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  1. Pole: Should I?
  2. Roman Polanski freed in Poland after US extradition bid
  3. Should I?
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  6. Do all handgun enthusiasts have manhood issues?
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  8. "I’ve got my own car show right here"
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  11. Who wants a flying car.
  12. Good news we will still be here!
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  14. Tell us about your movie or novel plot
  15. Harassment
  16. Oh Bollocks! A right cock-up at Tesco.
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  18. I Had Overlooked K.D. Lang
  19. Lincoln
  20. 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Review
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  22. The high-stakes world of rare-plant theft
  23. picture
  24. Netanyahu: Israel will build in all of Jerusalem
  25. Ozone therapy
  26. Celebrity Cars October 2014
  27. Thermoelectric cooling
  28. The 90's
  29. The 80's
  30. The 60's
  31. If every state of the USA declared war against each other, which would win?
  32. NSFW-Cabaret - Your Benz and The HOT Girls Who Love it
  33. Easy Rider Motorbike Sells for $1.35m
  34. BREAKING: Kenyan Government Releases Obama’s Real Birth Certificate
  35. My Mentor kicks the bucket
  36. Parole
  37. Erdos Inner Mongolia
  38. Any former Pac Man fans here?
  39. I have a great deal of sympathy
  40. The '70s
  41. How the world loved the swastika - until Hitler stole it
  42. US and South Korea delay troop command transfer
  43. You'd better have plenty of green if you're going to have the 18C
  44. Best-looking American babes of the 1950s
  45. Anybody here?
  46. Oscar Pistorius should not be going to jail
  47. This is NOT what Jim Morrison meant...
  48. Alabama man gets $1,000 in police settlement, his lawyers get $459,000
  49. Get on board!
  50. A case for Greater Israel
  51. Life and Death in Mexico
  52. Need Help From a European Resident
  53. Tilapia
  54. Air Bag Recall
  55. Battle for Kobani As the World Watches, Turkey Looks Away
  56. Pay No Attention
  57. Happening NOW
  58. Karl Rove "special memo"
  59. Islamic State and the killing of a culture.
  60. Putins Russia on the way to becoming a Police State.
  61. 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
  62. Beijing’s unexpected Muslim enclave
  63. Best-looking American cars of the 1950s
  64. Life Sized Wooden Bugatti Veyron Costs Only $3,300
  65. From Berlin to Santa Monica Isherwood's Legacy Lives on in Don Bachardy
  66. Death in the Sahara An Ill-Fated Attempt to Reach Fortress Europe
  67. Chicago man to Obama: 'Don't touch my girlfriend'
  68. Five years...
  69. ruptured achiles
  70. Marine a suspect in killing of transgender Filipino
  71. Gunga Din
  72. Men want sex more than food
  73. For South Korea, E-Sports Is National Pastime
  74. Expelled Nazis Got Millions in Social Security
  75. Hamas leader's daughter received medical treatment in Israel: sources
  76. Another Good War Movie!
  77. "A++, would buy again! Shipped in time for Grandpa's birthday."
  78. Ferrari Fights 21-Year-Old Racer for Facebook Page Control
  79. Playing in the mud
  80. An A to Z of Noah Webster's Finest Forgotten Words
  81. Why are we using the airwaves to teach our children to hate?
  82. Want to Scare White People About Voter Fraud? Show Them Some Pictures
  83. The race for the next Governor of TLoPL
  84. Oh, Lord...won't you buy me a.....
  85. A strong message for Zimmerman types
  86. The day with two noons
  87. Caucasus
  88. 7 things you didn't know your browser could do
  89. The "This Is Why They Hate Us" Sticky
  90. Biden's son discharged from U.S. Navy reserve after drug test: sources
  91. Ads
  92. Once Again
  93. Apples
  94. Traumatic Shopping Experience
  95. The Florida fan incident of 2014
  96. Sexual Insanity on Campus
  97. Sex, drugs and…Hookers and dope bring Italy out of recession
  98. Craigslist Tough Sells
  99. Lockheed says makes breakthrough on fusion energy project
  100. Ignore
  101. Africa: "Please Leave Us Alone"
  102. Alabama pastor sued after revelation of affairs
  103. Climbing the Automotive Family Tree
  104. American values
  105. Why a Young Woman with Brain Cancer Moved to Oregon to Die
  106. The merchant of disease
  107. Americans face post-foreclosure hell as wages garnished, assets seized
  108. An Israeli in Berlin The Chocolate Pudding Exodus
  109. The Extremist Trap Don't Sacrifice Civil Rights in Battle against Islamists
  110. Freedom vs. Stability Are Dictators Worse than Anarchy?
  111. Dis*eyland
  112. Another "you can't make this stuff up" thread...
  113. D68
  114. Big Nose
  115. Never Fear Abbott's Here.
  116. OMG, we're all gonna die, Down Under
  117. Any gun owners?
  118. If only my wife would still fit in the sidecar.
  119. Unlocking car at extended ranges with your brain
  120. Putin cries uncle
  121. The World According to the State Department
  122. Fiat Chrysler crowns merger with Wall Street debut
  123. Here Are 26 Ways China Has Surpassed America
  124. Sarah Silverman Closes the Wage Gap
  125. "The Untouchables" - Photo Essay
  126. Where to get a free college degree
  127. The found this site by accident
  128. Microsoft's Nadella sorry for women's pay comments
  129. Death row inmate freed after nine years in Texas prison
  130. Oregon First Lady Cylvia Hayes admitted she had a third marriage
  131. Off-duty STL Officer Kills Teen
  132. Oliver Stone: The Untold History Of The United States (2012)
  133. 'Top Gear' cast & crew escape from Argentina
  134. Fatherhood after 50
  135. Wanted to start a new thread...
  136. A Proper Aussie Box Up
  137. Falken ZE914
  138. Iran universities: Rouhani calls for academic freedom
  139. The law of the land
  140. Wal-Mart to stop healthcare benefits for some part-time workers
  141. What is Nappa Leather?
  142. Delaware girl brings heroin to day care
  143. The liberal failure
  144. Zeitgeist the Musical returns to television
  145. something something Shane something Homemade Fleshlight
  146. Fall of Baghdad?
  147. Grace Gelder single for six years marries herself in Devon, England
  148. No Einstein here
  149. German Military Power
  150. I wash my loaner car, neighbour thinks I'm nuts
  151. Oh way would anyone want to do this:
  152. IL-2 Shturmovik
  153. TKR
  154. Pictures of the Iran-Iraq war 1980-88
  155. Bait Car - entertainment or crime?
  156. Sweden to recognise Palestinian state
  157. Sweden to recognise Palestinian state
  158. Amazon warehouse workers want to be paid for waiting in line
  159. Other Expensive (Legal) Addictions?
  160. ISIS' new Strategy
  161. Time for a Latino Political Party?
  162. Hydraulic Jack
  163. The Sand Thieves World's Beaches Become Victims of Construction Boom
  164. The Merkel Effect What Today's Germany Owes to Its Once-Communist East
  165. What Difference Does It Make ?
  166. LambLamborghini Fail Videos
  167. US: Latest Israeli land grab risks offending "closest allies"
  168. Comparison of Sunni and Shia Islam charts
  169. America, once again, freaks out...
  170. God 1: Racist lesbian unmarried mother 0
  171. North Dakota High School Says Yoga Pants too Distracting
  172. Drones
  173. Is this law acceptable?
  174. Germany's Disarmed Forces Ramshackle Military at Odds with Global Aspirations
  175. The sort of incompetence skippers fear
  176. The Road to Bamiyan A Public Works Debacle that Defines Afghanistan
  177. To be Walmart
  178. Tourist from Leeds raped after urinating at Oktoberfest Munich
  179. Find your Happy State
  180. Another old Russian folk song
  181. What are Fractals?
  182. How long before the killing starts?
  183. Hot babe Ginsburg
  184. Why everybody is moving to Texas
  186. C'mon, be a man
  187. Kinda surprise about this N. Korea news
  188. Beyond the law: Are encrypted smartphones too private for the FBI?
  189. Party lines making a comeback?
  190. You got a permit for that Canon, pal?
  191. My Kinda
  192. Is this gun
  193. China to send 700 troops to South Sudan to assist U.N. mission
  194. GMO Wheat Investigation Closed, But Another One Opens
  196. Ancient death machines
  197. Shellshock Bug
  198. Hey, anyone got the new iPhone 6 ?
  199. Great movie for Christian to watch, on Netflex
  200. More anti-Muslim acts!
  201. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un 'has illness'
  202. GM bad boys
  203. New budget airline
  204. Automobile Entitlement
  205. US identifies masked militant in beheading videos
  206. My Father Was A Gambler...
  207. How one book ignited a culture war
  208. Crime Falls As U.S. Locks Up Fewer People, Attorney General Holder Says
  209. How Germans or Foreigners see Germans talking to each other
  210. I picked up a pair of hitchhikers today
  211. Why Does The U.S. Like Iraq's Kurds But Not Syria's?
  212. Santa Pod crash drag racer 'lucky to have two legs'
  213. Denver Students Protest Attempted History Whitewash
  214. T-34
  215. U.S. launches airstrikes against ISIS inside Syria
  216. Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users
  217. When A Car-Goat Looks Up in a Pack...
  218. There must be an easier way
  219. Sheesh. You can't even take firearms and pot in checked luggage!
  220. Modifying Resistor Plug to Non Resistor Plug - DIY
  221. Rockefellers to switch investments to 'clean energy'
  222. Afghan soldiers go missing on trip to Cape Cod Mall
  223. Take this job and shove it.....
  224. Massive protest against
  225. My office last night....again. :)
  226. rest in peace, eric the actor
  227. Yemen: Deal to end political crisis signed
  228. Killing Comes Naturally To Chimps
  229. When The U.S. Backs Rebels
  230. We need zee tourism...but HATE zee tourists!
  231. Alibaba's success
  232. Losing my virginity
  233. Medical theft
  234. What does this mean?
  235. Iran: Happy video dancers sentenced to 91 lashes and jail
  236. Bone yards
  237. Anyone using this product or...
  238. Breaching the White House gallery (aka The line for the tour was just too long)
  239. Pushy TSA Agents
  240. Apple says iOS 8 will shield your data from police
  241. Slippery banana study wins Ig Nobel
  242. Haunting images of battleship Bismarck
  243. Where's Goodell when you REALLY need him??
  244. Quitters gallery
  245. There is no shortage of crazy (add-on thread?)
  246. PPD
  247. Chile: Workers must observe 'mandatory' national holiday
  248. CIA Technology, thank you!
  249. Infant mortality numbers
  250. NFL Eligibility Poll