  29. US identifies masked militant in beheading videos
  30. My Father Was A Gambler...
  31. How one book ignited a culture war
  32. Crime Falls As U.S. Locks Up Fewer People, Attorney General Holder Says
  33. How Germans or Foreigners see Germans talking to each other
  34. I picked up a pair of hitchhikers today
  35. Why Does The U.S. Like Iraq's Kurds But Not Syria's?
  36. Santa Pod crash drag racer 'lucky to have two legs'
  37. Denver Students Protest Attempted History Whitewash
  38. T-34
  39. U.S. launches airstrikes against ISIS inside Syria
  40. Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users
  41. When A Car-Goat Looks Up in a Pack...
  42. There must be an easier way
  43. Sheesh. You can't even take firearms and pot in checked luggage!
  44. Modifying Resistor Plug to Non Resistor Plug - DIY
  45. Rockefellers to switch investments to 'clean energy'
  46. Afghan soldiers go missing on trip to Cape Cod Mall
  47. Take this job and shove it.....
  48. Massive protest against
  49. My office last night....again. :)
  50. rest in peace, eric the actor
  51. Yemen: Deal to end political crisis signed
  52. Killing Comes Naturally To Chimps
  53. When The U.S. Backs Rebels
  54. We need zee tourism...but HATE zee tourists!
  55. Alibaba's success
  56. Losing my virginity
  57. Medical theft
  58. What does this mean?
  59. Iran: Happy video dancers sentenced to 91 lashes and jail
  60. Bone yards
  61. Anyone using this product or...
  62. Breaching the White House gallery (aka The line for the tour was just too long)
  63. Pushy TSA Agents
  64. Apple says iOS 8 will shield your data from police
  65. Slippery banana study wins Ig Nobel
  66. Haunting images of battleship Bismarck
  67. Where's Goodell when you REALLY need him??
  68. Quitters gallery
  69. There is no shortage of crazy (add-on thread?)
  70. PPD
  71. Chile: Workers must observe 'mandatory' national holiday
  72. CIA Technology, thank you!
  73. Infant mortality numbers
  74. NFL Eligibility Poll
  75. How's These Apples?
  76. Stick and Ball Athlete Misbehavior Gallery
  77. Islamic State Germany Struggles to Deal with Returning Fighters
  78. Adrian Peterson Put Into Imaginary Penalty Box for Child Abuse
  79. Bulletproof vest
  80. The Zombie Apocalypse is here!!! Be very afraid....
  81. This made me laugh...
  82. Iraq Part Deux
  83. Move Over, NRA. Meet the Knife Lobby.
  84. NASA to announce private space shuttle deal
  85. Why haven't the oil/gas prices gone through the roof?
  86. Poverty political complex, effects.
  87. Decapitation Gallery
  88. What if Pat Boone is right?
  89. Really?!!?
  90. There is no shortage of stupid
  91. Family sue sperm clinic
  92. Is it true that Comcast considers using the TOR browser a bad thing?
  93. Repairing a Benz with a Claw hammer?
  94. How long will it be, after the Scots become independent:
  95. Israeli intelligence veterans refuse to spy on Palestinians
  96. The US arms ISIS
  97. GE quits electrical appliance business
  98. Drums of war
  99. Summer Driving Songs 2014
  100. Jerry Seinfeld - Porsche 918 Spyder
  101. Why The U.S. Chills Its Eggs And Most Of The World Doesn't
  102. Another motorcyclist nearly killed...
  103. Punished for coming to Jesus
  104. 'Snow! Snow! Get Moving!' The Lethal Lure of Mont Blanc
  105. An Inside Look at EU's Shameful Immigration Policy By Maximilian Popp
  106. Ooooh Gossip
  107. hiway sign
  108. Solar storms a'comin'
  109. The Horror: Using Israel as a calling for arms isn't working anymore
  110. History Repeats
  111. The Alibaba Effect: How China's eBay Transformed Village Economics
  112. John Sidney McCain, murderer.
  113. African Companies Dealing with Ebola are Hoping The World Isn't Libertarian
  114. Is Sears doomed?
  115. V-Day for Oscar.
  116. Where were you?
  117. Indian & Pakistani
  118. The DNC War on the Rich
  119. mike tyson and a can of whoop ass
  120. College Soccer Girls Gone Wild
  121. Utah's Dual Immersion Language Program
  122. Arrivaderci, you prick
  123. 0bama War President
  124. The next one?
  125. For the first time, there are more single people than married in the US
  126. Arnold Schwarzenegger driving his Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse
  127. A new great depression around the corner
  128. Ray Rice Cut From Ravens, Suspended Indefinitely by NFL
  129. The Three-Fifths origin
  131. Cabaret
  132. F**konomics
  133. Rantish
  134. Oktoberfest Hit 2014
  135. Name your commemorative 9/11 event for 2014
  136. US war on drugs
  137. The Blue Marlin
  138. Qatar arrests U.K human rights researchers
  139. Weight gain
  140. 5 years clean and sober!
  141. R. Williams $30 million estate
  142. A case for occupying Afghanistan
  143. Episodes
  144. Greed
  145. Repatriation
  146. Does anyone really care what Wal-Mart employees wear?
  147. Life without parole for 7 lbs of pot
  148. I hope this movement grows
  149. BBC RADIO
  150. A new day and
  151. There's comedy in tragedy....I guess.
  152. Why Neutering Matters
  153. Why nukes matter
  154. 'gates of hell'
  155. 4 Days Left!
  156. Home Audio - Room Correction
  157. Mongoose vs lions
  158. Suicide
  159. The "miracle" no one is talking about
  160. Newbie questions
  161. Why nudes matter
  162. Texting and driving
  163. Monkey leaders and followers have 'specialised brains'
  164. no way Jose
  165. More Winning of Hearts and Minds
  166. Phil Bachman - Amazing Ferrari Collection
  167. a car that runs on dihydrogen monoxide
  168. It's Not Rape If You Don't Remember It
  169. U.S. forces carry out operation in Somalia
  170. Has no one heard of reverse video?
  171. A Two-Faced Friendship Turkey Is 'Partner and Target' for the NSA
  172. Islamist Influx Several Radicalized Ex-German Soldiers in Iraq
  173. Swatted
  174. perv creep repellant
  175. Way To Foment The Peace, Benjy...
  176. Kamikaze attacks
  177. Cadillac ELR
  178. The Illusion of Choice
  179. George Galloway Assualted
  180. Is President Barak Hussein Obama a Muslim?
  181. Need to quench that thirst??
  182. Poverty captalism in the US
  183. Drop The "Post Quotes" Notifications!
  184. How can I clean the engine bay?
  185. Objectification
  186. The official LWNJ sticky™
  187. Man with 100 lb. scrotum
  188. I missed this recent Obama scandal.....
  189. Jewish settlers leaving country.
  190. does this seem right?
  191. Berlin in 1935
  192. Kalifornia 'rats Subsidize Filthy Rich Movie Producers
  193. 0bama's Billionaire Buddy Buffett Does a Tax Evasion Deal
  194. Conservative poll
  195. Is this really news? It's Georgia, after all...
  196. The Auschwitz Files Why the Last SS Guards Will Go Unpunished
  197. Prusa i3 at higher speed
  198. Colombian justice system
  199. Fundraising for health vs Cause of death
  200. Factory and Lab Israel's War Business
  201. 'Yes' or 'No'? A Divided Scotland Confronts Independence Vote
  202. Former Iowa Republican official admits to taking payment for support of Ron Paul
  203. 'Cops' Crew Member Killed by Officers While Show Films Armed Robbery
  204. Divorce!
  205. Who's gonna miss Sons of Guns?
  206. In soviet russia....
  207. You have been quoted at Mercedes-Benz Forum
  208. An armed public is a free public, empowered.
  209. Amazon buys video-game streaming site Twitch
  210. Nine y/o girl learns important firearm lesson
  211. US schools to have non-white majority
  212. We're Back!
  213. AP Exclusive: Expert calls for Diablo Canyon nuke plant closure
  214. 'Only sparklers!'
  215. USS Saratoga to be scrapped
  216. Good deal or pass it?
  217. Lying to employees is apparently
  218. Napa, CA 6.1 Quake.....
  219. My office last night....
  220. Liberal Bullies
  221. Grifters
  222. Things white people shouldn't do.
  223. Trains!
  224. Poking the bear...
  225. The Normal Heart
  226. Anyone see Jimmy Fallon last night?
  227. How Do You Not Love Jenna Coleman?
  228. "Very sincerely sorry" doesn't cut it when the last thing you cut...
  229. Fear This: ISIS Knocking
  230. Ireland’s “Armagayddon”
  231. You
  232. Bizarre experiments
  233. What makes BWOT
  234. Man fakes death to avoid marriage...
  235. Worst person in the world
  236. "Court-ordered treatment is not our last resort. Homicide or suicide is."
  237. 15 year old boys birthday gift is a new Pagani Huayra
  238. Valley of Dolls
  239. US working to verify video purportedly showing beheading of American journalist
  240. Only in Russia
  241. My Saturday project
  242. Lessons From The Last Time Civilization Collapsed
  243. Mars
  244. Luxury Car Sales Spike
  245. Just say no
  246. So I'm thinking...
  247. Pope lifts ban on "left wing" bishop
  248. This gotta stop
  249. Volvo, Yes VOLVO A/C
  250. New Ad Campaign Targets Medical Marijuana As A Date Rape Drug