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  1. Who's having a better year?
  2. Polish town bans 'hermaphrodite' Winnie the Pooh because of ‘dubious sexuality'
  3. The Winslow Plan for a War on Islam
  4. If yu want your war, you can keep your war, Period.
  5. Vodafone bribed by GCHQ to spy on entire UK
  6. Students of Death Euthanasia Doctors Seek Existential Answers at Auschwitz
  7. M.E Peace envoy receives an award
  8. Canadian letter to the editor
  9. The last tzar of Russia
  10. Three Thais detained for handing out tickets to Hunger Games
  11. Poor, Poor Texas...
  12. Toilet Signs Try To Help (And Often Fail)
  13. At least he didn't waste his ill-gotten gains... :/
  14. Black and white Russia
  15. So many jokes, so little time..
  16. Oregon has largest living organism on Earth.
  17. Grannies Toke
  18. Don't mess with a mad woman
  19. Mexican TV to broadcast 0bama speech
  20. Meanwhile, in Japan...
  21. Tuva
  22. The 'Caliphate's' Colonies Islamic State's Gradual Expansion into North Africa
  24. Hydrogen Economy
  25. Beard Part Deux
  26. Bob Marley: Marlboro Man of marijuana?
  27. Russia tests 'satellite catcher'
  28. "China will never develop itself at the expense of others,"
  29. 'Flying Doughnuts': Airbus Files Patent For A New Kind Of Plane
  30. Bill Limiting NSA Surveillance Practices Fails In Senate
  31. Ding Dong
  32. Have You Any Idea...
  33. Word of the year
  34. In murky Pentagon deal with Russia, big profit for a tiny Florida firm
  35. Let me help you understand.
  36. Comet landing: Organic molecules detected by Philae
  37. I always wonder what happened to
  38. Seals Discovered Having Sex with Penguins!
  39. One million dolla
  40. What is so great about sleeping downtown?
  41. Horsepower
  42. Berlin’s digital exiles: where tech activists go to escape the NSA
  43. Do Allen Jones's sculptures objectify women?
  44. When is enough?
  45. Kolaches
  46. Anyone used Gummi Pflege?
  47. Was My Car Built by UFO Visitors? The Mystery Grows...
  48. Inside Uranus
  49. The ONLY Democracy in the ME
  50. Why does BWOT...
  51. Pump And Dump
  52. A row of nice asses!
  53. Hub caps
  54. No the other Roman
  55. Can I Touch U?
  56. Hey! Don't be hatin'!!
  57. Life's little pleasures
  58. Where would you go?
  59. POST
  60. Proffesor Gruber
  61. Why are so many mammals killing their own young?
  62. Interview with Hilary Mantel 'What's Happening in Britain at the Moment Is Really Ugl
  63. A Kurdish Family at War Three Generations with the Peshmerga
  64. After the elections ...
  65. What Should I Do?
  66. Long Past Due
  67. Last Term
  68. To Catch a Comet - video 1hr
  69. Microsoft fixes '19-year-old' bug with emergency patch
  70. Robert Plant knocks back $800 million Led Zepplin deal.
  71. U used 2 say live & let
  72. Prostitution: New approaches
  73. Accidental or deliberate slip of tongue?
  74. Who Says Elderly Dogs Aren’t as Cute as Pups?
  75. Cold War Déjà vu
  76. TLoPL = TLtKC
  77. Marijuana laws and related laws and rules and etc.
  78. Fantastic Voyage Europe Prepares First Comet Landing
  79. Rosetta Images
  80. The story of the 'most complicated' watch in the world
  81. Is the CDC Fueling Anti-Fat Bias in the Workplace?
  82. Putin Returns Abbott's Shirtfront Threat. ROR..
  83. Fusion at 14 Years Old...
  84. Veterans Day
  85. Aspen Vape Pen
  86. Listen in on the secret phone call...
  87. Auto Insurance Question....
  88. Way to go, Obama
  89. Say no to fast lanes
  91. Edward Snowden documentary and the NSA
  92. Hummers are cool
  93. OBAMA: 'I'm Never Going To Say Never' To More Troops In Iraq
  94. Seccesion
  95. Pink Floyd Just Made History One Last Time
  96. Partisan Intellect
  97. I bought a Soccer Ball
  98. The Wall
  99. You can take the man out of the trailer...
  100. Pellet Stove
  101. Entschuldigen Sie bitte?
  102. reversing aging,going back to 25.
  103. S63
  104. On Any Sunday: the Next Chapter
  105. The Lost Children France Takes Stock of Growing Jihadist Problem
  106. At least the camel gets in a good lick...
  107. Capitalism
  108. Open Thread
  109. 10 Reasons You Should Become a Formula 1 Fan
  110. Embrace a little hate
  111. Boxer dog vs Rhodesian Ridgeback [Video]
  112. Everything is Fd UP
  113. Cheerleading
  114. Powerful People. Vladimir Putin #1
  115. Artie Lange - What Passes for Comedy
  116. Dubai Free Supercar Taxi Service
  117. Voter Discontent
  118. Crappy Day for America
  119. CNBC
  120. Vote, they said...
  121. Heard on CNN: Will African Americans come out and vote
  122. So... this is new
  123. More anti-American acts
  124. Ze Captain Beefheart thread
  125. Climate change deniers
  126. An even more serious thread
  127. Death in the Family
  128. Serious Thread
  129. What is wrong with BWOT
  130. Israel: Haaretz newspaper stands by '9/11 cartoon'
  131. Who has ...
  132. Kaj bi reku Franc Košir?
  133. hemorrhoid in progress thread
  134. Meh
  135. What does Thailand and Iran have in common?
  136. Beard in progress
  137. Scott Disick halloween with his Bugatti Veyron and Rolls Royce Ghost
  138. I don't have a Wiki page
  139. Drunk snow plow driver
  140. In 2014, countries are still paying off debt from World War One
  141. Putin Calls For New World Order
  142. Al Qaeda Threatens Fuel Supplies
  143. Pop Growth
  144. Music guys...wanna free "keytar?"
  145. LIKE
  146. South Koreans Learning Talmud
  147. 1935 Mercedes showroom
  148. Tinnitus
  149. Daylight Saving Time: Keep it year round
  150. College education - free
  151. Pole: Should I?
  152. Roman Polanski freed in Poland after US extradition bid
  153. Should I?
  154. Dressing up for Halloween
  155. The State of Jefferson - 51st State
  156. Do all handgun enthusiasts have manhood issues?
  157. Cuba Embargo
  158. "I’ve got my own car show right here"
  159. Why did President Jefferson read the Koran?
  160. Israel's Netanyahu fumes at reported U.S. slur
  161. Who wants a flying car.
  162. Good news we will still be here!
  163. Israel to buy 25 more F-35 Lockheed stealth fighters
  164. Tell us about your movie or novel plot
  165. Harassment
  166. Oh Bollocks! A right cock-up at Tesco.
  167. If Every Canadian Province Declared War On Another Who Would Win
  168. I Had Overlooked K.D. Lang
  169. Lincoln
  170. 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Review
  171. Keyless cars 'increasingly targeted by thieves using computers'
  172. The high-stakes world of rare-plant theft
  173. picture
  174. Netanyahu: Israel will build in all of Jerusalem
  175. Ozone therapy
  176. Celebrity Cars October 2014
  177. Thermoelectric cooling
  178. The 90's
  179. The 80's
  180. The 60's
  181. If every state of the USA declared war against each other, which would win?
  182. NSFW-Cabaret - Your Benz and The HOT Girls Who Love it
  183. Easy Rider Motorbike Sells for $1.35m
  184. BREAKING: Kenyan Government Releases Obama’s Real Birth Certificate
  185. My Mentor kicks the bucket
  186. Parole
  187. Erdos Inner Mongolia
  188. Any former Pac Man fans here?
  189. I have a great deal of sympathy
  190. The '70s
  191. How the world loved the swastika - until Hitler stole it
  192. US and South Korea delay troop command transfer
  193. You'd better have plenty of green if you're going to have the 18C
  194. Best-looking American babes of the 1950s
  195. Anybody here?
  196. Oscar Pistorius should not be going to jail
  197. This is NOT what Jim Morrison meant...
  198. Alabama man gets $1,000 in police settlement, his lawyers get $459,000
  199. Get on board!
  200. A case for Greater Israel
  201. Life and Death in Mexico
  202. Need Help From a European Resident
  203. Tilapia
  204. Air Bag Recall
  205. Battle for Kobani As the World Watches, Turkey Looks Away
  206. Pay No Attention
  207. Happening NOW
  208. Karl Rove "special memo"
  209. Islamic State and the killing of a culture.
  210. Putins Russia on the way to becoming a Police State.
  211. 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
  212. Beijing’s unexpected Muslim enclave
  213. Best-looking American cars of the 1950s
  214. Life Sized Wooden Bugatti Veyron Costs Only $3,300
  215. From Berlin to Santa Monica Isherwood's Legacy Lives on in Don Bachardy
  216. Death in the Sahara An Ill-Fated Attempt to Reach Fortress Europe
  217. Chicago man to Obama: 'Don't touch my girlfriend'
  218. Five years...
  219. ruptured achiles
  220. Marine a suspect in killing of transgender Filipino
  221. Gunga Din
  222. Men want sex more than food
  223. For South Korea, E-Sports Is National Pastime
  224. Expelled Nazis Got Millions in Social Security
  225. Hamas leader's daughter received medical treatment in Israel: sources
  226. Another Good War Movie!
  227. "A++, would buy again! Shipped in time for Grandpa's birthday."
  228. Ferrari Fights 21-Year-Old Racer for Facebook Page Control
  229. Playing in the mud
  230. An A to Z of Noah Webster's Finest Forgotten Words
  231. Why are we using the airwaves to teach our children to hate?
  232. Want to Scare White People About Voter Fraud? Show Them Some Pictures
  233. The race for the next Governor of TLoPL
  234. Oh, Lord...won't you buy me a.....
  235. A strong message for Zimmerman types
  236. The day with two noons
  237. Caucasus
  238. 7 things you didn't know your browser could do
  239. The "This Is Why They Hate Us" Sticky
  240. Biden's son discharged from U.S. Navy reserve after drug test: sources
  241. Ads
  242. Once Again
  243. Apples
  244. Traumatic Shopping Experience
  245. The Florida fan incident of 2014
  246. Sexual Insanity on Campus
  247. Sex, drugs and…Hookers and dope bring Italy out of recession
  248. Craigslist Tough Sells
  249. Lockheed says makes breakthrough on fusion energy project
  250. Ignore