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  2. Long read, but worth it...
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  4. The true cost of gun violence
  5. Israel isn't Israel?
  6. Soccer is satanic!
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  15. One Time Desperado
  16. Coast Guard cutter arrives in US with 14 tons of cocaine
  17. Fight for $15...really?
  18. 'Charlie Hebdo' Editor Targets 'Islamophobia'
  19. Switch to South Devons
  20. Political Correctness
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  23. Heatwave!
  24. Hernandez guilty...
  25. Islamic Extremists Have Seized Control Of U.S. Cities
  26. I said bumper cars FFS
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  28. Cuba Libre
  29. A Worthwhile Perspective...
  30. breathtaking, enthralling, fascinating, gobsmaking
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  32. Is Eric moonlighting for Alaska Airlines?
  33. Top Gun
  34. Blackwater security guards to go to jail
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  38. The Head Transplant Thread ..
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  41. Message from behind the lines......
  42. Poehali! (Let's go!) 12 april 1961
  43. For those that like boom boom
  44. Edumacation
  45. Tevelvision Double-Entendres
  46. (Paid) Sex Addict...
  47. Eating the wife
  48. Sad News for Cricket Fans - Richie Benaud Passes
  49. I laughed at this hard enough
  50. I guess now we have to invade England
  51. China to Build Pipeline From Iran to Pakistan
  52. Descent Kickstarter down to 34 hours remaining. Hope this old PC game gets a reboot.
  53. Offensive License Plate - Love It!
  54. Headlights in the Rain.
  55. A novella for a suicide note
  56. Whitehouse goes dark
  57. Authority
  58. Retinal Obfuscation...what could go wrong?
  59. 2015 Audi Q3 2.0T quattro Tiptronic Review
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  61. With a mom like this, who needs enemies?
  62. Generous welfare benefits make people more likely to want to work
  63. Cop: I'm going to break your leg...
  64. The Official BWOT 2015 MLB Thread
  65. Snowden/Oliver and Government Surveillance
  66. Possible pond jumper perhaps persuaded to preach at polls for mayor of London
  67. should we feel sorry ?
  68. Spacecraft
  69. Air Asia - minus one more aircraft
  70. Our closest working ally in the ME to fight ISIS
  71. Who's the idiot who killed the lunar program
  72. Free at last...
  73. Given second chance to live
  74. The price of enlightenment
  75. 147 Dead In Nigerian Boeing Air Crash..
  76. Why aren't they in jail ?
  77. We have a deal
  78. Terry, 10 years ago
  79. Grrr Linkedin now being used by salesmen and con artists...
  80. Is This The Most Dangerous Man in America?
  81. [Official] The Astrophotography Thread
  82. ISIS Attacks Palestinian Refugee Camp in Damascus
  83. The Dark Humour thread
  84. California unveils historic water restrictions over drought crisis
  85. This is probably better than he'll look in prison...
  86. April Fools' Day Pranks - Post 'em Up
  87. The Shane strikes back
  88. Palestine now officially recognized in the ICC
  89. Muslim Man Convicted of Procuring His 12yo Daughter for Sex
  90. Guitars
  91. Kentucky argues gay marriage ban not biased
  92. Free books
  93. Glad my GF can't handle spicy stuff...
  94. Is mindless pursuit of profit destroying life on earth?
  95. Is Putin Backdooring Obama?
  96. Excellent baseball ad... ;)
  97. Yemen. Will Saudi Arabia launch a ground invasion?.
  98. Rainworks. Cool or not?
  99. Frivolous names serious weapons
  100. Freedom From ALL Religions
  101. Good News for 2A Supporters...
  102. Interesting concept by MB
  103. Fresno's Finest
  104. Amanda Knox, finally free at last
  105. Two too much, just too much
  106. Dr. Who made me LOL
  107. Hi. My name is heartless. That's why I'm a principal.
  108. Whew!
  109. Operation Jade Helm 15
  110. Par-tay
  111. "Made in Occupied Japan" (Tea talk encouraged here)
  112. The vintage photography thread
  113. Red light runners
  114. I'm a Russian Occupant
  115. Women on 20s
  116. Idiots
  117. Back from the Brink Spain Emerges as Model for Europe
  118. Desertion
  119. A really unhappy renter...
  120. 15th anniversary of NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia
  121. car hauling semi on fire
  122. Euro Vs Dollar
  123. ChemChina makes €7.1bn bid for Pirelli
  124. Cricket World Cup
  125. Video: Top 10 Most Expensive Cars
  126. Balls (Big Brass - Non-Sparking - Ones)
  127. Us Aussies Do Silly Things
  128. Airbus A320 Crashes in The French Alps
  129. Living in Poverty, on $127,500 per Annum
  130. Obamacare, five years later
  131. Off topic, even for OT...
  132. Confederate flag license plate battle reaches U.S. Supreme Court
  133. First hydrogen powered tram developed in China
  134. Do not talk about it in the US? Der Spiegel
  135. Roundup a 'probable carcinogen'
  136. Audi testing caravan
  137. Stop whining
  138. School bans watching solar eclipse for ‘cultural and religious’ reasons
  139. Happy Spring 2015!
  140. Dog Meme Gallery
  141. RIP Winter 2014/15
  142. Body Cavity Gallery
  143. Exonerated prisoner gets $1m for 39 years in jail
  144. Is this *the* most stupid man in politics?
  145. Who erased the tapes ?
  146. Only in America
  147. The Next Empire
  148. Our Relationship with Israel
  149. Aussies Killed in Tunisia Museum Massacre
  150. Drinking coffee in a coffee house...
  151. I’m out
  152. 3.18.1942 War Relocation Authority created
  153. Fowl child abuse :(
  154. Big day in history. 50 years ago, Alexei Leonov, the first spacewalk.
  155. Classic PC game Descent returns on Kickstarter
  156. USA Reality
  157. Too bad they couldn't just return her to Nicaragua...
  158. Putin's Dog Can Walk on Water
  159. "They were not really open for public consumption."
  160. The latest flap...
  161. Extended Range Tesla
  162. Get busy...
  163. Who DF is Anna Atkins?
  164. Stirling Moss with his former race cars
  165. Straw Hat Day
  166. God blessed us with a good amount of money this month
  167. I bought the eternal resting place for my mortal remains today.
  168. happy Pi day
  169. Gallbladder
  170. Obama Sanctions Venezuela
  171. Cry, the Beloved Russia I Left Behind
  172. Just a little off the top, thank you....
  173. Obama read 'My Mean Tweets' on Jimmy Kimmel
  174. Meanwhile, in India...
  175. How Broke are Formula One Teams?
  176. Morality in the twilight world
  177. I don't mean to sound catty...
  178. Why isn't Mercedes more popular with young folk/millenials?
  179. I have been bad
  180. Another Type of War on Drugs. We Still Might Learn Something.
  181. Hoist a Navy Rum Tonight
  182. New study!
  183. "Family alleged at the time that the Canadian singer had a "Marvin Gaye fixation"."
  184. At the Time Warner Center, an Enclave of Powerful Russians
  185. Farmers Only Dot Com Dating Website
  186. “You know, our Constitution is being shredded,” she said at the time.
  187. Scott Walker For Signs Anti-Union Law
  188. Jezza!
  189. American Sniper - Top Grossing War Film Of All Time
  190. Niki Lauda (and special guest!) on the Nordschleife in the S-Class
  191. How to tell when Economy getting "Bubbly"
  192. Oklahoma!
  193. Fire Bombing of Tokyo 70 Years Ago Today
  194. More DST fail
  195. West And Russia Caught in "Logic of 1914"
  196. Like new Benz camper
  197. If you're a happy camper, get ITT now please..
  198. Planet Fitness Revokes Woman's Membership After Transgender Complaint
  199. Con Roc
  200. They're just not into us.....
  201. A child left unprotected
  202. Microsoft Tech Want's To Kill You!
  203. DOJ report clears Wilson, condemns Fergusen PD.
  204. Not Nice
  205. Putin Speaks...
  206. I'll take "Things That Begin With The Letter Z", Alex.
  207. Lionel Messi's Brewing Affair Doubts Cloud Charity Games
  208. Tomorrowland How Silicon Valley Shapes Our Future
  209. Don't tell me what to do
  210. German Mercedes freak will say thank you..
  211. Modern Yoga...
  212. Australians to face fireing squad
  213. The 'good' guys?
  214. Grateful Dead 50 year fare thee well
  215. The Pod problem is brewing...
  216. Birth Tourism
  217. Unskippable
  218. One Direction
  219. The Dicks of BWOT
  220. Optics are everything....
  221. Netanyahu Lectures Congress And GOP Loves It
  222. Proud Papa
  223. Hello - Privet vsem! I am Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister of Russia
  224. Meanwhile in Utah...
  225. Disley Will Be All Over This One Like a Measles Rash
  226. DICK
  227. Ashy skin?
  228. Postwar Rape Were Americans As Bad as the Soviets?
  229. Nerds & Geeks
  230. AIR
  231. The speech
  232. Ultimate Wrist Watch
  233. ‘I Jumped Up, Reached for the Ball … and My Life Changed Forever’
  234. Old German 6 Pointed Brewer's Star
  235. Another L.A. police shooting
  236. Creative writing process
  237. Office software recommendations
  238. Meanwhile, in Drogheda, Ireland
  239. Dear Obama, I am a Russian Invader.
  240. what's that ticking you hear after you park your car?
  241. Help identifying this hand tool?
  242. American Sniper in Five Minutes
  243. What is it?
  244. Mulholland Drive Soundtrack
  245. Found and named, go get him
  246. When they said...
  247. 15 weird animals
  248. Help Me Identify this Vehicle
  249. Iran Prepares For War Against The Great Satan..
  250. hmmmm Putin KGB tricks?